Top 10 Monstrous Serial Killers in The World

A sentiment by Ted Bundy left people wondering when he once said, ” Sometimes I feel like a vampire.” That statement amazed people and would amaze you too given that from the look; he was a human being. Yes, he was a human being by appearance but a monster under the skin. You could not imagine that the fellow who talked like a human being, looked liked human being, and did every other thing like a human being would enjoy slaining humanity. The concluding statement is that serial killer just lacks what makes a human being a human being. Here are the top 10 monstrous serial killers who once lived among us.

10. The Suicide Website Murderer – Hiroshi Maeue

Monstrous Serial Killers
Hiroshi Maeue

The internet is embraced for the benefits it has brought in all aspects of life especially in line with communication. However, the dark side of the internet was once revealed when some depressed Japanese citizens started creating online suicide pacts. These fellows who wanted to die but were afraid of dying alone formed the network for other people who have the same motive of killing themselves and agree to meet and die together at specified places.

Maeu was the mastermind behind the bad online ordeal of website murder. He was diagnosed with paraphilic psycho-sexual disorder meaning that he would only feel relieved by hurting people. In a span of 20 years, from 1985 to 2005, Maeue had already strangled and killed five people. His first victim was a 25-year-old lady by the name Michiko Nagamoto. He convinced her, through numerous emails, to come so that they can commit suicide together. He even suggested that they just sit inside his car and inhale the fumes from a burning charcoal. The lady accepted, and they met only for the money to tie her up and suffocate her to death. When Maeue was asked about the cause of his action, he replied, ” I just wanted to watch a face in agony.”

9. The Sunday Morning Slasher – Carl Eugene Watts

Monstrous Serial Killers
Carl Eugene Watts

Some time back in 1981, Houston, Texas was a town of fear. The level of fear among the inhabitants of the city increased when Carl Eugene moved in the town. His news was allover concerning his spree at Michigan, therefore, his entry into Houston created a lot of fear to the locals. He killed a lot of people, mostly women, by stubbing, strangling or suffocation. The fear grew more and more even as the security could not convict him over the allegation due to lack of evidence. Between 1981 and May 1982, about 12 lives were no more because of Carl Eugene’ s inhuman traits. However, his uncompleted mission came to a stop in 1982 when he tried to attack two college roommates; one escaped and called for help. Eugene was trailed and arrested as he was trying to flee and was made a member of the inmates’ community.


8. The Murderous Reporter – Vlado Taneski

Monstrous Serial Killers
Vlado Taneski

He was best known as the best crime investigative reporter, and no one knew that he was the doer of the actions he was reporting. In 2000, Teneseki wrote a detailed column on the serial killer’s exploits within the town of Kicevo. He  gives a detailed report concerning the violent rape and murder of some three women in the town. From his investigative report, he gives the details of the murder to entanglement with a telephone cord. Even though he could do a proper coverage of such incidences, what remained a history was his grisly details concerning the occurrences of murder.

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However, his last mission, which he covered and reported, as usual, was the end of his bad ordeal. With lots of suspicions, the police sensed something serious going by how detailed the man’s report on the murders. The police decided to take a DNA test on Vlado Teneski only to find out that it matched the semen of the rapist cum murderer who was a “most wanted.” His meek personality, calmness, and respect from his reader all became vanity. He was thrown in the cell but committed suicide inside the cell before facing the charges by drowning in a bucket of water. Therefore, the journalist was the killer and was only narrating his actions.


7. Whips And Chains –  Robert Ben Rhoades

Monstrous Serial Killers
Robert Ben Rhoades

The Whips And Chains cab driver Rhoades is another serial killer who dumped tens of young female souls after raping them.He had such a confident demeanor and would use that to lure the ladies to his bait. Once a lady has fallen into his trap, he would tie her up, get his raping tools, and rape the leader before murdering her. His mission came to an end on the day an Arizona cop noticed his car on hazard, and when he went closer, he found a body of a naked woman lying helplessly in the car. He was arrested and sentenced to death. However, he appealed and was given a life sentence instead. When it was found out that he was the one who killed some two missionaries earlier own, he was sentenced to the second life sentence.

