Top 10 Wonders of the World – 2020 List

The ancient human was a strange one. One would easily believe that the modern man is more brilliant than the ancient man. This is coupled with the difference in the level of technology that has enabled modern man to invent things like the internet and smart phones. However, looking at some of the great ancient works in the world I am tempted think that the ancient man was more brilliant than the modern man. This is evident in the list of the top 10 wonders of the world

Some of the creation of the ancient man goes against what we would call the laws of nature while some of them do not have any proper explanation as to how to be that sort of creation even possible at that time. The techniques and designs surprise the modern man and only leave him wondering how such things come to existence. It is due to such attributes that the modern man has decided to name them ‘WONDERS OF THE WORLD.’

These unique creations and magnificent architectural works are spread all over the world, and it may not be easy to visit all of them. That is why I think that you should have o glimpse of what to expect when you actually make an effort to visit some of these wonders of the world. Allow me to present to you the top ten wonders of the world in 2020.

10. Roman Baths

Wonders of the World

You must have heard about the Romans and their rich historical culture. There is very much to talk about the Roman culture, but one thing that will always capture your attention is the Roman Baths. It is not just famous for its architectural design but also as a historic site. People have been traveling all over the world to visit this extraordinary architectural work just to witness the complexity that was involved in its creation.

Other than the architectural work, the site is always well preserved to make sure that you get the taste of how the bath looked like during that time especially if you want to experience the public bath. However, this is not the first bath but a reconstruction that was done over years with the last bit being done in the late 1800s.  it must be noted that the original bath was done way back in the sixth century and after that, a lot of reconstructions were made just to come up with what we witness today.

The bath is a modern tourist attraction site that has been able to maintain a record of more than one million visitors in just a year. This is not the first time that it is a feature as in the year two thousand and five it was among the seven natural wonders of the world in this West Country.  If you feel that you want to visit kindly note that no visitor is allowed to enter the water, however, you can see the bath together with the museum.

9. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Wonders of the World

Naturally, for those of us who know physics will tell you that the taller an item is, the higher its center of gravity. This just means that very tall structures can quickly fall once tilted as opposed to shorter objects. However, this building seems to prove this law wrong. The tower built Italy’s city of Pisa seams not to fall despite the obvious tilt to the right. The tower was first built in the year 1173, that’s a long time ago but it still stands or rather tilts. People visit this tower to actually confirm if it indeed exists while some hope that they will get to see it fall down after all those centuries.  I don’t know where you fall. As for me, I think there is something science is not telling us.

8. Colosseum

Wonders of the World


This is another one from the Greek history. I would say that this was an ancient stadium with an architectural design that was way beyond imagination.  The original name was the Flavian Amphitheatre, and its location was strategically placed in the middle of the Rome city of Italy. It remains the biggest theatre that has ever been built by the Roman Empire. The unique structure stands on the east of Roman forum. This is the site where men were separated from boys and victors and losers declared during that time.

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If there were any gladiator contests, it was here that was always the venue. It also hosted a range of other games ranging from animal hunting to dramas. Other times it was used by the soldiers to do mock sea battles, and the interesting part is that it would leave enough space for the public even to view this particular activity. I wish I lived in Rome at that point in time; I would be there every time my favorite sport was in progress and I hope you do too. It too bands that the building is just a historic site right now but definitely visiting it will give you a taste of what you missed.

7. Chichen Itza

Wonders of the World


Talk about old religion. I guess if people practiced such religious practices as it was done centuries ago then we would a lot more of such magnificent structures.  Imagine a structure that symbolized the supreme power of a supreme being. The structure itself must then be supreme. The Maya civilization founded the Chinchen way back in the years four hundred AD.  It was and still is located in Mexico commonly known at that time as north central and described as northern side of Yucatan Peninsula.

With a history dating back to over one thousand five hundred years, this site has a lot to know about. It has been speculated that it was at this point were different sacrifices, and ceremonies were held. If any ceremony with a religious significance was to be held, it was here that it was done and it was one of the few places where the persons with authority used to be the priest. In fact, the place was literally governed by priests. It is said that the word ‘Chichen “means “At the mouth of the well of itza”. Very strange things happened at this point.

From the stories, it is said that at this point the people were able to get seers and also offer sacrifices to their gods at the same time. The strange part of the story is that people would be thrown from the top and if they died they were considered sacrifice to the gods, and if they escaped death, then they automatically become seers of the community.

