Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the World

The world has some of the strangest structures that ever existed. Some of them are way out of ordinary human imagination all these attributed to some masons who decided to paint the images they had in their mind into real structures. The shapes are just fantastic, and if you thought you had seen wonders, then you should know these mind-blowing structures. They come in various forms regarding materials used, shapes, height, and even design. The architects who come up with these models must have had some extraordinary abilities as this is way beyond what any architect can come out with from a classroom. The bellow present to you the top ten strangest buildings that exist in the world today.

10. National Centre for the Performing Arts | China

Strangest Buildings

The Chinese are known for coming up with magnificent structures. However, this arrangement stands out more than any other structure that has ever been made by the Chinese. The fabric is more than just a center for performing arts. The building is referred to as the giant egg and is located in Beijing China so should you find an opportunity to visit Beijing, make sure you visit the giant egg. As complicated as the building is, it hosts three significant halls which are the Opera Hall, the music hall, and the Theatre Hall. Each of the chambers has a large capacity.

The opera hall and the music hall both have a position of more than two thousand people while the theatre hall has a role of more than one thousand people. From the names of the rooms you can tell what the chambers are used for but just to make it clear, the music hall is very useful when it comes to concerts while the theater hall remains the most famous venue for plays in Beijing. For those who like ballet, dances, and operas, the opera hall is their favorite. The structure is one of the most famous sites in Beijing and also an ideal recreation center for many.

The landmark did not just come up overnight. It is said that building too six years to come to shape but I know that it took longer than that. Such buildings start with imaginations and then putting the image in the paper even before any architect can imagine that it can exist.

9. Cubic Houses | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Strangest Buildings

It is reasonable to have cubic houses on a single basis and some of the most straightforward designs. However, this is more than just the cubic houses that we know. Something is interesting about them. The cubes are tilted, and the architecture managed to make them hang in the air. I don’t mean that the structures don’t touch the ground, but the designs make them look impossible. The cubes are some of the most mysterious buildings that exist in the globe today. The structures are located in Rotterdam and helming in the Netherlands.

The idea was entirely out of the box, but the designer had a perfect plan. The idea was to portray a village within a city. Those who know more about the structure can tell you that the structure was based on the concept of an urban roof. Those who have visited the building say that it has proper spacing on the ground level. I cannot fail to recognize the architecture that comes up with this magnificent structure which has cubes placed over hexagon pylons. If you take a keen look, you will realize that they resemble trees when you look at them as a unit.

8. Biosphere Environmental Museum | Montreal

Strangest Buildings

Another strange building is the museum in Montreal. When I say strange, I mean something that has gone way out of what we are familiar with. The museum was dedicated to the environment after it was bought by the environment Canada in the year 1990. It was during this time that the name of the museum changed to an Environmental museum. This is one structure like no other as it has some of the strangest features that you can ever find anywhere on the planet. The museum is located in former pavilion of the US for the World Fair Expo 67 that was held in the year 1967. Now you know why it attracts so much attention.

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The structure itself is not the only thing that is historical as even the place that it is located in historical too. If you are a fan of television series, then you must have watched “Greetings from Earth” then you can be sure that you were given a glimpse of this amazing site. Some of the clips of the series were shot on this site and more specifically the scenes for Robert’s post-apocalyptic ice age. The scene manages to take your mind away from earth as it is not expected for such structures to exist on earth but lets me assure you that the structure is here on earth. The building is a structure that you should visit; you will find it amazing.

7. Forest Spiral | Germany

Strangest Buildings

You should not be mistaken that this is a forest. It is not a forest as a matter of fact; it is building is constructed with motor and stones just like any other building s that you know. However, you must not be tempted to think that it is just a building like any other that you know. The structure is a residential complex found in Darmstadt, Germany. It took the artistic work of an Australian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser to come up with this amazing design.

However, the design alone was just nothing as it was just on paper. The architect Heinz m. Spring man took it upon himself to ensure that the design was implemented. I cannot also fail to mention that it was the Bauverein Company that did the construction. By the year two thousand, the building was complete. The structure is one of a kind with green roofs that resample spiral. The style in which the build is built is mind-blowing, and you will find the colors used very warm.

