Top 10 Review of Sexiest Female Singers of K-Pop

South Korea, a country that is full of music and entertaining, is famous for having the most popular music around the world that is supported by so many people. When it comes to music, people know that Korean female singers are so talented and beautiful as well as stylish. We all know that those female singers dress stylishly and sexily during their performance which is an interesting thing to talk about by supporters and fans out there because they are all pretty and fashionable. The question is that, which female singers are the sexiest and best among K-Pop? To answer this hot topic question about those hot Korean female singers, let take a look at our reviews of top 10 sexiest female singers of K-Pop with some brief personal backgroundthat we provide you. Here is the list of top 10 best and sexiest female singers of K-Pop that are famous of being sexy and hot.

1.Hyuna K-Pop Star

1.Hyuna K-Pop Star

Kim Hyuna, was born on 6th of June, 1992, well-known by the name of HyunA, is a South Korean recoring artist, dancer, songwriter, and model. For her current busiest career, she is the main rapper and singer of the Korean girl group called 4Minute, as well as a one-half of the musical duo called Trouble Maker. The interesting thing is that she has also led a successful solo career by singing her own songs alone. Look back at her educational background, she attended Choongam Middle School and Korea High School of Music and Arts, and currently attends Konkuk University majoring in art culture which receives special admission to the school. HyunA is famous for her beauty and sexiness in both her music videos and performance. The interesting thing about her is that she has a tattoo on her left shoulder that says, ‘My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.’

2.Lee Hyori K-Pop Star

2.Lee Hyori K-Pop Star

Lee Hyori, was born on 10th of May, 1979, is a South Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. Lee Hyori releaser her debut solo album Stylish in 2003 which won several ‘Artist of the Year’ awards that led her to be a well-known singer. By 2006, she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea when she signed a contract with Mnet Media. According to her achievements, there are some points that related with this including her talents which are great voice of singing, great skill of performance, great style of clothing, and of course, her beauty. Lee Hyori is a vegetarian according to her personal ethics and health beliefs, and is an advocate for animal welfare and animal rights as well. Let’s take a look at her personal life, Lee Hyori married musician Lee Sang-Soon who is a guitarist of rock band called Roller Coaster. Surprisingly, both of them are members of an animal rights group and began dating after they collaborated in July 2011 on a song that Lee Hyori recorded to support animal shelters. They married on 1st of September in 2013 after two years of dating.

3.CL K-Pop Star

3.CL K-Pop Star

Chaelin Lee, or Lee Chae-Rin is well-known by her stage name as CL, was born on 26th of February, 1991, is a South Korean recording artist. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and spent much of her early life in Japan and France. CL trained in JYP Entertainment before joining YG Entertainment and became a member of the famous girl group called 2NE1. Although she was born in Seoul, South Korea, but she spent most of her childhood living in Paris, Tsukuba Science City and Tokyo. CL moved to Paris alone when she was 13 where she studied for two years. She is the leader, a vocalist, and rapper of the group 2NE1 and is famous for her high note singing voice as well as the sexy fashion of clothes and her dancing. On 21st of November 2015, CL premiered her first single ‘Hello Bitches’ which is the most listened song by people around the world in late 2015 which is one of her most achievements in her singing career.

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4.Gain K-Pop Star

4.Gain K-Pop Star

Son Ga-In was born on 20th of September, 1987, is a South Korean singer, actress, and entertainer. She is best known as a member of the Korean Pop Music girl band called Brown Eyed Girls and for her appearances as the sexiest and hottest female singer. Son Ga-In was noticed by the existing members of Brown Eyed Girls after she was eliminated during auditions for the popular South Korean reality series Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa! Then was invited to the audition at Brown Eyed Girls’ company which invited by Ahn Jung Hoon, and eventually joining the group. Her group made a breakthrough into Korean mainstream with their hit song called Abracadabra which was notable for the group’s shift of their image and their new direction. Being the attractive girl in the band, Gain is so popular with her style and sexiness of her dressing in each performances which lead her to a very successful female group singers and one of sexiest female singers in South Korea.

