Top 10 Best Attack Helicopters in the World

Helicopters are taking over the battlefield as the most used planes for wars. When they made the first appearance during world war two, nobody ever thought that they would transform the manner in which war is conducted. Today, the more excellent your war places are, the more advantage you have on the battlefield. That is the reason why more countries are coming up with more sophisticated helicopters to match the current standards of war preparation. However, you should not be tempted to think that the helicopters are used for war alone; they are also significant when it comes to saving missions and even logistics. Today, I will put the focus on the attack helicopters. These are the helicopters that are customized to enhance performance on the battlefield. The following are the top ten best attack helicopters in the whole world.

10. Z-10

Best Attack Helicopters

For the short period that the Z-10 helicopter has been in service, it has proven to be one of the best warplanes ever invented. The Chinese army has been using this plane since the year two thousand and eight, and it has never disappointed them. If you know about warplane, then you must have an idea about standard gunship configuration accompanies by the narrow fuselage. All that is found in this Chinese war plane and that is not all. It also has stepped tandem cockpits, a feature that makes it superior to other warplanes. In most cases, you would find pilots at the front, and this is because they are the ones that give direction to the helicopter, but this planes case is different. The gunner takes the front seat while the pilot sits behind.

The strategy is apparent, it just a matter of prioritizing. The weapons of this war place include TY 90 air to air missiles, HJ 10 anti-tank missiles, HJ 9 anti-tank guided missiles and 30 mm cannon. I also suspect that the helicopter might also have unoperated rocket pods. The Chinese have also improved their game when it comes to war preparedness and it should not surprise you if the country emerges as a strong superpower shortly.

9. MI-24 Hind

Best Attack Helicopters

One common characteristic of good war helicopter is the small number of passengers that the plane can carry. However, it makes perfect sense only to have two or three people who can do something that many soldiers cannot do without the plane. I mean why you would take so many people to do a job that can be done by a single missile? The MI-24 is not different, and the fact that it is one of the best war helicopters says a lot about the weaponry involved. As expected the plane has very law capacity of passengers, but I would say that the capacity is large as compared to the other best performing warplanes. It can accommodate eight passages, and I believe that the Russians have found a better way of making use of all the eight troops in a single flight.

The plane was introduced into service by the Russian air force just as an assault transports and gunmanship, and it seems that it does more than just that. It would not be fair to compare this plane to the others assault planes that have lower passenger capacity. Some people say that the plane has similarities with the American Apache, but that is still subject to confirmation.

8. AH-2 Rooivalk

Best Attack Helicopters

I know many people will not believe this, but since it is a fact, I will say it anyway. The number eight best war helicopter is from Africa. This is something that most people did not expect because African countries have not been in the limelight when it comes to war and weaponry lately. However, we have to recognize the South African AH-2 Rooivalk. The plane is an attack helicopter made by Daniel, a citizen of South Africa. The name Rooivalk is an Afrikaans name that translates to Red Kestrel. The army must be confident of the plane as they operate only twelve of these great warplanes.

When you see the plane for the first time, you might be tempted to think that the plane is completely new invention. However, when you take a keen look at it, you will realize that the plane has some characteristics of a reversed degree of engineering of the Aerospatiale Puma. The helicopter uses the same engines as the Puma, and the same applies to the rotor.

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7. AH-1W Super Cobra

Best Attack Helicopters

Can you imagine a helicopter that has twin engine? The Idea was just brilliant as the engine can never fail you in a mission. The helicopter has its engine back up so that should one engine fail, the other engine takes over to ensure successful operation. I think this warplane is one of the most persistent planes that you can ever come across. Thanks to the inventors, the plane serves the US army perfectly. The invention is based on the AH-1 cobra so it just another member of the Cobra family. For those of us who know about the cobra family, you must have realized that the AH-1T is an improvement of the Sea Cobra and the AH-1W Supper Cobra. The plane is unique in its way, a feature that makes it one of the best war helicopters in the world today.

6. A-129/T-129 (Italy/Turkey)

Best Attack Helicopters

Meet the first attack helicopter ever to be manufactured in western Europe. This helicopter was first designed and produced by Agusta; this was in Italy. I believe that the producer did some good research a kind of helicopter they were to produce as the plane is doing well and it can not be compared to any other first attend designs of fighter helicopters. Most of the helicopters attain such standards upon upgrading and production of improved vision of the first helicopter. However, the Turkey saw that they could do with some little adjustments to come up with something better and therefore they come up with Agusta Westland which is considered a

5. AH-1Z Viper

Best Attack Helicopters

At number five we have fighter helicopter that is considered multi-mission and very flexible. The manufacture if this plane must have borrowed notes from the AH-1W Supper Cobra as it also has twin engines that operated I a similar manner. The helicopter serves the US Marine Corps and is bearing less. The helicopter has a brand new target sighting system that ensures that it does not miss the target not even by one inch. In addition to that, the uprated transmission and the composite main rotor system that comes with it puts it in a completely new level.