6. Habitat 67 | Montreal, Canada

Strangest Buildings

Habit 67 is more than just a one nation affair. Despite the complex being located in Montreal, Canada, we must appreciate the Israeli architects who come up with the design. The structure is considered one of the unique and amazing landmarks that you can ever come across your entire life.

The structure has close resemblance with cubes that children play with and that is just one of the features that makes it outstanding not just in the city but also in the country. I admire the design in which the structure was made, and anybody can tell that it is so original that you may not find any other structure that is even close to it. Furthermore, the building is very comfortable for people to live in and as a matter of fact, people live in the building.

5. La Pedrera | Spain

Strangest Buildings

This structure is also known as the Casa Mila and was built between the years 1906 and the year 1912. If there are people who saw the building come up and they are still alive, then they must be ancient, and it is also right to say the many people have been born and found the structure and died living the structure still standing strong. The building is located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and is one of the buildings that you should visit in your lifetime.

It was at one point the single largest private residence that people knew, and its design was also considered controversial. I cannot fail to mention the designer who made this a reality. The work is a product of Joseph Maria Jujol who also created some of the plaster ceilings. The structure is just wow!

4. Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum | Brazil

Strangest Buildings

Brazil cannot be left out of this list as they host one of the most amazing structures in the whole world. I have never seen anything like this anywhere else, and I think that you can agree with me that the idea to come up with a statue that big was farfetched. The Niteroi contemporary museum is nothing like what you will find anywhere else. It has become more than just a landmark in the city of Rio De Janeiro of Brazil.

The structure was brought up in the year 1996 with the assistance of the artistic work of Oscar Niemeyer who designed the structure. This original work has a diameter of fifty meters and a height of sixteen meters. There is nothing else on earth that looks like this magnificent structure.

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3. Dancing House | Czech Republic

Strangest Buildings

If you found the crooked house strange, then this one will blow your mind off. The dancing house of the Czech Republic is one of a kind. This is one of the buildings that exist today that have its romantic charm. I find it very romantic and sweet just the way the buildings hug each other. You can imagine how fun the dance is and they seem to keep dancing so you can never get bored with watching them.

The structure is one of the brilliant designs of Frank Gehry and I believe that this is the best design he ever come up with in his entire life. If there is another one of his designs that can outdo this design then the design is a secret. Initially the design was considered to be controversial as it did not represent anything traditional. Although as time passed by, people learned to accept and admire this rear structure. The building is just amazing such that it has become the symbol of the city.

2. Stone House | Portugal

Strangest Buildings

The stone house is another brilliant idea that was actualized to come up with a unique structure that very many still do not believe that it does exist for real. The structure was constructed between stones and then linked with concert mix. Some people say that the structure draws inspiration from the American Firestone cartoons taking into consideration that the structure stands between two giant rocks. The building is not very different from the typical houses as it has all the features that you would expect to see on a house. It has a door at the front which some of us would like to refer to as the front door, a section for windows and a roof.

The huge and spherical boulder on the uphill side of the structure gives it a spherical shape that you will find amazing. Thousands of tourists are already visiting the site to see for themselves each year. Others refer to it as the stone castle and it has become an architectural monument which many people long to visit and see. The interaction of the environment and the structure make it one of the best sites that you can ever see.

1. The Crooked House | Poland

Strangest Buildings

At position one is a structure in Poland. The structure looks risky and you would think that it is just about to fall. A friend of mine told me that when he first saw the structure he almost screamed. In his mind he was already counting casualties. Little did he know that that is exactly how the building was meant to stand? I don’t want you to have the same experience as my friend and that is why I am here to give you a virtual appearance of the building so that you know what to expect when you visit the place.

The building is irregular in shape and very crooked. That is the reason s to why it is referred to as the Crooked House. The structure is about four thousand square meters in size and is located in Sopot, Poland. The people around the areas are used to the structure that they managed to make part of it a shopping center. I cannot conclude without mentioning the brains that behind this magnificent structure. The design was done by Szotynscy and ZALESKI but they did not just do this on their own.

They needed the inspiration from the fairy tales and illusions coupled with drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg which inspired the initial masterpiece of this unique structure. The design is so brilliant that it makes the surrounding buildings and structures appear to be part of it giving it even more amazing appearance. The building is one of the most favorite tourist spot for many people and has been ranked one of the most photographed sites not just in Poland but in the whole world. You should spare some time to visit this place. I am confident that you will love the experience.

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