Top 10 Most Popular Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2018

Korea is remembered for its remarkable celebrities. The KPOP idols are of no short here. They have inspired the people all over the world. Here we have a list of top 10 most popular Korean Kpop boys groups in 2018.


VIXX is the acronym of the South Korean boy band Voice, Visual, Value on Excelsis. The group members are N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk. They all took part Mnet reality show, Mydol. The group is well known for their movie-like or musical-like performances on stage. One review about them states that the group was overflowing with charisma.

Most Popular Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2016


Got7 is a South Korean boy group which borders more on hip-hop music. The group has seven members, namely JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. Some of the members hailed from other countries like Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States. The group won the Best New Artist Group at the Seoul Music Awards and was nominated three times at the 29th Golden Disk Awards. They won the Newcomer Award and the China Goodwill Star Award.



The winner is a boy band in South Korea under YG Entertainment. The group consists of members Kang Seung-Yoon, Song Mino, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon. They first made an appearance on the reality show, “Who is Next: WIN. They were under Team A competing against Team B for the chance to debut as YG’s first K-pop group after the group Big Bang. In the end, they all won the contest and made their debut on August 15.


B.A.P. Is a South Korean boy group, which is the acronym for Best Absolute Perfect. The group has a total of six members, namely Bang Yong Guk, Kim HimChan, Choi Jun Hong, Yoo Young Jae, Jeong DaeHyun and Moon Jung Up. Their first single was entitled ”Warrior” on January 25, 2012, and was described to be a powerful and charismatic song. They write and compose their own songs. The group is known for their tough, bad-boy image and intense performances on stage.


FTISLAND is short for the full group’s name Five Treasure Island. This South Korean pop-rock band has five members, namely Choi Jong-Hoon for guitar and keyboard, Lee Hong Ki on lead vocals, Lee Jae-jin for bass and vocals, Song Seung-hyun for guitar, vocals and rap, and lastly Choi Min-hwan on drums. They first made an appearance on the TV show M Countdown on January 7, 2007, with their debut song Lovesick. The song Love Sick topped the K-pop charts for 8 consecutive weeks.


TVXQ is the acronym for this band’s Chinese name, Tong Vfang Xien Qi. They are also known as DBSK, which means Dong Bang Shin Ki, a Korean name. All these names mean the same which is “Rising gods of the East”. They have five members, which are U-know Yunho, Max Changmin, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu. The group has sold more than 15 million albums, making them the best-selling Korean artists.

Most Popular Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2016


Beast is a South Korean boy band with six members, namely Yoon Doo-joon, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-Hyun, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-Kwang and Son Dong-woon. They are under Cube Entertainment and made their debut appearance on KBS Music Bank with the song “Bad Girl”. They won the Bonsang Award at the Seoul Music Award and the Artist of the Year Award at the Melon Music Awards.

3.Super Junior

Super Junior is another South Korean boy group with thirteen members. They are Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kibum, with the addition of the thirteenth member Kyuhyun in 2006. They have been the best-selling K-pop group for three consecutive years and has won numerous awards since they started.

Most Popular Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2016

2.Big Bang

Big Bang is a five-member South Korean boy group. The members are G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Their hit song “Lies” won Song of the Year award at the 2007 Mnet Korean Music Festival. They also won Artist of the Year at Mnet Korean Music Festival in 2008. The group has experimented with different music genres including R&b, EDM and trot. They are well known for lavish music videos and set-up for onstage performances choreography, costumes, and props. The band is also known as the longest running boy group in South Korea.

Most Popular Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2016


Exo is a Chinese-South Korean boy group formed by S.M. Entertainment. It has 12 members, which are divided into two, namely the Exo-K and Exo-M. These groups perform Korean and Mandarin, respectively. Their first selling album, XOXO won the Album of the Year at Mnet Asian Music Awards. The album also contained their hit song titled ”Growl”, which won the Disk Daesang at the 28th Golden Disk Awards. The album sold over one million copies, making them one of the fastest-selling Korean artists.


Just give these guys a try, you’ll never know you will like them as much as the millions of fans they now have. Listen to a different beat, listen to some Korean music.

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    1. U really forget BTS!BTS are more popular than other group except EXO!how can u forget BTS!However i will say Bts,Got7 and Big Bang r the same even though they r not???

      1. I dont like bts i just like a little but you are right bts suppose to be at number 2 exo is the most popular

      2. wow, technically bts isn’t more popular than exo, they just have a lot of crazy fans that will go to the extreme to let their favorite groups win. If you look at statistics, exo is actually more popular than bts

      3. If BTS are not popular then how did they got an award in BILLIBOARD MUSIC AWARDS bitches


    2. All this top shits are making each fandom hate each other. Most Army will say, “BTS should be on top. They are better than EXO/BIG BANG/SUJU/SHINEE or whatsoever boyband. Why can’t we just support our own fandom as well as the others? Kpop should be supporting each other. Because as what MNET said, “music makes us one.” Meaning all of their music (even if you’re not a fan of it) You will like it. And let me remind you at what Lay (EXO) said in MAMA2K16, that the old will never be replaced by the new. We have our own opinion based on what we think about the group we stan. Yes, I’m an EXO-L, ARMY, AROHA, SHAWOL, VIP, SONE, BLACK JACK, ELF as well as I’m a fan of NCT-DREAM. yes i stan lots of fandoms but i never and i will never compare them to each other. Because they have their own style, own taste, own gesture and own life. So all of us (including me) should just shut the FUCK UP and just stan our own Fandoms. STOP BEING SOMD IMMATURE SHITS!!!

      1. And also this is just based on the opinion of the author. So kindly understand that person. STOP THE WAR AND STAN YOUR FANDOM!

      2. You made me tear up,I really liked what you said there,as an Exo-l I was insecured because bts broke some Exo records,and I was comparing both groups the past few months,even tho I’m a kpoper since 2010,I acted like a person who is new to this industry,and a person who doesn’t know what a strong family we are
        We should stop caring about charts,rankings and records,if we love a certain artist,we should love him for the music he makes and the all the effort he puts in what he’s doing
        We-k-popers-should leave the fan wars and other bullshit,and become a strong,beloving and supporting family again!

      3. Lol, I’m Chinese, you need to get your translation right, Lay said in a very blunt way, Exo will always stand at the top. So ironic, using a Chinese ideom to phrase what was really in his heart, which is BTS will always be less than us. More ironic as Exo will be replaced soon, sm puts their resources where the money is, like they always have. Like what they did with super junior, shinee etc etc. The new will always replace the old. Exos new phrase should be, ‘we are one……less’, or ‘oops we did it again, we lost another one’ should replace we are one .

      4. Actually, the sad thing is that a lot of army are sad about that, and please don’t call “Army” that insult others and hate on other rival groups real Armys, because I really think they don’t deserve it. Also, there are probably going to be people like that in every fandom, so please don’t only blame it on us. (If I read your comment wrong then I will feel like an idiot sooooooo -I actually am an idiot but shush- uhhhhh yeah)

        What I typed about ARMY’s fandom applies to others too.

      5. What BTS said (Jimin fancam – backstage) ABOUT Super Junior
        Super Junior M sunbaenim performance just now WAS REALLY REALY GOOD . the cheers from the fans, WOW, were really loud . Someday , I wish we (BTS) will be mature just like Sunbaenim

      6. PLeaseeeee STOP complaining over your IDOLS not being listed in TOP 10 POPULAR KOREAN BOY GROUPS. Maybe you Idols were on 11th rank.