6. The Railroad Killer – Resendiz

Monstrous Serial Killers

He calls himself the angel of righteousness who is charged with the responsibility of removing life from the evil doers. Resendiz could travel a lot and would hop from boxcar to the other in the search for “evil doers.” According to the FBI, Resendiz killed on the basis of sexual gratification. He mainly did his serial killings in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and California. He mainly hunted near the train tracks by beating the victims or shooting them. Whenever questioned on his actions, he would try to justify that the victims were to die due to their evils.
It is in recorded also that he constantly changed his weapons, and once killed a pastor and wife using a sledgehammer and later used a club. He was later captured after killing 14 people and was executed on June 27, 2006, in Texas.

5. The Cannibal Of Muensterberg – Karl Denke

Monstrous Serial Killers
Karl Denke

Everyone would call him “Papa Denke,” a very active church member and also a bestowed figure in the town. Homeless vagabonds and poor travelers would spend nights at Papa Denke’s house. He was too kind that no one would bother to know about the buckets of blood he used to pour away behind the house. The records which he had, bearing the names of the victims, weight, and the date of killing showed 40 names when the police ransacked the house.

His last day reached when a neighbor heard some screams from his house. When the neighbor jumped in the house, he found a young man swimming in blood. The police reached right in time and he was thrown into the cell for questioning on December 21, 1924. Just hours before he could be called for questioning, the Cannibal of Muesterberg was no more; he hanged himself using a handkerchief.

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4. The Godfather Of Matamoros – Adolfo Constanzo

Monstrous Serial Killers
Adolfo Constanzo

Adolfo Constanzo’s story is a bit complicated with his predicaments dating back to his childhood time. It is alleged that when he was still a baby, he was fed on bowlful water made from boiled human bones by a certain priest. He lived with his mother who was a dedicated congregant and follower of the evil priest, Palo Mayombe. Adolfo grew to be evil and his living led to lots of deaths in the Spanish Caribbean. He became a renowned fortune teller and had a lot of clienteles.

He had a huge fellowship of hardened criminals and the big drug dealers whom he could grant perfect immunity against arrest. His charm worked well but he had to offer human sacrifices to his gods. Most of his target included kids, enemy gangsters, and farmers. He would literally slaughter the victim by slitting the throats, chopped off the heads, cut off genitals, and sometimes ripped out hearts and lungs. He killed many people, and the last one which led to his arrest was a 21-year old student in Mexico City. About 200 cops surrounded his hiding place in one of the follower’s apartment. He ordered his friend to shoot him before the police would reach him and that marked his end.

3. The Ukrainian Terminator- Anatoly Onoprienko

Monstrous Serial Killers
Anatoly Onoprienko

The Ukranian terminator, Anatoly Onoprienko would bump into any home and kill anyone he meets. His case was an extraordinary one given that he would even break into a police station and murder the policemen. He had various tactics, but the most used one was hiding next to a parked car and kill the people who would come in the car before driving away. Also, he mostly used his shotgun to conduct the killings, but at times used hammer, knife, or axe. His last moment became in 1996 when he was arrested and sentenced to death. During the hearing, he even tried to kill someone, and the court believed that he was insane. The capital punishment was reversed, and life sentence passed. He had a record of 52 people he killed. He died from a heart attack just 17 years after he was jailed.

2. The S-Bahn Murderer

Monstrous Serial Killers

Psycho killers filled Germany between 1933 and 1945. Most of the killers wore the Nazi uniforms while other were on civilian plain clothes. Corpses were appearing along the railway near the S-Bahn. Most of the victims were women who were found with bashed heads. It forced the government to deploy police officers along the crime areas and in the train. Some officers were also given the mandate to escort the women who worked on night shifts in various industries in Berlin.

1. The Serpent – Charles Sobhraj

Monstrous Serial Killers
Charles Sobhraj

Sobhraj took his killing art as a way of cleansing and not murder at all. Just within one year, 975 and 1976, the half Indian half-Vietnamese murdered more than 20 people across Thailand, India, Turkey, Nepal, and Iran. He once poisoned 60 French tourists and was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for causing violent diarrhea on the tourists. He earned the nickname “the serpent” for his crafty skills that have made him become an escape artist. Who else have you ever heard to have done over four prison break? In 2003, he killed other two North Americans in Nepal and was arrested to date. Of course, in 2004 he attempted a failed escape.

Those are some of the many human beings who grew to become inhuman. While you sympathize when you see another person bleeding, they feel relieved and happy seeing someone dying and groaning. To them, blood is just like a flower.

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