Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Married for Money

I have ever heard some people saying that money is not just everything but the only thing. I have come to terms with the saying and confirmed that indeed money runs the world. Looking at the Bollywood movie industry, it a fact that most of the actresses, especially the beautiful ones, have found their ways to the rich men. A conclusion that most of the beautiful actresses got married because of money. One characteristic that makes them capable of tapping and traping the rich men is their beauty. Did you know that some of them even ditched the acting to get married to the rich guys? Dou you want to know the leading ten in this list of the top 10 Bollywood actresses who married for money. Welcome as you go through this interesting piece.

10. Celina Jaitley to Peter Haag

Celina Jaitley was a less famous name in Bollywood industry. However, contrary to what the general public thought of, what she was earning was not satisfactory. The renowned hot actress opted to go for the rich Austrian, Peter Haag. The husband is a well-established man financially as a businessman and a marketer. The two are reported to be having a happy marriage.

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9. Tina Ambani to Anil Ambani

Ambani’s wife, Tina Ambani, were the names to hear in the 1980s in Bollywood. Even though she achieved both the fame and wealth, at some time later things started going the unexpected way. In an attempt to restore herself, she opted for the rich guy, Anil Ambani. The two became a couple and started living together.

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8.  Dimpy Ganguly to Rahul Mahajan

Dimply never featured so much in the acting profession. The rich guy, Rahul Mahajan married her off, and they became a husband and a wife. It is believed that Dimpy was after money just beginning from her debut in the film sector. Just to confirm the fact, she never proceeded with the acting career after getting married to her rich husband. Therefore, this is a real confirmation that even her acting was not based on her passion but on monetary.

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Bollywood Actresses

7. Kim Sharma to Ali Punjani

The handsome Carlos from Spain was the first man to have the cute Kim Sharma of Bollywood movies industry. Reliable sources point out that another rich man, probably richer than Carlos impressed Kim. Ali Punjani, a wealthy Indian businessman, based in Kenya finally became the man for Kim. Given that no issues or marital problems were recorded between Kim and Carlos, it is believed that the wealth variation played a major role in the shift of events for Kim Sharma.

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6. Ayesha Takia to Farhan Azmi

Ayesha Takia is not only a hot actress but also a beautiful model that any man can envy. Besides, she is also a popular TV presenter with a popular TV station. Out of all the men, one would suspect to have the desire to have Ayesha, the least expected one, Farhan Azmi, took the occasion. The rich guy tied the knot with the hottie and rumors went all over the air of a possibility of money-driven affairs between the two. The grand marriage celebration was enough to tell how rich the man is and now the family. Despite the rumors about their wealth-pull love affair, the couple is still happily married.

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5. Vidya Balan to Siddharth Roy Kapoor

Call them the same field couple. Vidya Balan is a Bollywood actress whereas Roy Kapoor is an established and a successful producer in Bollywood. Given that the two worked together, something special built up between them, an uncontrollable attraction. As usual, rumours found place on the air regarding the decision of the cutie to go for the riches of the producer. Whether it was true or mere allegations, time will tell, but as at the moment, the marriage is intact with no major marital issues.

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4. Amrita Arora to Shakeel Ladakh

After a successful divorce, the filthy rich business person Shakeel Ladakh found another love bird. This time round it was the time for the hot and cute Amrita Arora, a Bollywood actress. Even though Amrita faced lots of criticism for having gotten pregnant before marriage, time proved to be the best fortune teller. Amrita got married officially to Shakeel Ladakh and have been blessed with two sons. Therefore, even though it was rumored that it is the love for money that took her to a divorced man, the marriage has become stable with no marriage issues.

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3. Sridevi to Boney Kapoor

Going by their ages, Boney Kapoor is too old for Sridevi as a couple. Owing to this, most people concluded that what would make one go for her dad’s age mate for a husband is nothing apart from wealth. The sentiment is not easy to dispute given that truly the man is filthy rich and also the age variation is so wide. Going by the facts stated stated above, to conclude that she got married for money cannot be disputed. However, the couple are living together happily and running their Mr. India project successfully.

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2. Juhi Chawla to Jay Mehta

Another age issue has given birth to the money-based marriage allegations on Juhi Chawla. The most impressive and ever smiling actress Juhi Chawla made a decision perceived by most people as insane. She decided to leave her acting career and opted for a housewife after getting married to the rich Mehta at expense of proceeding with her Bollywood career.

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1. Shilpa Shetty to Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty, an incredible hot Bollywood actress, decided to take the route to Dubai. She got married to Raj Kundra who is a very famous Dubai-based rich businessman. Despite all the rumors and allegations, the couple is living together peacefully and are parents already.

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It is true that money can change anything in the world. We have seen that some actresses even went to an extent of leaving their career to pursue marriage. We have also seen that money is able to correct even the difficult-to-correct situations. It is through the availability of money that an old man would appear young in the site of a lady.

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