      7. im a multifandom stan too many groups and seriously I love bts too … lets be realistic bts only become famous because of their hit song blood sweat and tears .. and also because they have been known in America because of billboard award but you cant compare and just say their better than exo or shinee ….. bts is a great band … but comparing it to exo bigbang suju or what so ever it means your not respecting the old fans who is still supporting their idols even though their old … you cant erase exo from being the best because they are legend

      1. Duhh,,,,
        Exo is most popular than bts
        They are not ot12
        We are here to support them because we are belvd n syng WE ARE ONE no matter what

    3. BTS should be appreciated. Their influence both globally and in Korea. Their album record breaking, fandom , music and all of that. I feel like these charts will somehow make some fans in every fandom sad so there is no nd to compare these great groups tbh…

    4. I don’t listen to BTS at all because I’m not a huge fan of BTS but they’re pretty popular but not as popular as EXO nor BIGBANG So I think BTS Deserve 2nd or 3rd because BTS is super popular

      1. owww really???? People saying they don’t BTS are insecure and blind of what they have achieved…Really??? How come they won Billboard and that’s U.S. but not everyone know them??? so what’s your definition of “Top Social Award”?

      2. www really???? People saying they don’t know BTS are insecure and blind of what they have achieved…Really??? How come they won Billboard and that’s U.S. but not everyone know them??? so what’s your definition of “Top Social Artist Award”? That’s History Girl…go watch T.V. and catch up…

      3. Due to a very huge fan base called ARMY and their high popularity on the social media, BTS bit Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and win Top Social Artist Award, and become the first ever K-POP group that win an award at Billborad Music Awards 2017. Moreover, BTS is also invited and makes their American TV performance debut on 2017 American Music Awards. The group makes their appearances on many other US shows like TRl, The Ellen Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

        Even if BTS is under a small company, Big Hit Entertainment, which is not a part of the Big 3 (YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment), the group’s popularity is increasing rapidly. The group holds the concert tour worldwide such as in Europe, Asia, Australia and US.

    5. ummm…you are complaining how some armys complain if BTS dont win but look at the past results of the awards shows??? Exo didnt win certain awards and FANS STARTED PETITIONING TO TAKE DOWN AND GET RID OF THOSE AWARDS SHOWS! literally ridiculous. All fandoms have their own fan problems….end of story…

    6. okay look,yes EXO IS A GOOD BAND but niggas you should know that BTS is the best band. This website is shit all the other websites tell that BTS is the number one band,you came to this specific website and argue because this is the only place where exo is being shown top 1.I cant believe this i thought exol were better than this rather than fighting over something that is too obvious which is BTS is obviously better than exo. BTS songs dance members and everything else is better. exo is nothing compared to bts its like comparing a beggar to bill gates. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO CHECK OTHER WEBSITES BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN SAY A WORD BACK.

  1. I don’t know why you wouldn’t include BTS. Their international fanbase is absolutely insane. Seriously, this list is a bit inaccurate (at least in my opinion.) If you’re going to include Winner, you should also thing of iKON. Vixx, B.A.P, and Beast are fairly popular, but they’re definitely not some of the most popular groups in k-pop, if you’re going by an overall international fanbase. In 2016, the most popular male k-pop groups are probably Big Bang, Exo, and BTS. That’s just looking at album sales, charts, music video views etc.) Sorry for ranting–

    1. lol bts is only ‘relevant’ (as armys think lmao) bc of their 12 y.o. international fans who speak english, korea doesn’t give two shits about those untalanted rats.

      bigbang are the ONLY boygroup who are as popular as girl groups in korea’s general public of all ages. a lot of korean people don’t even know about exo who are recordbreaking legends and are called the most successful k-group ever, what in the world makes you think that they’d know about a no-one group from a trash unknown company who think that gaining money from the 12 y.o. armys’ phase is going to keep their company popular?

      1. AND that is the big thing that they have also english fan….. thats a goal… if people doesnt are from your country and still are your….
        BTS tells every one that korean music is also sounds awsme…….

      2. If bts r untalented rats then why they are nominated in MAMA awards that too in almost all the categories. Pray for your idol cuz bts r gonna crush them in the coming days?. And I advice u to go to psychologipsychologist and check your mental status ?

      3. 개소리하고있네진짜 ㅋㅋ. Ummm I’m not 12 I’m 16. Real statistics: BTS is 26th on USA Billboard (record breaking,) top 100 in UK Billboard (record breaking), came out on national Korean (KBS and others) NEWS, filmed a 3+ minute SKT (which is known to be the trend-follower) commercial which was all shown on TV, filmed BBQ chicken commercial, one of the biggest chicken shops and I see it everyday on the public bus; not-what?-what chicken commercial did exo film? lol) THEY ARE FROM A SMALL COMPANY BTW: not an already famous, SM entertainment lmao. I think anyone can admit that BTS is the most successful group so far in years. For 2016, they gonna get and deserve 대상.

      4. STOP BEING SO DISRESPECTFUL. no matter how much you hate our fandom, dont pull bts into this. you have no right to call them rats and that is so impolite im incredibly disgusted. and what do u mean untalented? huh? do you know what bts would think if they happen to come across your comment? you honestly have no respect from what i see in your comment. you should always put other’s feelings first. idols like bts have been trying so hard to make themselves more successful and they have outdone themselves. they deserve to be on this list.

      5. 용서해줄게 (I’ll forgive you).
        But please leave the boys out of this. They worked just as hard as any other idol/group if not harder.
        And just to prove your points wrong, not all international/Korean ARMYs are (immature) 12 year olds because I’m 15, just so you know. And excuse me? Untalented rats from a trash unknown company, you say? Then who got the acknowledgement of MAMA and received the World Performer Award in 2015? Was it EXO? Hm, they surely don’t seem like them.
        And for your information, the reason to why EXO is rather popular, is because they’re from one of the biggest and famous entertainment companies, SM Entertainment. But BTS? They were trained and debuted under a small and not so known company, then raised it to their position nowadays with their own hands.
        Sure, EXO may have broke their own records several times. But have they broke the record of the Billboard 200? Or have they placed first in another music category other than KPop?
        Honestly, if you dont call BTS talented, but instead insult them to raise your own favoured idols, then you’re only jealous that others are better than them. BTS is talented, EXO is talented too. They’re friends with each other so why can’t we too?

      6. Umm first of all check your facts. Like where have you been living? under a rock? Cause obviously your brain is damaged. Anyways let me make myself clear that BTS IS NOT untalented rats, the only rat i see is you. SO YOU CAN TAKE YOUR NONEXISTENT SELF BACK UNDER THE ROCK YOU CAME FROM AND STAY THERE!

      7. Hey girl , army forgives u . And in case u don’t know , the no-one-knows group BTS won the daesang, topped billboard’s social 50 and do I like really need to tell you more about achievements ? And actually I’m 16 stupid . Get a hang of urself ???? hope you’re not high in d head as you seem dumbass

      8. *cough* BTS wins artist of the year in MAM A and best albums of they year in Melon*cough*

        Has the highest ever gaon sale within a month, first ever kpop group to enter the uk main charts. BTS was also number 1 in 27 countries charter 97 charts worldwide. Yup BTS is not a popular group.

      9. TF ? you call our boys (BTS) untalented rats ? How come they won “Best perfomance” award in MAMA ? are you nuts ?How can you call them (BTS) untalented when they’ve already done so many awesome concerts, MV and beautiful songs ? Don’t criticize other groups idiot ? because every one of them are unique! They will never be in their position right now if they don’t have the capabilities / talents.

