Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

When you hear the word Hollywood, the first thing that comes to your mind is the group of celebrities who consistently bring you the excitement that comes with excellent entertainment. To some of us, these celebrities are heroes and even role models. To those of us who look for more than just entertainment gets to learn so much from the films ranging from the effects of climate change to technology, and political trick combined with legal issues. As they do their thing, there is always something behind the scenes, and sometimes it leads to controversies involving some of these stars and heroes.This is evident in this piece on the top 10 biggest celebrity scandals and controversies.

Probably you will not believe me when I say that in reality some of these celebrities actually have more scandals than they can keep track of. If anything to some, scandals are just part of daily activities. But what really determines the how much a celebrity is? I would say its just a matter of how the audience perceives the actions of these celebrities and what they, how they say it and when they say it. If you still doubt me then allow me to give a glimpse of the reality that “not all that glitters is gold,” and in some cases, it may not even be close. The following are the top 10 controversies that involved top celebrities in the political and entertainment worlds. Get ready to learn the malice behind the scenes.

10. Johnny Depp

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

Now, this celebrity is just full of drama. In fact, should you feel bored just follow his story, you find yourself a shading tears of laughter. However, if you are a fan be keen on what you poke your nose into because you may end up crying. Imagine being associated with films that flop not once but film after film to the extent that one is tempted to advise him to consider another career other than acting.
And then there is the bankruptcy story. Just how do you live a life of a multi-billionaire when your bank account reads double zero?

Our friend here could not even pay his staff. If you think that was the end of the drama, then you are wrong. What followed was a mother of all scandals with his accusing him of violence in the marriage. I mean what kind of a man beats up his wife? This was a disgrace to manhood and disrespect to all the women on earth. The couple then finally ends up in a divorce with the ex-wife making away with seven million dollars which she then gives to charity; It’s not like she needed it anyway. However, it seems that the controversy sold him as he gained from what I can only refer to as sympathy support.

9. Brangelina split

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

It is very obvious the whole planet was not just surprise but also shocked at the same when the news about Jolie and Pitt separation and finally divorce come out but what made the issue attract more attention is the controversies that came with it. Even though a case on “family’s health” the issue come with lots of backdrops with its. In particular, there was the drama involving Maddox, the adopted son of Brat Pitt. The issue was so big that FBI had to intervene. Don’t you think that it a little wired for a body such as FBI to get involved into individual’s private life? What a scandal! If it were not for the FBI intervention that cleared the air by declaring Pitt not guilty of illicit involvement in the adoption story I think we would have had an explosion. His film career would have gone down the drain.

8. Ryan Lochte

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

If you thought that controversy is limited to actors and actress, then you are nowhere close to reality. Even athletes are caught up in some wired situations at times. The case of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was an interesting one. He actually joined the list of those who were robed during an international sports event in Rio de Janiero. However, this was just but a blessing to his public profile as he actually benefited from mass sympathy from fans. The story latter took a more interesting turn when the local Brazilian police at a police station in Reo de Janeiro accused him of filling a false statement on the robbery case. This left the public wondering. Could he have cooked up the robbery story?

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To the disappointment of many, the swimmer did the most unexpected. He actually admitted that he has added a little spice to the story in order to make the hosts and organizes look as if they did not take the safety of the participants into account in their planning. Some may have forgiven him for that, but for the rest of the public, I can’t just tell. The last time the swimmer was in the headlines he was expecting his firstborn with Kayla, his fiancée.

7. Donald Trump and Billy Bush’s Locker Room talk

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

Have you ever heard of the African saying “even walls have years?” If you have heard of it then you are among the lucky people who would bother to check if the walls are listening before you say something nasty. Too bad for Billy Bush and none other than the President of the United States of America, His Excellency, Commander in chief Donald Trump. The two were actually talking about ladies. Oh, my! One day ladies will destroy this planet. Can you imagine President Trump explaining what he can do to ladies given his money and stardom ? And imagine the story did not miss its slices of vulgar language.

This should not surprise you after all he is used to be in the headlines for all the bad reasons you can imagine. As for Billy Bush, making a comeback has been a problem as the listeners still have the controversy in their minds as fresh as if it just happened.

6. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West vs Taylor Swift

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

Something should not lie to you that its only the government and its secrete nonsense that can record your calls because it turns out that even our friends can excellently do that. Should you suspect that your calls are being recorded, don’t rush into conclusion and start blaming the NIS, just investigate your friend first and make sure it’s not them. Kanye West composed a nice song with a very interesting line that pointed out that he had indeed been intimate, and I repeat, he had been intimate with Taylor Swift. He did not see anything wrong with the song if anything to him that line had made Taylor very popular as compared to how she was before.

Our lady’s friends did not find this funny enough to laugh and in fact they accused Kanye West for not consulting with Taylor before releasing the song. The controversy took another turn when Kardashian come to the rescue of Kanye by producing snap chart videos in which the lady actually said “ok”. It did not take long for the story to disappear as Kanye and Kardashian also had their personal differences to deal with.

5. Nate Parker and ‘Birth of a Nation”

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

I want to tell the whole world that if you think that what you do today can not die and resurrect in the future then think again. And also if you think that your personal life cannot affect your career again you need to rethink. Your past may come back haunting you at the least expected time. Nate Parkers’ project of all time which would be considered one of his favorite from the passion he gave it had already won imaginary awards even before it was released. However before it could be released, it was uncovered the Parker and

Celestine had a rape case dating way back to 1999 when the two were roommates and students at Penn State University. It was further revealed that the accuser had taken her own life in the year 2012. The controversy overshadowed the Birth of the Nation that even after Nate was acquitted it could not deliver as was expected before the rape story. It would be injustice if I fail to mention that Celestine was found guilty.

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4. Endangered White Males at the Oscars

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

Talking about endangered species and its nothing to do with the African girl child, in fact, the African girl child is better off compared to what the colored actors went through as Oscars awards unfolded. It would be an understatement to say that Diversity is a big problem in Hollywood. I am tempted to say that they actually know nothing about diversity. As strange and wired as it may sound, the awards were characterized by what I prefer to call black domination. I mean none of the colored actors appeared anywhere. Not even one.

That is to say; all the major categories were won by non-colored actors also referred to as the black actors. Could there be a black revolution at Hollywood? I don’t know. The jokes made by Chris Rock on this wired situation may have cracked ribs but one thing for sure is that there is a lot to be done here when it comes to diversification. That’s what I think and I hope I did not step on any black feet.

3. Whitewashing Controversy

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

This controversy reminds me of the numerous stories I have heard and read on the backs struggle to free themselves from slave trade and later to get equal treatment in the society with their colored counterparts. The issue was about roles that were previously played by black actors and now the black actors had been replaced by white actors. Among these cases is the role of Dr. Strange which was initially played by a very colored man in the Marvel comics. This was expected to bring more issues than just raising concerns. However, the controversy was well digested and forgotten as people continued to enjoy the films. The white actors like Matt Damon enjoyed a fair acceptance in “The Great Wall” even though the original actor had exact opposite skin color as his.

2. Roger Ailes

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

My advice to people with public reputation is simple,”keep away from Trump”. I mean I have not heard any good news from this dude. He is trouble oriented so unless you want to put yourself in trouble, then ignore my advice. The Fox News top executive found himself in sexual harassment scandals after being accused by one of their own anchors during Mr. Trump’s campaign. The anchor named Gretchen Carlson successfully filed a case against Ailes and when the heat become too much to handle, Mr. Roger had to step away from his seat , a move that even Donald Trump himself referred to as tragic and very sad.

1. Trump vs Hollywood

Biggest Celebrity Scandals and Controversies

And it is Trump again. Now this is extremely serious, when you see Trump coming without invitation kindly run and don’t even make a mistake of looking back. If there is need for you to look back the make sure that you are four hundred meters away from him. At least you can be sure about your safety from that distance. This dude managed to launch a big war against the media, which is actually a very important pillar in the United State and guess what, he won the battle. Even though it looks like all the media colluded against Mr. Trump, his words offered a very powerful tool that enabled him to trash the whole media industry single-handedly.

In one of his verbal attacks, he used a phrase that described a female human with blood flowing from unidentified part of her body. This phrase was used by the controversial Trump to refer to Fox News’ Kelly. It is due to such attacks that saw the media and even Hollywood give their support to Hillary Clinton. The support included publicity and even funds.


Controversies and scandals are part and parcel of life, in fact, I am tempted to say that they keep the world moving. I can’t just imagine the world where everything is just perfect, and people only do the right things and were the headline news is always positive. That kind of a world would be very boring to leave in. I would prefer to live in the moon than live in such a world.


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