The Top 10 Celebrities Born On The Christmas Day

One would say, Christmas day is a day to enjoy, a day of celebration and I can’t agree more. However, I sympathize with the Christmas babies. I guess the easiest way to say it is that Jesus just spoilt the party for them. It is not easy to compete with Jesus for attention. To some extent, everybody will be celebrating a birthday, but it’s not easy to tell if it is your birthday they are celebrating or Jesus’ Birthday. One thing that I am sure of that you will still get presents but your ‘birthday’ will be wrapped in green and red. Celebrating a birthday of December 25th can be such a disappointing situation. You will still have your birthday cake, but if you did not order it yourself, then you should expect the candle to come in the form of a Christmas tree. If you share the same birthday with Jesus, I can only say that I am sorry for you, but you can use some encouragement. You are not alone. There are several other people out there who go through the same thing year in year out. Some of them are well known for their achievements in various fields. History is full of such people. Allow me to present to you the top ten Celebrities Born on The Christmas Day.

10. Sir Isaac Newton

Celebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Everybody who has gone through school at some point read about Sir Isaac Newton due to his contribution not only in science but also in mathematics. The genius was born in 1642 at a place called Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. I refer to him as original scientists as he did not get the knowledge in science from any book or by sitting in any class.

The ideas just come naturally to him, and they made him famous. I mean, who on earth in his right mind would come up with laws of motion without spending time in a science lab or burring his head in books to conclude. Isaac seems to have just figured such things out for himself. He was not limited to science, and I guess to him ideas were just ideas be it mathematics or science. As complicated as calculus may sound, Isaac, invented it single-handedly.

On the point of correction, calculus is indeed complicated for those who don’t love math. Some teachers of since even exaggerate how Isaac come up with some of the discoveries and one of them is how he discovered the law of gravity. It is not clear if an apple fell on him and then he tried to throw it back to the tree, or that is just but a story.

9. Humphrey BogartCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Another celebrity who shares a birthday with Jesus is Humphrey Bogart. The media personality was born in the year 1899 in the New York City of the United States. He is admired for maintaining a calm nature in all the characters he played. The role was never an issue as the viewers would always get that cool part of him in every medium be it television, radio or on stage.

He was the most favorite for many classic movie watches, and they loved him because he never disappointed them. When it is about media personalities, it is even more complicated when birthdays are mentioned. The event has to be unique. The celebrity should get all the attention on their birthday, but that is almost impossible when the birthday is on December 25th.

8. Cab CallowayCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Cab Calloway is yet another celebrity who shares a birthday with Jesus. The jazz artist was born in the year 1907 in Rochester, New York. There is no possible way of writing the history of Jazz music without mentioning the name of this great artist.

He is mostly remembered for introducing the era of a pencil-thin mustache.That is not all about him. He also entered the fanatically soft jazz music commonly known as scat. Like his fellow artists who share the same birthday, he had to come to the reality that most people will be celebrating Christmas on his birthday.

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7. Anwar el-SadatCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

This list also includes some of the world leaders. The former president of Egypt, Anwar el-Sadat was also a Christmas baby. The great leader was born in the year 1918 at a place called Mit Abu al-Kum in Egypt. The leader was known for some of the good things that the country enjoys today. His impact was not limited to his country alone but spread to have an international impact.

It was him who elevated Egypt into a modern country. If it were not for him, maybe the country may not have reached the level of civilization that they have today. He is also the leader who spearheaded the Egypt – Israel peace treaty. It was this treaty that gave him international recognition and even earned him a Nobel Peace Prize. His reign presided the reign of Hosni Mubarak. His life ended abruptly in the hands of Islamists who gunned him down at a military parade in the year 1981.

This great leader will always in the heart of many who loved him and for those who recognize his efforts to have a better country for his people. There is no way of talking about modern civilization in Egypt without mentioning the name of this great leader who made an impact during his time.

6. Jimmy BuffettCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Jimmy Buffet is also on this list! For those of us who do not know him, I will give a short introduction. He was born in the year 1946 at a place known as Pascagoula, Miss. The man is famous for a wasting away Fantasy Island. In this island, finding salt is as hard as squeezing water from a rock, but bronze flows freely like water. I don’t understand why it had to be salt and bronze, but anyway, it was just a fantasy.

He also turned the hippies into the so-called “Parrothead”. If I had a chance to meet him, I would have asked him to explain the significance of the fantasy. I mean why you would have too much bronze and no salt at all? Maybe that is why it was just but an illusion.