      10. I honestly don’t know which donkeys ass you crawled out of, but welcome to the world. You should’ve left that comment in the donkeys ass though, no one needed your unreasonable, down right stupid opinion.

        As a Jamaican Army, i have to say you lonesomely made me more devoted to BTS. Thank you. If you consider me as a 12 yr old with just an English background that’s your business, since it seems your implication is that having an English speaker who is only 12 years of age being devoted to such an amazing group is a bad thing, but what irks me is the fact that you had the audacity to call them ‘untaleted rats’ (untalented isn’t a word btw donkey shit). Considering you seemed to just have crawled out of a donkeys ass, id expect someone like yourself to have a little respect not only for BTS, but yourself and also the group/s you represent. I’m mistaken unfortunately.

        OK, you say they come from a ‘trash company’ was it? So as any other intellectual gifted piece of shit you should’ve been able to apply knowledge of certain thing to realize that, if they are from a ‘trash company’ but have an expanding international fan base, means their effort and talent must be something worth while.

        You may fail to comprehend my message, never read a comment so repulsive in a while, so I wont hold it against you if you ask questions. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your life and grow into less of a dumb shit. Bomboclaat ediat gyal/bwoy. Vete a la mierda.

        Peace and Love.

        real trash is you. who is judging without using brain. only untalented rats gets daesangs right?
        I hope you regret what you said.

      12. Is there an issue with some ARMYs getting mad over it. Some ARMYs all get mad over things even if it’s not a big deal, don’t get angry because they said something rude about a group you like they are just really disappointed. If one ARMY starts ranting on and on about BTS not being on that list and how other groups don’t deserve to be on their, apparently every single one of the ARMYs is a bad, rude, immature person. And this is to the people who like to come at ARMY as a whole group. [Ex: ARMYs are immature 12 year olds that have no life]. Not all ARMYs are are bad people. So please if you come at “A” ARMY please don’t refer to ARMY as in all of them. Also, it’s sad that some ARMYs can’t show their appreciation or their disappointment from the fact that BTS wasn’t on the list. You can’t really say that BTS hasn’t done anything to get on at least #4 or higher on the list. To all Fandoms, I’m not trying to be rude but think about how it would be if you favorite group wasn’t on that list. Please think about how you would feel in the same situation as some ARMYs. They want BTS to be appreciated. Like how you want your groups to feel appreciated. Please understand where ARMYs are coming from before you talk so harshly about them. I know there will be some people who will try and make bad out of my comments but please just consider it. I’m trying to be equally fair to all fandoms. Especially since I’m a Multi-fandom I really hate it when these happen and I try equaling each sides out and try not show any favoritism towards other groups. So please just hear me out.

      13. Be happy some of these ARMYs forgived your irrelevant dumb ass. “Trash unknown company” Bighit rised rapidly from the KNOWN BTS, I’d like to see if BIGBANG can make Bighit more known than BTS. Are they still going to be KINGS OF KPOP if under Bighit label? Probably. And it’s untalented* most awards and records is successful? I want to see BTS 5 years from now. Bigbang is recordbreaking, but their records are possibly breakable just so you know. All love from true army. I hope you’re not a V.I.P, it’d be shameful to have a fan like you. I highly respect Bigbang and love them fully, so don’t get me wrong. I be wondering

    2. Can I just point out (just by looking at album sales, charts etc.) that BTS is not listed on any of the top 20 Best Sellers list by Wikipedia. For example, BTS is nowhere on the Best selling-artists list (by number of physical albums sold). I mean, neither are some of the other groups such as VIXX, but if we’re measuring success off of albums sold, groups like SHINee should be on this list, and not BTS.

      1. Umm are you seriously using Wikipedia, which is not even a korean site, as your reference. LMAO SHINee is pretty legend however don’t diss BTS-excuse me-one week after you post this, they broke almost ALL the records ahem. I’m sorry but this BTS’s “golden” year.

      2. Liikkle bloodclaat gyal/bwoy, go suck yu ma! Fucking looking like shit! How di bloodclaat can you fucking use WIKIPEDIA fi yu bloodclaat reasearch. Have likle sense nuh?!

        Translation; Little dumb fuck, go and suck yopur mother will you! You look like fucking shit! (My assumption) Why on fucking earth would you use WIKIPEDIA for your research and then have the audacity to post this????? Do you have any sense?

        Vete a la mierda.
        Peace and Love.

      3. AAAHMMM REALLY???? maybe your are no updated at all…LET ME UPDATE YOU…#BTS records the most sales in history of Gaon Music Chart count)…
        and what about their MIC DROP AND DNA getting GOLDEN AWARD???
        they are the first to perform in AMA FYI and that’s history..and by the way they won GOLD in Golden DISC Daesang Awand…and ohhhhh search for Billboard top 100 songs look for their songs their your can find some topping…Ohhh before I forget they are Billboard Top Social Artist and that is U.S….you might say it’s in the U.S. not in Korea …well that is even better..they don’t belong in the top 3 big influential companies in Korea but they are making names…

      4. Due to a very huge fan base called ARMY and their high popularity on the social media, BTS bit Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and win Top Social Artist Award, and become the first ever K-POP group that win an award at Billborad Music Awards 2017. Moreover, BTS is also invited and makes their American TV performance debut on 2017 American Music Awards. The group makes their appearances on many other US shows like TRl, The Ellen Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

        Even if BTS is under a small company, Big Hit Entertainment, which is not a part of the Big 3 (YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment), the group’s popularity is increasing rapidly. The group holds the concert tour worldwide such as in Europe, Asia, Australia and US.

      1. Ahem BTS Should Be The First Now ?? EXO’s Fandom Is Not The Biggest One Also Pls Check The Views Of Their MVs Out And Compare It With EXO

      2. EXO gained popularity because they came from 3 big influential companies in Korea,..and that is something…but BTS??? they came from a small company but gained big recognition and they are making names and history FYI and that is a big thing…for me they deserve the #1 spot…

      3. Due to a very huge fan base called ARMY and their high popularity on the social media, BTS bit Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and win Top Social Artist Award, and become the first ever K-POP group that win an award at Billborad Music Awards 2017. Moreover, BTS is also invited and makes their American TV performance debut on 2017 American Music Awards. The group makes their appearances on many other US shows like TRl, The Ellen Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

        Even if BTS is under a small company, Big Hit Entertainment, which is not a part of the Big 3 (YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment), the group’s popularity is increasing rapidly. The group holds the concert tour worldwide such as in Europe, Asia, Australia and US.

      4. your right bts should be here maybe 2-3 don’t mind the reply of stupid person who is saying bts should be no. 1 because of the views…. you must base on the likes…album sales and especially the awards….

    3. i’m so happy with this list because in the list the irritating BTS is not there…..hahahaha best list ever….totally satisfied with the list…but GOT7 should be at 6 or 5 position….but yet they r on list ….. BTS have some fans nothing else….thats why they r so popular …..

      1. Fuck off bitch do..this is why I hate exo-l they are always jealous of other groups success..donkey head

      2. you must have some serious mental disorder. BTS doesn’t need to be on this shitty list,let their success make noise. Haters gonna hate but BTS gonna go on forever. 😍😍😍 After all the truth must go on. Have a great day haters.

      3. Really girl????? please watch news and article especially Billboard and watch their shows you might be shocked…

      4. If having just fans can make a group popular, than I’d be popular too. You speak your mind, not facts. You don’t carefully think what you just said, you’re also trying to say that the groups on this list are popular, “just because of some fans, nothing else.” B Be smart.