5.Kwon Yuri K-Pop Star

5.Kwon Yuri K-Pop Star

Kwon Yuri, was born on 5th of December, 1989, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean famous girl group called Girls’ Generation which is well-known worldwide. Her early star life started in 2001 when she auditioned at the S.M Entertainment Casting System and joined the company later on after finishing the second place in the 2001 SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. Yuri graduated from Neunggok High School in 2008 and is currently attending Chung-Ang University with fellow group member Sooyoung. With the unique beauty of her gorgeous smile and slim body, Yuri is also a friendly singer who is loved by many fans and is considered as one of the sexiest female singers of K-Pop as well. It was announced in April 2015 that Yuri was in a relationship with the South Korean baseball player Oh Seung-Hwan. However, the couple was confirmed to have broken up in October 2015 after six months of dating due to busy schedules and long distance relationship.

6.Jun Hyoseong K-Pop Star

6.Jun Hyoseong K-Pop Star

Jun Hyoseong was born on 13th of October in 1989, often simply known as Hyoseong or Hyosung, is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. Hyoseong’s name is derived from the Korean word that means ‘Meteor’ due to her father and maternal grandmother seeing a shooting star on the day of her birth. She had a tough childhood since her family struggled financially and they earned extra money by delivering newspapers every morning since she was in 3rd grade. Since she was young, Hyoseong was known amongst her friends for her singing and dancing skills, yet never had thoughts about actually becoming a singer until she was in 6th grade. Not only are her talents noticed but also her beauty. She is a very beautiful girl with a stylish fashion of clothes. She is sexy, yet friendly and nice which is the most attractive thing about herself. It was confirmed in December, 2010 that she had a boyfriend during her times as a trainee, but sadly, they broke up with each other after having a fight right before Christmas.

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7.Bae Suzy K-Pop Star

7.Bae Suzy K-Pop Star

Bae Su-Ji was born on 10th of October, 1994, commonly known by her stage name as Suzy, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of the girl group MissA under JYP Entertainment. Suzy attended Seoul Performing Arts High School. She was also a shopping model before the debuting. Back in 2009, she was eliminated in preliminary round of Mnet Superstar K audition which was caught the attention of a scout from JYP Entertainment and soon became a trainee. No doubts why she is one of the sexiest female singers of K-Pop since she won an award under the category ‘Hot New Star of 2011’ which makes her even more well-known in her career. Her relationship seems to be a mystery because in March 2015, Suzy and South Korean actor and singer Lee Min-Ho were confirmed to be in a relationship, but now things seems unclear.

8.Hyolyn K-Pop Star

8.Kim Hyo-Jung

Kim Hyo-Jung was on 11th January, 1991 whose stage name is Hyolyn, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a member of South Korean girl group Sistar and their sub-unit Sistar19. Hyolyn auditioned for JYPE two times, and was finally accepted on her second try after placing 1st place at the audition. On November 22, 2013, Hyolyn shared the stage with Stevie Wonder for a special performance of ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) which is the South Korea’s biggest music award show. Being talented and sexy, Hyolyn is considered as one of the sexiest female singers of K-Pop by so many people.

9.Nana K-Pop Star

9.Nana K-Pop Star

Im Jin-Ah was born on 14th of September, 1991 whose stage name is Nana, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of a girl group called After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel. Nana graduated from Ochang High School in Cheongju and was a participant in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest. She is a licensed makeup artist and also has membership in the Makeup Artists Association as well. There is always new trend from her when it comes to her music video and performances. This girl just look pretty and sexy in no matter what she wears that is why she is one of the sexiest female singers of K-Pop. Nana is currently attending Seoul Institute of the Arts which formally known as Seoul Art College.

10.Yoona K-Pop Star

10.Yoona K-Pop Star

Im Yoona was born on 30th of May, 1990, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group called Girls’ Generation and has participated in various television dramas which are watched by many people in Asia. She made her official debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in August 2007 and became the center of the group. This girl band gained significant popularity with the release of their single hit ‘Gee’ in 2009. With her attractive appearance, she can dance perfectly, and look flawless in any type of clothes that is why she is listed in the top 10 sexiest female singers of K-Pop. If we take a look at her relationship, in September 2013, Yoona began to date South Korean singer and actor Lee Seung-Gi. However, on 13th August, 2015, they confirmed that they ended their relationship due to the busy schedules.

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