Top 10 Celebrity Twins In the World Today

The rate of twinning has been on rising tremendously in the recent past. The Yoruba clan tops the list when it comes to winning rate worldwide. Twins can be fraternal which means they developed from two different eggs while others are identical meaning they originates from a single egg. The celebrity world has also been blessed with an outstanding number of twins. Some are the same sex while others of assorted Sexes. The following are top 10 celebrity twins in the world today.

10. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Also known as the sororal twins, the two were born on the 13th of June 1986. They are both American actresses and fashion designers. They started acting at the age of six and are best known for their roles in the television series Full House. They were classified as the most affluent women at a young age through their company Dualstar.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

9. Olly and Ben Murs

Olly Murs is the most renowned between the two since he is a musician, songwriter, and a television presenter. The revered English singer first came into the limelight after successfully completing the X –Factor as a runner-up in 2009. His first single, “Please Don’t Let me go” debuted in 2010. The brothers were involved in a feud after Olly failed to attend ben’s wedding. They later settled their differences and are now good friends.

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Celebrity Twins In the World Today

8. Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is a well known Canadian actor, film director, and producer. He was born on 21st December 1966 in London, England. He is revered for his role in the Fox series 24 in which he portrayed Jack Bauer. He has won various awards including an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award. Her twin sister Rachel is a post production supervisor in Toronto.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

7. Jenna and Barbara Bush

They two were nicknamed the first twins after debuting in the white house back in 2000. They were born on 25th November 1981 to the 43rd president of the United States George W. Bush and the then First Lady Laura Bush. Barbara is the eldest of the fraternal twins. Jenna tried to persuade his dad not to run for the presidency in 2000 but later got involved in the 2004 election campaigns.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

6. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

Scarlett is the most renowned since she is an actress, model, and singer. The 30 years old began her acting career in 1994 and had since appeared in numerous movies including The Ghost World. Her brother Hunter made a quick appearance in the movie Manny and Lo in 1996.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

5. Harry and Luke Treadaway

The duo was born on 10th September 1984 in London, England. They came into limelight after an amazing performance in the movie Brothers of the Head. They were joined for 15 hours daily to facilitate the formation of their roles during filming. Luke is the eldest between the two.

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Celebrity Twins In the World Today

4. Eva and Joy Green

The two fraternal twins have an entirely different outlook. They were both born on 6th July 1980 in Paris, France. Eva is an actress and a model that began her acting career in 2003 after making an appearance in the movie Dreamers. She was recognized internationally for her remarkable role in the Kingdom of Haven in 2005.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

3. Benji and Joel Madden

They are well known as the Madden brothers after coming together in 2011 to form a rock band. They are also the core founders of the famous American rock band Good Charlotte in 1996. They have worn a commendable number of accolades including MTV music awards. The duo proved that two brothers can seamlessly work together in the music industry and make it big.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

2. Aaron and Angela Carter

The famous American twins were born on 7th December 1987. Aaron is a singer, a songwriter, an actor, and music producer. He began his career in the early 1990s as a pop and hip-hop artist. He has worked alongside renowned music groups including the Backstreet Boys. He currently works on his studio album which is set for release this year.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

1. Ashton and Michael Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is eldest the between the two and also the actor. They were both born on February 7th, 1987 in Cedar Rapids, Lowa. Michael Kutcher is a renowned motivational speaker. He always describes his brother as a best friend in his speeches. Ashton has appeared in a number television series including Two and a Half Men.

Celebrity Twins In the World Today

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