    4. Anyone here complaining about bts doesnt realise that exo won 4 daesang awards in a row and broke tons of records(including their own. ) Exo is also performs song in not only korean and chinese but also japanese. As for the whole “I’m 15, not 12” shit, well close enough! Your still young punks who complain because “your favorite group” isnt on a fucking list created out of someone elses opinion. Plus, out of stats Exo does take the first spot. With both bigbang and bts behind them. So shut the fuck up and go on with your fucking days!!

      1. BTS also sing japanese FYI and they have Japanese ALBUM …Chinese?? Maybe because EXO has Chinese members…BTS not deserving ohhh watch Billboard award please and mind you they broke the record of GAON’s Award my dear…EXO came from 3 big companies in Korea and that gives them back up and more popularity…BTS??? they came from a small company but look they made history,…why???? becuase they worth it..and by the way two of their songs got GOLD award..and search billboards top 100 songs…you can find some BTS songs there…so shut up!!!

    1. BTS SHOULD HAS AT LEATS BEEN 2ND OR 3RD…..BUT ARE U F****’N KIDDING ME!!!!!!! THEY’RE NOT EVEN ON THE DAMN LIST!!!!! NO!!!!! THIS IS WRONG THEY ARE WAAAYYYYY BIGGER THAN SUPER JUNIOR!!!!! AND THEY HAVE A BIGGER INTERNATIONAL FANBASE!!!! THEY ARE REALLY POPULAR AND THE BEST!!!! >▪< ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE BTS!!!!♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ^▼^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥T▪T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥K-POP IS LIFE!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥BTS IS LIFE <3!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


      2. @EXO_SHINee_LOVE excuse me, Jayda might be a little annoying but seriously you can stop YOUR nonsense and should go back to YOUR fandom whatever it’s called and start cheering cus did you see that BTS was 26th on Billboard next to ADELE. I never remember and don’t care but did exo even get top 200000 on billboard LMAO and SHINee (they legends but cmon this is BTS’S GOLDEN YEAR) and they gonna take/ deserve the biggest award, 대상. This list is 111% biased.

      3. Um, excuse YOU???!!!!WHO ARE YOU CALLIN’ YOUR FANDOM WHAT EVER IT CALLED?!?!?!And Bts is in “whatever chart YOU called” has NOTHING to do with this SH*T, so SNAP OUT OF IT, please. Just please admit it and STOP the complaining!!!!!!AND I’M SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING AND READING BTS FAN SAYING THAT THEIR GROUP SHOULD BE ON THE 1ST & 2ND OF THE LIST!!!!!!!!JUST APPROVE THE POINT FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!IT’S WON’T KILL YOU PEOPLE OR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They’re newbies, only like 2y(since debut) They’re indeed popular, but if you compare them with Super Junior&Exo, it’s not even close. Super Junior&Exo have a HUGE fan base, especially Suju,(army is too), they’re the kings so yeah, and EXO have a MASSIVE Chinese fan base so im sorry but BTS can’t beat that. Though, if we’re talking about 2016, yes I agree they should be number 4 or 5?

      1. Well, not to be mean or anything, but BTS did deserve to be #1. They won the Billboards by a landslide and they have a global fanbase. EXO isn’t the most popular anymore…. BTS is. They have over 156 million views on an MV in under a year….. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

      2. to the one who replied with “EXO isn’t the most popular anymore…”-
        Who is the worst fandom again? Exo-Ls?
        Can’t you just complain for your shits without dragging EXO? Your insecurities over EXO are pretty obvious.

  2. A lot of people are wondering about BTS. The thing is. BTS has a big fanbase, but i dont think they’re that popular in Korea. They seem to have more international fans. Maybe that’s why the author did this list?

    1. ummm one month after you posted this: BTS is 26th on Billboard next to ADELE, they got the most global and international award excuse me last year too soo you’re wrong 🙂

      1. So? Super Junior won Teen Choice before, yes bts is big, but if you compare them w/ other they are still babies, but im sure in a while they’re gonna be bigger?

  3. I’m not an ARMY, but I’ve heard most of BTS’ songs and I love them. I agree with most commenters here, BTS should be included in the top 3. They could easily come first judging by all the hype they’re in currently. BigBang has always been the idling one, immensely popular even though they did not comeback for years, and they can easily snatch the top with every song they make. EXO will always be there because of their huge fan base and crazy fan girls.

    SuJu has been declining as of late, although I still think they deserve a position in the list but not in the lead. Winner is popular now and I’d prefer them over Ikon but Ikon is currently more popular than Winner.

    1. In my opinion this list maker is not a die hard Kpop fan..just a normal Kpop music listener otherwise he/she would haveprobably possibly include BTS.

    2. Exo was one of the first Koop videos I saw, it was them and mostly sm artists. I thought they were amazing and followed hard, still pretty good don’t get me wrong. Then all the shit drama happened with the Chinese members, and I got sick of hearing about the treatement of sm artists. I decided not to give up on them, so I saw the monster mv, unfortunately I felt like the song was bland compared to their past tracks. I didn’t like lotto or any other of their recent tracks. I thought well since all my fav artists are leaving, Big Bang (military), 2NE1 disbanding and Girls Generation (kind of disbanded, who are we kidding, they’re all doin they’re own thing), Kpop will be officially boring. I haven’t even heard of BTS, this is 2016 by the way. Then dope popped up and I liked it, it was like watching call me baby (Exo) the first time round. So I listen to more, fire, bs&t, save me, I need u, 21st century girl, it was the first time I repetitively listen to so many tracks for months. Normally I get bored after a hour, so I watched bantang videos, and the boys were absolutely hilarious. Like the first time I saw variety and drama from Big Bang. It was so rare to see idols actually be themselves on camera, dissing one other. When I watched Exo dramas, they maintained a level of professionalism, at times I felt like certain members were left out. But bts really impressed me, they were inclusive and felt stronger as a team. When I fell in love with Exo, let’s just say I felt certain members weren’t needed, I had a bias-Kai. But with bts I love each member equally. I couldn’t believe I haven’t heard of them for so long, they are so funny. Their music is amazing, I love the fact they create and choreograph their music and dances. I’m sorry Exo, but I wasnt really loyal to u any ways, I was an Exo-l and was part of the fandom but I enjoyed a lot of Big bangs music, some I felt better than exos, coz Gd produced them oc. I don’t understand the fan war, and why they are petty people in the world. I have seen the worst of Exo-l’s fandom. I’m sorry to break it to u, but your oppas don’t give a damn about your support now they’re ‘big’, and they know it, lol they won’t look at sites like these as well, only sad people like me post here. And that is why I don’t want bts to become arrogant like Exo, I’ve being through the experience with Exo (from start to finish) and they have changed. I hope the boys won’t be like that.

