Top 10 Best Free Android Emulators for Windows

It is no longer news that a majority of people today use smartphones. A more significant percentage of the smartphones are either android or windows. A good number of Android users are also Windows users, and that calls for the integration of these two soft-wares. There are a number of such soft-wares ready for you to download and use. However, this list is only interested in the best Android emulators. I believe that you would also want to use only the best. Even though the title talks about Windows 10, it is important to note that a number of the OS are also suitable for use with other Windows versions. The other windows that might be running include Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7,8,10.

10. MEmu

Android emulators

As per now, MEmu remains the only Android Emulator that has Lollipop Emulation in offer. Unlike some of the similar products, it does not limit you to the windows version that you can use. The OS works flawlessly with Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and also Windows 10. If you want to enjoy the fun that comes with MEmu on your PC, then you need to get it for your computer. Other than Lollipop Emulation, you can also use MEmu to emulate Android KitKat as well.

Enjoy playing Android games on your laptop or PC. If you like using the joystick or the mouse, you are not limited. The choice is always yours. The best part of the OS is the fact that you can still create multiple instances and in this, you are also not limited. You are allowed to develop as many cases as you wish if it makes you enjoy more. If you have not tries this, then you are definitely left behind.

9. Andy

Android emulators

As opposed to the number 10 counterpart, Andy is relatively new to the market. It is understandable if many of the users still don’t know about it. However, new that you have to chance to know about it and even to try it, you should download it for your personal computer. Your job is simple, to click “download” after which it starts running automatically. When it first made an appearance, it was a little bulky. However, the technical team had done the necessary to reduce it to more suitable size for you and your devices. The manufacturer has tested the OS on many tools and assures you of its capability to handle various tasks.

You will find it more flexible and easily compatible with your windows pc and all your android devices. Even though the features are unique, they are supported by all android emulators. If you like games, don’t you worry because we are here to cover you. Your gaming apps are easy to download and directly install upon download. k k k k k k k k k k

That is not all as you can also ensure that all your apps are up-to-date at all time with the auto-update feature. As if that is not enough, you also get all your mobile entertainment apps to your desktop. The online support desk is active all day long to ensure that you get the necessary support. Don’t shy away from seeking clarifications on areas you don’t understand for Andy is meant for your convenience.

8. Remix OS Player

Android emulators

Remix is also among the latest OS players that we have today for your windows pc. The most outstanding feature of the OS is the ability to play multiple games at the same time. It is because of this tool, we are now able to run the ANDROID APPS IN More than one Window on your personal computer and chat with your fellow gamers all at the same time. The OS offers you a means through which you can enjoy all the latest apps and games that Android has for you.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay anything to get the OS. The download is 100% free with no hidden charges. Since that OS comes to you as an exe file, the installation is easy and simple. For you to fully enjoy the OS, your personal computer should have Windows seven or any other newer version of Windows. I also recommend it for Core i3. When it comes to storage, a RAM of 4GB and 8GB storage is most suitable. If you have issues with virtualization technology, then this is your solution. The OS enables virtualization technology in BIOS. Download the Remix OS player for free today and start enjoying your gaming apps like never before.

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7. Xamarin Android Player

Android emulators

Among all the Android players that we have in this list, this particular one might just become your favorite. It is not a secret that the XAMARIN is the least known OS in this list. However, for all who have tried it do not switch to another OS afterwards like it is with other OS. This is a strong indication of trust of the clients on the Operating System. The system is 100% bugles and runs comfortably on your personal computer.

The emulator is adequately compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and also Windows 7. Allow me to put it in short that you don’t have to worry so long as you have Windows 7 and above. If you are looking for an OS that gives you simple user experience then this is where you find it. Furthermore, the download is free and has no hidden charges.

6. Nox

Android emulators

When looking for an OS, there are key features that you must take into consideration. Some of these features are ease of use, compatibility with PC systems and ease of installation. The NOX OS give you all these features in a single package. The Android emulator allows you to play all your favorite Android games on your personal computer. it does not stop at that, the OS makes your gaming experience even more fun with additional utilities that you can only find in a NOX Operating System.

