Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses in 2020

Chinese actresses and models are on it again in 2016. The beauties can comfortably compete with the rest of the world as their attractive appearances natures bring out the best. They have since conquered millions of hearts with a mixture of their talents and beauty. Is true that the Chinese models and actresses are soon going to dominate the world of entertainment? Let us find out if they are the so-called exotic beauties or if they have sexiest looks. Top 10 hottest Chinese models and actresses in 2020 is a must-read for all who know what it means to be hot. Enjoy reading, and comment whenever you dim fit.

 10. Zhang Ziyi

When I hear the name Zhang Ziyi, I immediately think of “The Road Home” of 1999. The movie was the stepping stone for Zhang, and she started gaining popularity after acting in the movie. Making at position 10 in this list of fame is not a joke, and Zhang Ziyi is undoubtedly one of the hottest from China. She was born and brought up in Beijing, where she lived to become one of the Four Dan Actresses of China alongside Xu Jinglei, Zhao Wei, and Zhou Xun. What can you say about an individual who has appeared on the cover page of more than 20 fashion magazines? I guess “hot” is the best term. Something interesting about her is that at the tender age of 15, she had started appearing in the TV commercials after winning the national youth dance title.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

 9. Bianca Bai

We can call her the queen of catwalk. Bianca Bai started off as a model in one of the renowned Catwalk Modelling Agency before shifting to acting. Even though she was born, raised up, and lives in China, Bianca is a half-cast Taiwanese-Japanese model. One of her best moments was her nomination for the Best Leading Actress in a TV Series Award at the Golden Bell Awards. Besides, she is a graduate of Hsin University and is one of the elite actresses in the country. Above all, her beauty stands and those who have watched “My Dear Stilt,” “Kingfisher,” and “Ace of Sales” have a vivid image of Bianca Bei in their minds.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

8. Tien Hsi

Tien His is simply a multi-talented lady. The Taiwanese actress was also once the Ambassador of the Republic of China to the United Kingdom. Besides acting, she is also one of the most famous Chinese authors with vast experience in the field of entertainment. From her appearance and the roles she plays in her films, Tien His was, is, and will remain one of the hottest. She has made several appearances in TV shows and movies which attracted huge viewership.

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Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

7. Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau came into the limelight in 2009 through her portrait albums which debuted in 2009 and 2010. The Hong Kong girl became famous as a Chinese actress and model just at the age of 22. Having been born in 1985 in Chaozhou, Chrissie was raised up and studied in Hong Kong too. Her first appearance was in the horror movie “Womb Ghosts” of 2009 that made her gain popularity to date. Have you ever looked at her in any of her films? You will certainly agree with the fact that yes, she is hot, and giving her a position in the list of top 10 hottest Chinese actresses and models is a right, not a privilege. She is currently one of the hottest known Chinese pseudo-models.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

6. Lin Chi-ling

The Taiwanese model, Lin Chi-ling, was born on November 29th, 1974 and grew up a beautiful girl. She first appeared in public in 2002 in a television advertisement as a model in 2002. She started off her acting career with the movie “Red Cliff” which was directed by John Woo. Besides, she also appeared in many television programs and adverts which attracted a large audience. Some of her famous television shows include; TVBS-G LA Model News and TVBS-G Fashion track. She also featured in the Japanese TV drama named Tsuki no Koibito. At one time in 2006, she was appointed to serve in the capacity of the China Airlines Spokesperson. All these added to her popularity, but above all, Lin is hot and sexy.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

5. Lynn Hung

Though she is commonly known as Lynn Hung, her actual name is Xion Dallin and is among the top known Chinese models and actresses. Is Lynn hot really? Whoever else is known for having beautifully-shaped breasts apart from Lynn Hung? For now, jest get convinced that truly she is, and the day you will meet her, you will say truly she is. Aaron Kwok is a renowned top singer and would have never gone wrong only to select Lynn Hung for a girlfriend. She has acted several movies such as; My Sassy Girl 2, Lp Man, Hello Babies, among others.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

4. Gaile Lok

Some hate her some love her, but the bottom line is that yes she is one of them; one of the presently sexiest and hottest models in China. Call her a half-cast from a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, Gaile Lok was born in August 1980 in Macau and lived to become a top notch celebrity. The world started to know her in 2000 when the romantic film “I Do” was released where she took an active part in playing the role of a major character. Again in 2004, another super-romantic film “My Sweetie” made her appear on the screens again.  Besides her career, she also became the talk of the country’s celebrities in 2006 when she started dating one of the greatest Hong Kong singer cum actor, Leon Lai. She is among the best and most beautiful Chinese fashion industry models.

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Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

3. Du Juan

Most people especially those who loves ballet dance must have known Du Juan earlier enough. Before shifting to a modeling career, this beautiful Chinese lady was a popular ballet dancer. Her fame went up sometime in 2006 when she became the runner-up for the Ford Supermodel of the World competition. Another title of the first ever international Chinese supermodel lies with her. Talking of her achievements, she also holds the record of being the first ever Asian lady to appear on the cover of the popular France Magazine, Vogue Paris. Notwithstanding, she is also the celebrity that has appeared on the Vogue Paris cover for the most times, 13 times. What do all these mean? She is hot and sexy, and she deserves her rightful position of the 3rd best. Among other movies, America Dreams in China made her receive international recognition as she played a major character’s role.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

2. Zhang Yuqi

Even from her photos, one would concur that truly she is rightfully placed in this list. Kitty Zhang Yugi is one of the actresses that joined the film industry at a tender and yet rocked the industry. In 2008, she featured as a major cast in the movie CJ7, which received wide viewership across China and neighboring Asian countries. She also took a major part in the Japanese movies “Shaolin Girls” and “All About Women.” Apart from movies, she also appeared on the covers of several celebrity magazines such as Elle Magazine among others.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

1. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing has a big big fan base as the name goes. Who else has ever been in the top 10 Forbes ranking for 10 consecutive years in any category? Fan Bingbing has made it to the top 100 China celebrity list Forbes ranking and has appeared in the first 10 positions since the year 2006. Within the ten years, she has topped the list for four consecutive years 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. What about her? What does she do best? This highly celebrated celebrity is a model, actress, pop singer, and a television producer. Those who remember the mega-hit television series called “My Fair Princes” of 1999 remembers this lady well. Any series film premiere or fashion show in China would have Fan Bingbing as the host. Her fame is not only nationally in China but also internationally recognized in the world.

Hottest Chinese Models and Actresses

These ten ladies have done so much to make them be where they are, and for them to secure a place in our top 10 list, we appreciate them so much.


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