      1. if u want to leave our fandom just go silently. no need to babble and nag everything here. im okay with that cuz our fandom really appreciate it to those who decide to unstan EXO to leave immediately. saying EXO arrogant cuz they dont give any damn to their fan’s support also not ur business cuz u also not support them. declare urself as exo-l make u look more pathetic cuz what i think that u only a solo stan. (if it true u a kai stan before). whatever type of song u want to listen just listen and appreciate it. but dont degrade others song. u can listen all u want, dont worry we wont bothers u. no need to say sorry for leaving us because we feel so thankful to u to make a really great decision. dont worry we not an arrogant fandom so, we will say “goodbye” to u in a good manners. to other fandom, if u want this person, u can have it 🙂 .
        just some advice, if u want to go to others fandom and stan others grup. plez dont make same mistake when u with EXO, stan ur fav and fandom wholeheartedly and be honest with them. dont betray them. they dont deserve it. sorry im just reply ur comment cuz i see u drag EXO name in low manners. u love ur fav and i love EXO. dont cross each other way 🙂 and one more time, “goodbye” 🙂

      2. I don’t know why but reading your comment made me really mad.Why are you comparing Exo and Bts.I know you’re writing your own opinion but you’ve no right to say bad things about exo.Exo really cares for exo-ls.By saying ex exo-l you’re badmouthing about exo.I can say that when you find another group,you’ll leave bts too.You aren’t loyal at all.

      3. NICE JOKES!!!!
        The way EXO’s leader stare to EXO-L’s at GDA 2018…hahahah YOU must be WRONG.
        They really care about EXO-Ls.

      1. Excuse me? BTS did whatever they did, which is hard work, like what YOUR idols did to deserve what they TRULY deserve and 2nd place or even higher would be great to reward them

      2. Yas you are right lmao. I love EXO and they really are in 1st. Non-kpop fans usually hear of exo and not BTS. BTS is usually eard from kpop fans even though their favorites arent BTS. I like BTS’s style and their choreographic dances but i personally prefer EXO’s because they have nice style with mixed 1800-1900 sound mixed in secretly (if u cant exactly feel it) with a different style. I support every Kpop group and their goals. Although i support, there are many butthurt fans while their group their stanning in disappointment. I agree that BTS should be in 2nd or 3rd. Not in first because there are personal goals that BTS or any other group cant break no matter what they do. Honestly, I feel like EXO cannot break the goal of Big Bang’s amazingness. Corny lmao. Fighting EXO!!<3✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

      1. Fellow army, look here, bts is big, but dont EVER ask what have Suju or Exo&Shinee did to deserve the place, cuz if you compare the newbie generation(bts) w/ the first(suju,exo,shinee), im 100% sure they suffer more, Suju was poor asf when they were trainees, Shinee had more , but still it was hard. Bts is great, but they aren’t the biggest out there

      2. I’d like to know why you said Super Junior was poor during trainee days? I’ve searched buh found nothing so tell me about it. I believe all idols went through alot, idk much bout other idols buh BTS, I do know a few. For example, they couldn’t have a company dinner? Or sum like that due to the lack of money. No car so they used their manager. Ate at a really cheap store near the company. Yoongi suffered through depression disorder o or sum type of disorder. Pressured by ppl.And so many other things we don’t know. And to this day they’re still pressured. Not only by antifans and other ppl, but sometimes even by their beloved ARMYs. I believe all group went through something differently, not just SP. All love. -army

      1. Ikr lmao! They’re so perfect, none of the position fit them. The position they deserve had not been made. Buh specifically “perfection” position

  4. Hahaha behind the scenes isn’t on here but army swears they’re popular.
    And look at all the pressed army in the comment section.
    I’m just laughing.
    Now I’m crying some retard said behind the scenes should be up there with EXO and Suju
    The delusion!
    I can’t make this up.
    Block B is there because they’re digital monsters.

    1. hahaha i see selja everywhere,,, why you’re so hate to bts? did they do smthg to you? idk what is your problem, please get some life, idk if you are a boy or a girl, but please… go and get some life,,,i wonder what is your age, but please stop this,, are you having problem or trauma with BTS? why you seem like knowing many things about them, and when there is army, you will come, and i noticed that you are always with internet.? are you computer generator? A SOFTWARE WHICH IS CREATED TO GIVE ALL THE SPOILS TO BTS????
      – sincerely – not an ARMY but AN ANTI TO AN ANTI

    2. I’m not a hardcore Kpop fan, I’ve heard of bts coz most of my school is obsessed with them. But who the fuck are some of the groups on here, haven’t heard of them before, I knew going on a shitty site like this to find Kpop boy bands to listen to was a shitty idea. I leave a comment to piss people off then lol 🙂

      1. If you dont know Super Junior&Bigbang… dont call yourself an Kpopfan, they STARTED the Kpop wave, oh and bts have the Billboard? Super Junior got the Teen Choice?

    3. “Beyond the scene” for your information. Keep crying, we kno yu sad BTS ain’t up there. They should make a ” zero” position, cuz yk zero is before one. Now that’s where BTS belong. Buh there’s no position like that. Yu mad cuz yu been seeing BTS on top too much, not seeing them on one make you happy. Keep being happy, wait til BTS get more successful than ever. I just hope you and happiness? Til death shall yall part.

  5. some of u people r rude. saying bts doesnt deserve to be up here on this list. well u have one thing to say to make u all stfu. its called BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS! WATCH IT AND DIE. while bts has only been a group for a bit more than 3 years, they are (and just my opinion) much better than exo. They have amazing dances and there rappers r fantastic. BTS also has really nice vocals in my opinion. Not the general type but their amazing in their own way. BTS is changing Kpop for the better. AND THEY DESERVE TO BE ON THE LIST (no shade to the person who made the list. Just shade to people who r speaking crap about them. I dont like exo but im not gonna speak crap about them cause i know their talented. People needa learn how to be respectful. Just because their famous people think they can say these rude things to artists. Well. There still people. Think b4 u post things online people)

    1. I love BTS and have been w/ them since 2014, but fans like you make me starting to not liking them anymore, better than EXO? Do you have ti say that, it doesn’t help, army is amazing, but ppl like you…I don’t think you can call yourself so?

  6. OMG i was ranting so much that i made a bunch of typos. Please ignore them everyone. I hope u understand wat i was trying to get across regardless

  7. When i saw it, i’d expected BTS to be up there but they were surprisingly out of the list. I mean they got loads of ratings on billboard, itunes etc. Thats kinda weird :/

  8. ARMYs saying BTS should be first… suck my dick. They are way behind Exo, SuJu, Big Bang, Shinee, TVXQ, Beast, etc. You telling BTS is famous doesn’t make them one. All their views and comments are by immature fans watching them 24/7. There are only few of you if you compare your fandom with the fandom of known boy band above. Grow up and accept the reality. They are non existent in Korea.

    1. THATS your immaturity my dear…. that you think if people who enjoy their music are immature…… if you are that much mature…. so go ahead and realize what is real maturity…..

      1. Let me share a laugh . What ever fandom u r , armies r more . How many of us r here and how many of u?
        Please …pfftt… isn’t this saying something ? BTS rules with their blood sweat and tears

      2. Just because other fandom shave a life and don’t sit on the internet like forever.?!?doeane mean they are non-existent,stop looking at these online ranks and charts,who cares about them??all the mentioned groups are pretty much famous,and just because you see bts a lot on the Internet,doesn’t mean it’s the same in real life

      3. Lol, your comments are so funny @ Amie, you’ve just insulted other fandoms. U do know Exo wins those chart and rank awards coz non existent Exo-L’s like me vote, I have a ffking job btw. I hate hypocrites like u, it seems you have also too much time on your hands to come to a shitty site like this to post, oh burn, you’re just like me sado.