5. Karl RoveCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

If you are familiar with the politics of George W Bush then you might have come across this name more than once. Karl Rove was the man behind George W Bush presidency. Rove was born in the year 1950 at a place known as Denver in Colo. It is not clear if Rove was also behind the low public ratings that President Bush had when he left the White House.

However, it is clear that he was the brain behind many projects that were carried out by the George W Bush presidency. He was the one behind the one of the best-funded Republican super PACs and American Crossroads where the strategist found himself on the Election Day. It is said that he spent more than $300 million the campaigns on to end up with a conservative president.

That is definitely not what he wanted but that is what President George W Bush gave him. Walking along the corridors of power did do dilute the reality that his birthday would always have to turn into a Christmas celebration one way or another. Rove made a president of the free world but could not make his own birthday count but that is typical of Christmas babies. After all, his birthday would have turned into political events if not Christmas celebration.

4. Sissy SpacekCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Sissy Spacek is another media personality who herself in the Christmas – birthday controversy. The actress was born in the year 1949 at a place called Quitman in Texas. She is well known for playing Carrie, a very shy character and a troubled student. In the play, she makes use of her telekinetic powers to get back at her high school bullies in what she considers the ultimate revenge.

That was quite a role she played there, people even questioned if she really had telekinetic powers as demonstrated in the play. That was not the end of it as Sissy made appearances in several other films and most of her roles are the kind I would consider crazy. She was in the media limelight for decades since the horror play she did in the year 1949.

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Like other celebrities, a birthday is a big event but unfortunately for her, the event has to be on Christmas day. I don’t know how it feels like to celebrate a birthday on 25th December but one thing that I am sure of is that such birthdays suck. I actually feel sorry for Sissy. If only she could travel back in time and change her own birthday I think should have not hesitated to do so.

3. Annie Lennox

Celebrities Born on The Christmas Day

If you are still wondering why I have more media personalities in this list then you definitely don’t know how hard it can be to court attention. The success of the media personalities depend on how much attention they get from the public. How popular they are makes them icons and gives them media dominance. The case is not different with Annie Lennox who had to choose between Christmas and her own birthday.

The musician was born in the year 1954 at a place known as Aberdeen in Scotland. She rose to fame in the 1980s when she decided to optimize on the androgynous style which saw her play in a good number of bands. In the early 2000s, the artist made up her mind to go solo.

However, she did several collaborations with various artists. One of her most popular collaborations was the Eurhythmics. The moody UK duo caught the attention of many with their teachings of what sweet dreams are made of. The artist, just like other Christmas babies had to compete for attention with Jesus on her own birthday. As usual, presents would still come. However, the presents would come wrapped in green and red colors despite the fact that it was meant to be a birthday gift.

2. Helena ChristensenCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

If I had the chance to meet Helena, one of the first questions that I would have asked her is if she celebrates her birthday or Christmas. I am very sure that the question would be confusing even to her. The model was born in the year 1968 at a place known as Copenhagen in Denmark.

She got the attention of many when she appeared topless in one of the music videos by Chris Isaac. She romped around topless in the video “ wicked game” shot in the year 1991. The video drew attention to her, the kind of attention that she could never get on her birthday. Since then, the model has hawked clothing, wakeups, perfumes and many other Victoria’s Secrets.

1. DidoCelebrities Born on The Christmas Day

Dido was born in the year 1971 in London, UK. In the 1990s, the musician was known for producing songs for teenage ladies to cry to. During this time, she was the new Sara McLachlan and her music spread like bush fire especially among teenage girls. The millennium marked the end of her somber mood, and she upped her street cred when she collaborated with Eminem.

She did sad songs for the heartbroken, but I think that she should have done one song for herself and all other Christmas babies in the world. The title of the song would have been “Sad Birthday on a Christmas”. People think that her music has faded away but that is only if you don’t have a heartbroken lady around. It is my honest wish that she does one somber song in respect of all the Christmas babies. On a second thought, the song will make Jesus a bad person, I mean; he did not choose to be born on December 25th.


All the Christmas babies should be proud of themselves. They have a very rare attribute, and that is something they should brag about. Even though their birthday celebrations will always get compromised by the Christmas celebrations, they still are a particular component of human species. This list is just, but an example of what the people born in this date can do. If they can make a difference so can you!

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