Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2020

Are you a radio nut who would like to jog every morning along with the radio to listen to the favorite news or music program? Put the ear plugs on and enjoy the exercise for your healthy life whenever you want without having trouble at all. Moreover, having a top portable shortwave radio with built-in speaker, you can also share the news or music to your friends while you are relaxing on the bench discussing about everything around you. The best shortwave radio will always be ready anytime you are about to start. To get the best shortwave radio for yourself, few things must be taken into consideration before purchasing. Of course, the quality and durability is the main concern. The built-in speaker is also important since you don’t really want to put the ear phone on every time. Therefore, this review of top ten best shortwave radios will help you decide which shortwave radio is best for your choice.

1. Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio, Silver

1. Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Actually radio is an important part in our lives. For adult people ranging from students to the workers, radio can work as their daily news reporter or entertainer every morning or at relaxing time. Sony ICF-S10MK2 comes with its best performance and quality to serve you the best. It is very portable that can be fit easily to your pocket effortlessly. Its lightweight design doesn’t compromise the convenience even when you’re jogging. It supports AM and FM broadcasts with telescoping antenna. It is featured with built in speaker and mono earphone jack. Moreover, for the maximum convenience, it is also attached with carrying strap so that you won’t get worried of slipping it off and break it.


2. Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable Radio with Digital Tuning and RDS (Black)

2.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

The latest technology from Sangean PR-D5BK, the digital radio with tuning will offer you the great experience you’ve never got before. With many special features that the other portable radio might not have will never drag you down. With its 200mm Ferrite AM Antenna bar allow the radio nuts to receive the best AM signal ever. It is also featured with 10 Memory Preset, stations (5FM, 5AM). With the LCD screen display and backlight, you can easily see the tunnel and battery life allowing you better experience in controlling its battery. It is designed with excellent reception and stereo audio performances electable stereo and mono switch. The best part of it is its Auto seek station. It can also work as a speaker when you connect it with any smart devices and also work as an alarm clock as well.


3. Eton Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate AM/FM Stereo

3.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Are you looking for what is more than just a shortwave portable radio that is like every normal one? You might be looking for the multi-function portable radio for shortwave, longwave or aircraft bands. Eton Grundig Satellit is an amazing portable radio that offers more than what the normal radio does. Its ultimate in radio receivers provide access to AM, FM, Aircraft Longwave and shortwave bands. It has the ability to set 9/10 KHz AM tuning range which is very amazing. It also receives single-side band (SSB) with 360 degree rotating AM antenna. Its special feature if the ability to store up to 1000 stations and each band has up to 200 memory locations. You can also set dual alarm clock function to set two different alarm times offering even more convenience to your life.

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4. Sangean H201 AM/FM/Weather, Digital tuned Waterproof/Shower Radio

4.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Some people might enjoy laying in the bath tub listening to music or news from the radio or some even enjoy singing along while they are having bath as well. The main concern they have in this case is how water-proof the radio can be. Sangean H201 is the digital tuned waterproof given the best recognition of being the shower radio. It comes along with built-in AM or FM antenna with PLL digital tuning. It has 10 station presets and auto seek function. Its special function is it water-resistance ability with large and easy to read backlit LCD. It is important also for this radio to have the loud stereo sound and excellence reception quality even if you are in the bathroom. Enjoy showering with your favorite songs and news everyday with this top portable radio.


5. Eton NSP101WXGR Scorpion ll

5.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Another best portable shortwave radio with the latest technology is this Eton NSP101WXGR. Its quality and features are perfect for outdoor activities when multiple needs are required. This top shortwave portable radio has the compact design with lightweight but strong and best in performance. No matter where you want to go, it will fit in your pocket or bag comfortable with less space consumed. Its material design is from the aluminum carabineer which looks classic and cool. Besides the specific features that normal radio can offer, this top radio is able to receive AM/FM? NOAA weather band so that you keep informed and alerted about the kind of weather hitting on you. It is also featured with super bright LED flashlight and rechargeable 800 mAh lithium battery.


6. Sangean PR-D7 BK AM/FM Digital Rechargeable Portable Radio

6.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Do you feel tired of having to replacing the batteries for your portable radio so often? It must be very irritating to go back and forth to the grocery store looking for the battery for your radio. In this modern era, it’s not convenient to do so. With Sangean PR-D7 you don’t need to be worried of having your batteries replaced again. With the rechargeable feature, you can regain its energy through AC adapter which is very convenient. Moreover, when you are away from the town where sockets are not available you still can use the batteries to sustain its power. Its stereo built-in speaker gets you to next level with the high quality of receiver. It is also featured to be a human wake system which offers you the alarm as well.

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7. Philips AJ3116M/37 Digital Tuning Clock Radio

7.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Living in the modern new era of technology, we all need something creative that are both innovative and convenient for our lives. Have you ever imagined of having an alarm clock working as another radio on the bed-side table? It would be very innovative by combining these two devices into one so that every time you go to sleep you can enjoy your favorite radio program. Phillips AJ3116M can wake you up to your favorite radio tune or a buzzer so that you won’t miss the program. It also has the FM digital tuning with presets and repeat alarm for additional snooze as well. Its big display for easy viewing and special feature of dual alarm will amaze you.


8. Sony AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver

8.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Another best product of shortwave portable radio is this Sony ICF-SW7600GR that you can rely on. Its special feature of PLL digital tuner receives FM, MW/AM shortwave and longwave. What you are hard to believe is its big MY-memory tuning that can memorize and scan up to 100 frequencies. It is available in four tuning methods like direct, manual, scan and preset. Its label presets is offered with 6 alphanumeric letters. It also has the world clock function with dual clock function and built-in timer. No matter where you are, you still can receive the best quality of signal from the radio channel around the globe with stereo FM capability. The special feature of synchronous detection circuitry offers you better experience with the frequency interference from the adjacent stations as well.


9. Eton Field AM/FM with RDS and Shortwave Radio

9.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

Have you been conducting a research on the best portable radio as you are a radio nut? Your demand would be something that can offer the best quality and experience of radio signal you might want to enjoy. With this Eton Field, the top shortwave portable radio, it can memorize up to 50 stations. Another amazing feature other radio might not be able to offer is it up to speed function. You can use dial-in-dial turning knob to select your speed: fast, slow or stop to keep it in locked position. Moreover, it enables you to switch from local time to world time very conveniently. The sound quality of the speaker and the ability to receive signal from the radio station offer you the best experience ever.


10. C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM, Shortwave

10.Top 10 Reviews of Best Shortwave Radios 2015

While packing for the trip, you necessarily need your multi-function portable radio along for the amazing trip. C Crane CC is perfect for traveling because of its more-than-just-an-ordinary-radio feature. Its compact design adds very lightweight to your pack. The special features such as lighted LCD display, rotatory volume knob, stereo headphone jack and sleep time is very essential while you are on trip. It has up to 400 memory presets with signal master best for anywhere you want to go. It can be powered by both AC batteries and from rechargeable AC adapter very conveniently.


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