  9. I am very surprised to see that you purposely refused to include BTS. The South Korean Boy Group that actually are breaking records & charts across the board, including music platforms like, Spotify, iTunes, Naver….etc. I need not go on because the list could go on. I have been in the music & entertainment world for a while, and I truthfully admit, NEVER have I ever seen such disrespect & hate towards a music group even more towards these Amazingly Talented Artists. I am more than 10,000,000,00 % positive that these young men in BTS (which I am pretty sure, you’ve never met to give a fair decision) do not deserve ignorant biased hurtful & hateful judgements! I have seen the inside and outside of the music business, fraudulent and shady business happens from time to time (like a payoff from bigger opposing companies to try and crush smaller companies with FAR MORE QUALITY GROUPS & ARTISTS) just to ensure that their artists look better. Let me tell you this….there has NEVER been a talented KPOP group like BTS that started from the bottom to RISE to the TOP to rank higher than any other Kpop group or Artist. So with that being said…write & report with fairness and RESPECT to QUALITY MUSIC & ARTIST!!

    1. Maybe big hit isn’t a small company..?maybe there is a shady business happening there?their high quality MVs and opportunity don’t tell that it is a small company

  10. chill guys…… BTS deserve more….. they are that much awsme that we cant compare them with any one…. I think thats why they cant understand that what rank they should give to BTS…… they are beyond amazing….. and what ever they are today they are on there own will….


    1. Hello? Super Junior, DBSK? They started this all, without them, bts;exo;sv wont be know around the world, so pls, just pls respect them, they are truly the kings?

  12. BTS!!! EXO!!!! BIG BANG!!!! AND GOT7


    SHINee FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    1. Your comment makes me doubt the fact that you know BTS at all.
      You can hate the fans but not BTS. They didn’t do anything to offend you, the fans did.

    2. Lmao! We love you very much! Ahhhh We love you really! Keep hating bitch ass. We really don’t care. Their song “Mic Drop” was dedicated to yu stupid ass. Be happy. They thought of yall antis

  15. This list isn’t even accurate. Like cmon now… where’s Shinee and Bts at? Well unless it’s talking about the popularity of kpop groups in South Korea itself but seriously, their fanbase is pretty big in South Korea too so… :/ And this comment section is literally filled with immature fans. This is why fanwars happen T-T what are you? bunch of kids? Why are fandoms hating on each other? like armys and exo-ls (im both), it’s ridiculous. Both BTS and EXO are good friends irl. That feeling when there’s already people bashing kpop… and then there’s people bashing each other within the kpop community.

  16. What about INFINITE????????????They’re so popular and best.This one is the first list without them.please update with worth information.BTS also popular.

  17. This review is meaningless without bts. Man they are totally famous they have got the cutest boys for which girls would die for and their songs are also at the top charts

  18. i just wanted to say that no matter how much you hate that us armys keep ranting on and on about bts you have NO RIGHT to talk about bts as rats or say that they are not talented. IF YOU DO THAT IM SORRY TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE NO RESPECT AT ALL. im just so mad that people are talking about bts with foul language and that hurts my heart. DONT HURT BTS. DO YOU REALIZE HOW THEY WOULD FEEL IF THEY HAPPEN TO FIND YOUR COMMENTS? STOP BEING SO DISRESPECTFUL.

  19. Your Comment Here …yeah I agree u comment cuz exo more them BtS.exo r more talented them any kpop male band they r vari hard working band
    I will always support them……cheer up

    1. I’m an EXO-L and I agree that they are very talented, but you shouldn’t say that they are more talented than other groups bc a lot of groups are talented. ALL groups are talented in different criterias. AND ALL GROUPS ARE HARD WORKING. They have to be, if they want any success.

  20. Hey author, you made a huge mistake. First, BTS are already on the 2nd place behind TVXQ in the most popular boys groups billboard and 2nd…..EXO has only 9 members now! Tao, Kris and Luhan got out of EXO. Tao was the last one who left in 2015 (!). Don’t make such horrible mistakes again.

  21. WHERE THE FUCK IS BTS????????????????
    I LOVE EXO! i frikkin love em’!
    goddammit! Yeah BB are king! and suju too!
    BUT HELL! got7 are really getting famous these days!
    BUT BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HELL IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!?

  22. ARMY, let’s chill. I understand that the comments here are disrespectful and unreasonable and everything, but let them be. This is just an inaccurate ranking. Let’s show these pathetic bashers that ARMY is just not a hysterical and crazy fanbase. We all know that BTS is great in their every little ways, and no rankings and polls like this can define how successful they are right now. Let’s calm down and be humble, unlike these hypocrite and boastful people who trashtalk BTS, while in fact they know nothing about them. Let’s just save our time and effort and just cheer for our babies ?

    I love you BTS!!
    (Especially you Jimin,??)

    An ARMY, a seriously chill person but is trying her best not to be pissed, and a Jimin bias lol

  23. ARMY, let’s chill. I understand that the comments here are disrespectful and unreasonable and everything, but let them be. This is just an inaccurate ranking. Let’s show these pathetic bashers that ARMY is just not a hysterical and crazy fanbase. We all know that BTS is great in their every little ways, and no rankings and polls like this can define how successful they are right now. Let’s calm down and be humble, unlike these hypocrite and boastful people who trashtalk BTS, while in fact they know nothing about them. Let’s just save our time and effort and cheer for our babies ?

    I love you BTS!!
    (Especially you Jimin,??)

    An ARMY, a seriously chill person but is trying her best not to be pissed, and a Jimin bias lol

  24. Idk author, but i think you seriously started a big fanwar in here. Can’t you see?! Everyone’s pissing each other off and trashtalking bands without any sense of respect and decorum..???



  26. Im an IGOT7 and I was really happy to see that they got in to this list but i think that BTS, Infinite etc. should be on the list. Gotta admit that BTS is popular these days…

  27. where the bloody hell is BTS ???they are the reason i came to know kpop!!it’s really disapointing and depressing that the work of these daring and dashing guys is not recognised. apologise to BTS to maintain the decorum of kpopand never repeat this in future otherwise i’ll turn brutal and for you it will be fatal.

  28. Yeah this so not fair that they didn’t add BTS . BTS is also popular but believe it or not EXO is more popular than BTS these days. I am not being mean just telling the truth. BTS has also worked very hard and you guys should not say BTS untalented rats. Thats mean. But i am not being mean EXO IS MORE TALENTED AND IT ROCKS!!!
    (Especially Baekhyun)

  29. Aaahhh jjinja?? Seriously, you didn’t include BTS, how could you?? Last year they had won daesang, they stood top in the billboard for weeks and you didn’t listed them, As an Exo-l, m satisfied,but m Army too so m disappointed with this list.

  30. fully dead at these haters claiming BTS don’t have any talent and they don’t deserve to be on this list – deadass scared ARMY and BTS are coming for them in 2017 lmao…


    Melon Music Awards:
    ‘New Artist of the Year’ – 2013
    ‘Best Male Dance’ – 2015
    ‘Album of the Year’ – 2016
    ‘Top Ten Artists’ – 2016

    Melon Popularity Award:
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    ‘Weekly Popularity Award’ – 2016
    ‘Weekly Popularity Award’ – 2016

    Met Asian Music Awards:
    ‘Best World Performer’ – 2015
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    Golden Disk Awards:
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    @haters you were saying? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    btw army aren’t 12 y/o white girls (not that there is anything wrong with that) – this is coming from a 17 year old army boy in London lmao

  31. I think bts should be included….anyway i think haters are those insecure, unreasonable, helpless,selfish people….so i think they are just pitiful their life

  32. This ranking could be ok if we were maybe in 2012 or 2013, but nowdays I think EXO, BTS, IKON, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, and other groups are in the spotlight (not necessary in that order) so if you don’t know the currently situation in the Kpop industry, you should leave this kind of posts to well informed people or simply publish a ranking from an official website, the only thing you have to do is to ask for the permissions. I have an option for you, ask the favor to a fan, I will do it for free as long as you stop publishing information that it’s not true.