6. Hagia Sophia

Wonders of the World

The country Turkey did not miss in this list of magnificent constructions. The country hosts Hagia Sophia which was formally a Christian patriarchal basilica. That is to say; it was a church. I want to believe that religion has some sort of attraction towards unique and magnificent structures. This is because after it stopped being a church it actually turned into a mosque known as Principal Mosque of Istanbul. As we speak, it is actually known as the Museum in Istanbul.

This site has turned into a huge tourist attraction site with over three million three hundred people visiting it yearly.  Before the construction of a most just near this perfect structure, it served as Istanbul’s Blue Mosque until the year 1616. It was also an inspiration center for most of the Ottoman mosques. If you have an interest in religious history, then I think that the fact that this structure managed to serve as both a church and a mosque is enough attraction you to get interested in this structure.

5. Machu Picchu

Wonders of the World

Now at number five, we have to lift our eyes up and consider the possibility of that building and constructions can exist at an altitude of eight thousand feet above the sea level.  Well, it does exist. Above Urubamba valley which is located in Peru and on top ot the mountain ridge. The city is also known as the “lost city of Incas”. The stories say that this structure was built early in the year 1450 at the time when Inca Empire was at its peak.

It is also said that the structure was abandoned just one hundred years after its construction. This was not intentional, after all, why would anybody abandon such a rear construction? It was only abandoned as a result of the unfortunate conquest by the Spanish. UNESCO has also been attracted to this site, and they actually declared Machu Picchu one of the world’s heritage sites in the year 1983. It further drew more attention to the point that it was even voted as one of the world’s seven wonders of the world in a worldwide internet poll in the year two thousand and seven.

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4. Taj Mahal of Agra

Wonders of the World

As we continue digging deep into history, we come across a structure that was constructed in honor of Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan was a famous ruler of Mughal who decided to create a permanent memory of his wife, a memory that lives even today. Centuries have come and gone while this magnificent building still stands and it’s greatly respected and adored. The lovers of Muslim architecture have a lot or respect for it to the extent that it has been branded ‘The jewel of Muslim Art in India’ , a name that it has come to be popularly known as.

Its beauty and uniqueness have made it one of the most celebrated structures in the world’s history. Other than that, it also plays a very important role as a symbol of the rich history of India. Its popularity has grown and is still growing. It currently attracts over three million tourists in a year. Its popularity got a bust in the year two thousand and seven when it was declared on of the top ten wonders of the world.

3. Cristo Redentor Statue

Wonders of the World

Did you know that this is actually the largest Art Deco statue that exists under the sun and the moon? It also makes the fifth largest statue of the Christian Jesus in the whole world. Though it is in just one country, this statue has a great significance to the Christian community; it is a representation of the religion Christianity in the whole world. Am very sure that there are some Christians somewhere who do not know about its existence, but it does not change the fact that Cristo Redentor Statue represents even their existence in the world as Christians.

Other than the Christian representation, the statue acts as a cultural icon not just to Rio de Janeiro but also to Brazil as a nation. The statue managed to appear on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World.  The historians tell us that this magnificent and unbelievably huge statue was constructed between the year 1922 and 1931. It was also given a strong reinforcement of not just concrete but soapstone as well. I may have just given you a reason to start packing to Brazil. You need to see this for yourself.

2. Petra

Wonders of the World

This architectural city of Jorden is very famous not only for its unique architecture that involves rock cuts but also for its water conduit systems.  This archeological city has also been named Rose city, a name that it was branded due to the very significant color of the stones that were used when it was being carved. It is one of the oldest architectural sites that date back the year 312 BCE. By the time it was constructed, it was meant to be the capital city of what by then was referred to as the Arab Nabataeans. It also served as the symbol of Jordan.

If you intend to find its exact location, then you need to look into the valley that connects the Gulf of Aqaba and specifically on the slopes of the Jebel al-Madhbah. It lies in the basin found among mountains that make up the Eastern Flank of Arabah. Petra has also been named in the list of the seven wonders of the world in the year two thousand and seven, and I think you should make an effort to visit it before you join the world of spirits.

1. The Great Wall of ChinaWonders of the World


At number one we have the very famous Great Wall of China. It has been confirmed as one of the greatest Seven Wonders of the World. The wall was constructed during the seventh century BC, but because the Chinese had to constantly protect themselves from raids. The wall underwent a series of modifications and fortifications. It attracts an unbelievable number of tourists in a year, and I would recommend that you purpose to be one of those tourists.


There is a lot for you to see outside there. Things that you have never believed that exist but they do. If you are a religious one, you are also catered for. There are several sites of religious significance that may just change your life or even how you look at things. So you can select your destination and start packing.

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