You get to experience amazing support for your mouse and keyboard not forgetting the gamepad.  When you download the OS it is not accompanied with software as it is the case with other OS. Most importantly, the download is completely free.

5. Genymotion

Android emulatorsNow it is time to give something to the developers as well. For those who are mad about developing android games, this is the best android emulator you can ever get. It has one major advantage over competition. The OS can emulate games and apps on a variety of Android devices without the need of you to possess that device. Other than the freedom of device use, the emulator allows you to set up the android versions to give you the experience on how you games and apps will look like in different environments.

If you like, you can always switch between devices. If you are a developer you are looking for an emulator that is going to change your apps and games development experience, don’t go any further. The OS is one of the best for you.

4. Windroy

Android emulators

The Emulator may look like some of the regular OS that we have on the market; however, it has something unique. Unlike the regular OS, this emulator runs entirely using Windows kernel. It might be one of the simplest emulators in this list but that is what gives it added advantage over competition.

Even beginners can comfortably use it for gaming and apps. Furthermore it is hardy and very flexible. The simplicity is the secret and the lightweight design is a plus. Have this stimulator on your Windows PC and get ready to have some fun. The best part is that it fully supports Play Store.


Android emulators

This is one of the few android emulators that come in more than one version. It this case you have two versions, one that runs on Android lollipop and another that runs on Jelly Bean. It is business but you are assured of getting the value of your money back. The Lollipop vision goes at $15 while the Jelly Bean version goes at $10. It gives you flexibility and exceptional experience with your PC. The OS is one of the best for a variety of tasks ranging from gaming to productivity.

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I would say that the manufacturer has to make some adjustments to make the OS more suitable for developers as it still does not come with device-specific configurations. However, for the regular users, this is the best choice that you can ever make and trust me that you will never regret making that download.

2. Droid4x

Android emulators

At position two is a game changer in the world of android emulators. The OS is relatively new in the market but is gaining momentum. A number of users praise the new OS and it does not surprise me that it was picket at position two in the top ten best rankings. The fact that the emulator is new comes with the expectations filling of gaps that existed in the Android world. It has not disappointed us in that as a matter of fact, it is a score.

The manufacture of the app did not just stop at introducing a new OS to us but went ahead to make additional improvements on the original version. One of the unique features of the OS is the Add-ons which makes the emulator more interesting. Even though there is still a better option but the OS beats many android emulators when it comes to gaming.

Droid4x is a relatively new Android emulator on the market, but that doesn’t decrease its value, as it’s one of the best choices for simulating Android on your computer. And there are even some subtle improvements, since the first version. One of the most exciting things about this emulator are add-ons, which make this emulator even more useful. Furthermore, it comes with pre-installed Google play store, and you can install it on your android phone and use it to control games in your PC with lots of confidence.

1. BlueStacks

Android emulators

The bluestacks is not new to the market. It has lasted for eight years now since its first introduction. However, it is still famous and remains one of the most used android emulators today. Many people like it because it is free and compatible with a wide range of Windows versions.  It does not matter If your PC runs on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows 10. The OS gives you maximum satisfaction with any of them.

As long as you PS runs on Windows XP or any other later versions. 97% of the OS runs entirely inside Google play store installed on your Windows PC. It means that you can never have issues with space so long as you use Windows XP or later versions. I highly recommend this emulator when it comes to visualization and full enjoyment of the Android experience as windows software without any damage to your system.

All said and done, the BLUESTACKS remains the best for Android games on computers but is not limited to that alone. The simplicity that comes with the OS allows both the experts and beginners to enjoy games in equal measures. Feel free to run multiple games and apps on the OS at the same time. It is meant to handle such situations with high efficiency and effectiveness. You don’t have to pay anything to have this fantastic OS running in your devices as the download is free.


There are various android emulators out there. However, you must take keen consideration of the type that you go for before you click download. If you are a pro in app development and or in gaming, there are emulators suitable for you. If you are just a beginner, we also have something for you. If you are only a user and not a developer, we also have something that perfectly fits you. Make sure that that you get an Android emulator that is fully compatible with the Windows version on your PC to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Pick one of the above products and make gaming and app development more interesting than ever.


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