    1. I agree with you. But you cannot exclude BigBang. Haha or maybe yes. They’re legends anyway and not describe as just Kpop. I agree with the groups you mentioned.

  33. Eyyu BTS FAN….you told na big and famous entertainment company made exo popular!!!how can you think such a bullshit man!!is your IQ level 1 digit??…if exo didnt dance and sing well who the hell will make them popular ah???they ah best thats y people chose them!!in other way you can tell exo made sm entertainment popular!!

  34. I’m so happy that my idols are on the top! They really deserve it because they are a legendary group
    But i think BTS deserves to be in the top ten,they should be on 2nd or 3rd

  35. You should include “In My Opinion” on your title. Duh. Top 10 popular in 2017 but BTS is not included? HA.HA.HA. What a bitter hateu.

  36. please stop arguing each because of that ranking , it is not only the website where you can see the ranking of your favorite kpop group,
    I’m not a fan of BTS, however , I’m still looking which rank they are and I’m curious why they are not included..
    I’m an Exo-L fan but I respect Army’s ..
    We should not argue each other and just respect each one fandom

  37. BillboardMusicAwards ✔ @BBMAs
    #BBMAs Top Social Artist Nominees ?
    Fan voting opens May 1st.
    BTS is going strong outside their genre they are even crossing borders against international artist…..I know that everyone loves their fandoms and bias groups but you have to accept the truth that BTS is the Best for Now…..I mean look at these:
    1.BTS’ Wings Tour sells out 18,711 tickets in only 4 minutes
    2.BTS Is The Only Korean Artist On List Of Best-Selling Albums Worldwide So Far In 2017
    3.BTS held the highest spot for a kpop artist on billboard 200 at #26
    4.BTS is the only kpop artist that spent the most week on #1 on Billboard Social 50
    And so many more…..

    Come on tell me a kpop group that can beat that…..

    1. Super Junior are the ONLY ones that had EVER made an full South America tour and it sold out in 9min for over 40000 audience, they win Teen Choice 2015 for Choice International Group&ELF(their fandom) for Choicr Fandom, No1 bestselling album for straight 3YEARS! Won 2 Mama award in 1 night, their latest song “Devil” went straight on top in more than 12 countries m(EU&ASIA), AND I CAN GO ON AND ON(sry, have to type big so ya can see) So it’s not if anyone can beat BTS, it’s if Bts can beat SUJU?

        HE known suju since 2009 but i am not their fan since i am more to JRock n western music at that time. But i know with some kpop groups and that because of Suju who make Kpop as new music genre alternative at that time in my country (and I can say, most of SEA country have same experiences with my country. Suju is mkre well known at that time compared other group). Even i dare to say, their impact is more bigger than EXO in my country (EXO surely have more most fans now in here compared with Suju have at that time, but for term of public recognation, Suju more well knowing in general public even they are not become their fans, even SUJU become a target of mockering by boys n other music community, but most of them only know with Suju name compared with other biggest BB at that time). If we asked general people who not have any interested with KPOP but if we asked which Kpop group that they ever heard their name? People will mentioned Suju. Even until now, mostly non kpop fans that have no interested with kpop when being asked which KPOP group that they ever heard, they will said Suju (even they didnt never know or heard about EXO, Bigbang, TVXQ, BTS). That because when Suju become big in here especially everytime when they do their concerts in here, all of media become crazy to covered their news. Their news appeared almost in every news in TV n magazines (it’s more likely with BTS cases for their America tour right now. All media is chasing them. That really same happened with Suju). That make people who still didnt know about KPOP become familiar with their name n music even they not become their fan (like me) but Suju become the only one group that they know. KPOP is identic with Suju. And people who become interested with Suju n started like KPOP, that make them begin getting know with other Kpop BB n GG at that time. That why I said, Suju become the first door that make KPOP fans start get knowing other groups and new fandom appeared beside Elf. But Elf is the most biggest fandom at my country at that time. And until now, no KPOP group gained so much attention than Suju from entertainment news medias (TV n magazines). Even EXO didn’t get big attention from media just like Suju did (that appeared in every TV channel n

        Sj receved golden disk trophy, it was an effort put together by Baidu Bars to tell SJ that it is ok not to win the Daesang (SJ EEN WIN 3 YEAR IN THE ROW so they cannot win the Daesang again0 so they made one out of real gold. They pooled together about 250k for it.

        Suju Impact in international especially in SEA even I heard from KPOP fans in Arab, Suju also give big impact at there n brought the first wave of hallyu compared with the other group. Knetz need open their eyes about Suju impact n popularity in international. They would be SHOOK.
        In fact what i know most of international fans they said they are in to K-POP because of Super Junior i just dont understand why knetz not happy about Suju popularity in International even Kcon in Abudabi turn out like Suju concert all blue ocean

  38. I agree about exo and bigbang……..(well in our country bigbang is popular i always hear on tv) actually i know bts just this year but back 2015-2016 i know is vixx, exo, bigbang
    But bts…. Im just thinking if the author hates bts well idk im just new to kpop world well a kpop group introduced me by my classmate is exo but im not exo l but this week im still learning about exo even got7 too but my first fandom is bts and just only 2 months and from what i know bts should be 3 then 2 is bigbang and 1 is exo

  39. Clearly there has to be more research done. EXO is correct and Big Bang are one of the legends of kpop who got the world to know about them. However, shinee, block b, btbob and specially bts. Bts broke dozens of records and keep getting popular day by day. They sold out two concert stages in the USA in around 5 min beating ariana grande and the likes. While I don’t want to take sides, no one can deny the facts. This list is very much outdated and does not cover 2017 in the least bit.

  40. Oh my god where’s BTS??????is this a joke????damn it…… BTS are very popular group but they did not on the ranked??????wow very funny huhh this is really biased..

  41. Whatever it is EXO is on the top, we lovers believe and support them. They always did their best in everything. They deserve to be on top and they also are in top. Some Army’s don’t like them because they are afraid that BTS will be down. And i believe that EXO will be on top forever.. ??????

  42. BTS not included as one of the top Kpop Boy group is just weird. I mean, c’mon! They got Dope, Fire, Not Today and all that amazing dancing while singing that they’re actually really, really good at. And although I am an ARMY, I agree that fandoms should not fight over who’s better and more popular…because at the end of the day…it’s always a matter of PREFERENCE. People have different tastes, likes and opinion. That’s why those who love vocals and pretty boys go with EXO (no offense, just stating a fact), or the daring and bold nature of Big Bang has kept them on top all these years. I prefer my guys talented and the songs upbeat and their lyrics speaks to my heart and soul…which is why I prefer BTS. EACH and EVERY one of them offers something different to the table…and we should just be thankful they’re there to entertain and love us. So please!!! Enough with these fan wars. It’s getting really old. Let’s just support our own idols and the hell with the others. LOL

    1. Yesss, im ELF;VIP&Army and also an exo stan, i love them all, the thing i hate here are these fucking childish fans of Exo&Bts?Like just support your group!!!?

  43. Super Junior should be n° 1, Bigbang n°2 and the others are fine, you have to know that they are the two best groups in k-pop, so…

    1. Yesss!!!! Suju are the kings(mby consider DBSK too), some army fellows here need ymto stop it, bts is cool, BUT SUPER JUNIOR are the real KINGS???

