Top 10 Best Football Clubs in 2020

The year 2020 has recorded fabulous history in soccer with teams showing their might at all levels. The year has been one of the best with a mixture of uncertainties and fanatics at all levels. In English Premier League, Leicester City surprised many by clinching to the top of the table to become the 2015/16 Winners. In UEFA Champions, Atletico Madrid left many wondering after knocking out the famous Barcelona and Bayern Munich out of the competition. Here is the official FIFA ranking of the top 10 best football clubs in 2020 based on performance and other related factors. Enjoy reading through.

10. PSG

Blanc’s Paris Saint Germaine appears at position 10 in the best clubs ranking in 2020. The team had a great performance in France Ligue 1 season 2015/16 and took the trophy with a massive 96 Points giving the second team a range of 31 points difference. They have since won the following awards: France Ligue 1 6 times, Coupe De la Ligue 6 times, and Coupe de France 10 times.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

9. Villareal

The Spanish club Villareal comes at position 9 under the leadership of coach Marcelino. Their ranking is based on their excellent performance in 2015/16 since they don’t have records of past won trophies.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

8. Athletic Club

Athletic Club is commonly known to many fans as Athletic Bilbao. They come 9th in the ranking under Coach Ernesto Valverde. They have a record of 8 trophies in Primera Division and 22 wins in Copa del Rey.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

7. Boca Juniors

The Argentine side Boca Juniors has achieved a repeat of their former ranking of 2012. The team has had exemplary performance and records of real trophies wins. They have a record of 24 Primera Division Wins, 6 Copa Libertadores wins, 4 Recopa Sudamericana, and 3 Copa Argentina wins. They have once again appeared in the top 10 in 2020 under Coach Guillermo Barros Schelloto.

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Best Football Clubs in 2016

7. Sevilla

Even though Sevilla has dropped in the ranking from 2nd in 2015 to 6th in 2016, the club has something to smile about. They managed to win a valuable trophy that they have never won; UEFA Super Cup, after beating Liverpool 3 goals to 1. Their performance was also good, and Coach Unai Emery is still a happy man. Other achievements entitled to Sevilla include; 1 Primera Division Win, 5 UEFA Champions League WINS, and 5 Copa del Rey Wins.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

5. Borussia Dortmund

The German side Borussia Dortmund is at position 5 in the best clubs ranking 2020. The best ranking they ever attained was 4th back in 2013. They had excellent performance in 2020 and managed to beat some of the stronger teams like Wolfsburg, which they beat 5:1 in April. Coach T. Tuchel is not disappointed at all with where Borussia is. Their winning history points out to 8 Bundesliga WINS, 1 UEFA Champions League win, and 1 DFB Pokal win.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

4. Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid became a common name in the 2016 UEFA Champions League competition. They managed to sail their way through to the finals by beating former winners of the competition and giants among them Barcelona and Bayern Munich. They made it to the finals with Real Madrid and ended in a draw of 1:1 full time and extra time. They were only beaten in the penalty shoot-outs after one of their players lost the penalty. Even though they missed to record the history of their first win in UEFA, they had an exemplary performance, and Coach D. Simeone from Argentina has his respect. However, they still have some good records of 10 Primera Division Wins, 2 EUROPA League wins, 10 Copa del Rey wins, and 2 UEFA Super Cup wins.

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Best Football Clubs in 2016

3. Bayern Munich

The German side Bayern Munich is known to be the team with very experienced and fastest players, among them the famous Arjen Robben and Frank Riberry. This is the most feared club by other clubs in the world owing to their football tactics. They currently rank 3rd in 2016 after making a great performance, especially in Bundesliga and Word Club Friendlies. However, their performance in the UEFA Champions League competition was below the expectation of the fans. 3rd Position is not bad for Pep Guardiola’s  Bayern Munich, which has a record of great past wins. They have won Bundesliga 26 times, UEFA Champions League 5 times, 1 Europa League, 18 DFB Pokal wins,  1 UEFA Super Cup, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

2. Real Madrid

Most people would think that Real Madrid should be in position 1 due to their recent trophy of UEFA Champions league. However, after all factors have been considered, the Champions’ League winners ranks 2nd. Real Madrid is known for great soccer, talented players, and good performance. 2016 has been a good year for the team making them the record holder as the team which has won Champions League many times, 11 times followed by Barcelona and Bayern with 5 wins each. Zinedine Zidane, the former France International forward, must be a happy Coach and the achievements has made his famous name more famous.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

1. Barcelona

The Spain La Liga giants have retained the position they were in in 2011. They have been ranked the best worldwide under the Spanish coach Luis Enrique. Barcelona is a name that you cannot miss when mentioning the word soccer. The team has best players, great moves, good performance, and performing coach. Barcelona has a lot of records and being the best-ranked club in 2020 is just enough.

Best Football Clubs in 2016

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