4. Euro copter Tiger

Best Attack Helicopters

If you thought that the Germans are left behind when it comes to the best war helicopters then, I can to confirm to you that you are very wrong. Meet the Europe Tiger from Germany. The fact that the plane made it to this list, means that the helicopter has a lot to show. The attack plane is manufactured by the Euro copter and it is used not just by one country but by three known countries. In Germany, the plane is called the Tiger while the French and the Spanish call it the Tigre. The helicopter is another plane that is powered not only by one engine but two engines.

The engines are both MTU Turbomeca Rolls Royce MRT 390 engines. For those of us who take keen interest in the engines, you know what that means when it comes to powering the plane. This is not the only list that this plane has appeared as it was also featured in the list of the top ten fifth generation fighter aircrafts.

3. MI-28H Havoc (Russia)

Best Attack Helicopters

The Russians seem to be well prepared for combat as this list has featured more than two helicopters that are used by the Russians. The MI-28 Havoc is one of the best war helicopters that exist today. The plane is made to handle any weather condition and can operate both during the day and during the night. Like most of the war helicopters, the plane has a limited capacity and can only accommodate two soldiers. The manufacturer must have been very strict on the specifications as the plane seems to have optimized attack features and just secondary transportability.

The helicopter has a single gun which is under nose barbette. It also has external carries pylons under stub wings. According to me, this is one of the most efficient warplanes as it has maximized on the weaponry and limited the passages. This does not only ensure easy operations but also limits that number of casualties should the plane go down. The plane has also featured in the list of the most expensive helicopters and I believe that the Russians are getting the value of their money back.

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2. Kamov KA-50/KA-52

Best Attack Helicopters

The second best warplane is a Russian helicopter that was developed in 1980. However, the plane was adopted by the Russian army for service in the year 1995. For the word go you can tell that this plane is not just a fighter plane bust an advanced fighter plane. Some know it by the nickname “black shack.” I tend to think that the idea behind the invention was to send just one individual with massive strength of destruction other than to send many people who may not do much on the battlefield.

That may be the reason behind the planes single person seat. The Kamov design bureau did some good job on the rotor to make the plane distinctive. Imagine a plane that is small but very lethal and it can also increase survivability. That is not all as the plane is also made to be fast and agile. I would say that the plane is unique as it is a single pilot operation.

The Russians worked on the plane to make sure that it can comfortably carry twenty four missiles, four rounds of rocket pods of twenty round each or even a mixture depending on the nature of the mission. The helicopter can also carry AA- 11/R-73 Archer air to air missiles which makes the plane a threat to opposing attack helicopters. It is very easy to confuse the plane with fighter cannon as it is also mounted with 30mm 2A42 on the Hokum. The helicopter has a combat radius of two hundred and fifty kilometers and a speed of three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour.

1. AH-64D Apache Long Bow

Best Attack Helicopters

If you have heard about the Gulf war, the definitely you have an idea about this super helicopter. The plane was the most powerful helicopter in the war and from the look of things; it managed to steal the show. Many helicopters were in the war but the AH-64D made them look very weak and less effective when it comes to war. I can confirm that it was the most powerful and most preeminent anti-amour system that existed in the Gulf at that time. The inventor of the helicopter must have done some excellent job in coming up with a plane that is not limited by anything. The plane is made to operate in all sorts of conditions that you can imagine.

First, they made sure that it can fly freely either during the day or the night. That was not enough so they decided to make the place resistant to adverse weather conditions. The plane can fly even in stormy conditions. I cannot list all the specifications of this warplane but I can conclude that the plane met very rigid specification of US army helicopter plan and this was not just a plane, it was to be an advanced attack helicopter. The helicopter is one of the planes with the most advanced fire control and electronic technology systems. In addition to that, the firepower is just unbelievable. Imagine a plane that can be loaded with 76 70mm folding-fin areal rockets and sixteen AGM 114 Hellfire Missiles. In addition to that, it has 1200 30mm rounds in its M230 canon which you must know that is automatic.


Several other fighter helicopters are used all over the world today. However, only the best of them all have made it to this list. The selection was based on the efficiency of the helicopter as well as the ability to deliver results under harsh conditions like bad weather or even during the night. Other than that, the weaponry of the fighter helicopters mattered a lot in the determination of the planes to be featured in the top ten best war helicopters, after all, it is just about war. Stay tuned for the nest top ten best articles where we bring you only the best.

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