  44. Where is BTS! If you seen their videos Run, or Dope, or Blood Sweat and Tears and you dont like them there is something wrong with your head. I mean have you not seen how Jin~oppa looks!!?? He’s Mr.Worldwide fucking Handsome!

  45. Where the fuck is BTS this website is so outdated i hate u website i want bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts bts, im only doing this because i am a true army.

    P,S Jungkook is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Stop it…why u allz always fight bcoz of the two of the group…exo n bts…try looking at their variety show that they were doing together …its seem very well on…they seem very close…but some of u looks like to ruin their ship…how will they read any comment about this war…they might be so sad…juzt support them…no matter if bts got no.1 n exo got no. me thats doesnt matter…all the kpop group always number one in my heart…how does ur feeling if someone comment something harsh to some of u being mad to this owner only because of ur favourite one doesnt in the list…maybe u could felt sad right? plizz stop this fight…and wish them for the beztt!?

  47. So this is a top for fucking 2017 with most POPULAR K-pop idol male groups. Why wasn’t another K-pop group nominalized for BBMAs? Why BTS won BBMAs social award? Because they are not popular?! THIS IS JUST DAMN UNFAIR! Who the fuck gave 300.000+ votes for them?! The air?! Find your logic, please, it’s such a shame!

  48. Kpop lovers,just chill will u all!!
    I’m personally an army and I LOVE BTS to death but I can respect the others’ views.I personally think that BTS should be ranked 1st,that’s my opinion,but obviously other people have other opinions and they should be respected.
    All of u just meaninglessly arguing about who should be 1st won( change others’ opinions,it will make them more angry.

    So everyone just cam down and keep supporting ur fandom without commenting rudely about others.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    (although I say all of this peace talk,I personally enjoyed reading all these comments. It made me happy to see all the armys defending BTS from the rude stupid jerks who kept attacking them:):)LOVE U BTS!!!! ARMYS fighting!!!!)

    But please keep in mind what I told before all of u…

    (I must have been the person who ranted on and on the most…sorry:(:). )

  49. I actually agree with what calm said, that we should respect other people’s views on this matter. But personally, I think BTS really should be on this list. Now I’m not saying this because I’m a huge fan or something (well I’m actually a non Kpop fan here lol!) I’m just saying this based on the many reviews I’ve read about them. And when i watched some of their videos (about how they act on a daily basis and how they treat other people) i can clearly see how genuine and sincere they are of loving their fans from the heart. And i actually admire the fact that they produce their own lyrics in their own music which is a good trait for rising artists like them specially when they compose the lyrics themselves coming from the heart. Again I am NOT taking anyone’s side on this. Just stating a FACT.

      1. sorry to say too honey, ur favs ain’t reaching their levels to make them stay as whatever ‘legendary group’ u said 😉 BILLBOARD

      2. well honey being internationally popular is actually a good thing knowing they cam from a small company but they are making names and they made history so I can compare them ..and they are LEGENDS…read update please..

  50. All of EXO fans are jealous and crazy 😜 And it’s clear from their comments EXO are amazing and talented but it dose not mean that bts are rats. They have a lot of fans who don’t speak Korean that means they are talented because people love ❤️ their music and voice and also their songs like something incredible and amazing that u can’t imagine. And one more thing army is not afraid of EXO because they know that bts is best and one more thing by insulting bts u r insulting EXO .

    1. Cough* cough* there will be new boy groups debuting in the future, how can you claim that EXO will be top forever? Armys don’t like them for their own reason, not because they’re scared Bts will go down. Also, you say as if none of the other group did their best.

  51. this bloody review ain’t shit like duh whoever wrote this is fuckin biased, to those who r new, don’t read this piece of rotten junk, u gotta read a BILLBOARD article, prestigious, true, most importantly they ain’t fuckin with biased writer

    1. Let’s stop that “BTS is the most popular than any other group” when it comes to popularity. It’s still BigBang, maybe because of their 11 years of existense. And their type of music that captures every first timer listeners (I’m one of those). BUT… I have to agree with you. BTS should still be on this list not unless if the one created this list is a hater. We lose. BTW. I’m a BTS GOT7 BIGBANG fan. Just listened to bigbang songs this year, I can’t deny, they really are one of a kind. Especially GD.

  52. Bts is very good,,very very good,,I’m not interest with kpop but I really really interest with bts,,everyone who love kpop even exo-l should thanks to bts because they were introduced kpop to the world..

    Best tempt squad(BTS)

    1. Yes u r absolutely right, the craziness of BTS all over the world is incomparable…..#,.Long live BTS#
      The reason why I love SKPop is BTS✌😉😍😘

  53. I’m from Northeast India And l know only BTs among all but where? I can’t see them I’m sure you have committed a big mistake BTS in the best of all to Me l love BTS 😍😘❤💚💓💖💗💕💙

  54. I only love BTS in the entire SKPop ufffff… So proud to be a BTS fan… And I love kookie, V, RM, Jin. Jimin. Suga. And J-Hope

  55. Like, seriously???…then, how come I just know only 2 of EXO songs???…Overdose and Growl if I’m not mistaken…I’m a big fan BIG BANG and they are legend…they should be no 1…then BTS at no 2 coz I Know maybe 10 of their songs…then should be EXO…I’m really sorry coz I don’t know the rest of the groups… infact, if you go YouTube, you can see that the view for BTS is far better than EXO.

  56. Can yall not like, keep asking where da hell is BTS? They not on here, then they ain’t on here. This is just an opinion list so stfu. Like, ain’t nobody finna change the list for yall. Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m an army myself. And to other fandoms, what yall say about BTS not deserving to be on list, is probably the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. All these group are hardworking. I honestly did not feel offended at all til I come to the comment section, so many childish comments about BTS suck and whatsoever, and how great their fav group is, and the armys who keep asking. Yall hate fanwars buh yall some sensitive lil bitch ass who keep having sum dumb to say. Did yall not learn “if you have nothin nice to say then don’t say?” Obviously not. If there was a list to name the worst fans/fandom ARMYs and EXOLs would be on top next to eachother.

  57. At the top someone said this,”용서해줄게 (I’ll forgive you).
    But please leave the boys out of this. They worked just as hard as any other idol/group if not harder……… And excuse me? Untalented rats from a trash unknown company, you say? Then who got the acknowledgement of MAMA and received the World Performer Award in 2015? Was it EXO? Hm, they surely don’t seem like them.
    ‘And for your information, the reason to why EXO is rather popular, is because they’re from one of the biggest and famous entertainment companies, SM Entertainment. But BTS? They were trained and debuted under a small and not so known company, then raised it to their position nowadays with their own hands.
    Sure, EXO may have broke their own records several times. But have they broke the record of the Billboard 200? Or have they placed first in another music category other than KPop?’
    Honestly, if you dont call BTS talented, but instead insult them to raise your own favoured idols, then you’re only jealous that others are better than them. BTS is talented, EXO is talented too. They’re friends with each other so why can’t we too?” – BTSFAN. Yes you’re correct I agree with you for almost everything, but when you said that why EXO is popular, is because that they are from amore popular company? Hmm maybe you should watch the older news, EXO was called the worst group in SM, when that happened they worked hard and they turned into Nation’s Pick so please don’t say something like that. (No offence.)

    1. And I’m a muti-fandom so don’t say that I’m biased on EXO or something but I don’t get why people are trying to say something mean about KPop? We all should be treated the same. We all are humans aren’t we?

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