The Best Wireless Headphones of 2020 Reviews

Many times you have heard mostly negative comments about wireless headphones. You have heard of bad battery life and low-quality sound probably from past users who never bought the quality pair, or from people who have never had one. Therefore, you do not need to rely on fake reviews from fake users but get the real information here. The best wireless headphones reviews enlighten you of the reality that you can utilize in acquiring the best pair.

The innovation of the wireless headphones is based on the nuisance caused by the corded headphones. How many wired headphones would you find hanged somewhere on the wall, operational but abandoned simply because the cord has problems? It is time to do away with the corded headphones and adopt the most convenient wireless headphones for your entertainment.

However, the main question is how can you tell that the pair that impresses you is of good quality? How can you select out the best? This article is the real answer to those questions.

Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Wired vs. Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones

Best Wireless HeadphonesWith wired headphones, you can connect and listen to your favorite music from your phone, MP3 player, and any other streaming devices. The main convenience associated with the wired headphones is the fact that they do not use batteries. The main reason why gamers prefer the wired headphone is because they won’t get worried about drained batteries. However, it is advisable to go for the highly reflective cords that add the visibility to prevent tangles.

Wireless headphones

Best Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are the best when it comes to sports and outdoor activities. This is because the user does not need to connect the headphones to the media using cables. Instead, the wireless technology applies, and one can connect the headphone to the music player seamlessly and conveniently with devoid to tangles.

The main digital technology that is used with the wireless headphones is the Bluetooth technology. The technology decodes the audio digitally and transmits the encoded sound wirelessly over some short distances. The popularity of Bluetooth is as a result of its reliability and accessibility. Besides, most of the current electronics such as audio players, phones, and laptops have inbuilt Bluetooth functionality. However, other types of wireless technologies also exist, but Bluetooth is the best.

True wireless

Best Wireless HeadphonesMost wireless headphones do have some sort of wires still attached. For example, the earbud models that have the individual earbuds interconnected with a wire. However, with the true wireless, there is no any wired connection as each pair is separate. With these models, the headphones are totally wireless and have no room for tangle whatsoever. With such true wireless models, you have a choice of two; one that wraps around your ear or one that fits inside your ear canal.


Best Wireless Headphones

Headphones are known to have headbands that rest on the head traditionally. However, there exist other models that have a neck band. This means that the headphone band rests on the back neck. According to most users reviews, it is a fact that the neck sitting models are more comfortable compared to the headband ones. Besides, the neck sitting models will never interfere with your hairstyle.

Headphone Types

Headphones exist in various type even though most people are only sure with the wired versus the wireless. However, it is better to understand that there other types that you might not be well aware of. These categories are based on functionality as well as the size and the intent of use.

In-ear monitors (IEMs)

Best Wireless HeadphonesIn-ear monitors (or IEMs) headphones are those that are meant to fit snugly inside the ear canal. This is the category where the majority of sports earphones are. To fit securely, various models are fitted with either rubber tips or foam in various sizes. Even though the tips are removable and prone to misplacing, they can be bought separately.

Similarly, there exist professional-grade models of the same that are molded precisely to fit one’s ear canal. The high-end models, therefore, deliver a great quality sound that competes for the larger headphones.


Best Wireless HeadphonesThe Earbuds type features the small drivers in the form of earphones that rests along the ridge of the outer ear. Compared to other headphones, this model delivers a lower quality sound and less isolation. Earbuds are always issued as a free package on purchase of media devices such as mp3 players or mobile phones.

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Best Wireless HeadphonesOver-ear is a common model and is also known as around the ear. They are a known to be the best model for quality sound since they isolate the user from the surrounding noise. They have cushioned ear cups that fit all round and enclose the ear. Give that they isolate the user from the outside sound, they are considered passive noise reduction models.


Best Wireless HeadphonesThere is no big difference between on-ear and over-ear models apart from the design. With the on-ear models, the cushions rests on the outer ear as opposed to the cushion for the Over-ear that encloses the whole ear. However, the on-ear models are also known for the best sound quality though with a reduced bass response. It also doesn’t isolate the user from the outside noise but rather exposes whatever you are listening even to the people surrounding you.

Choosing the Right Headphones Based on the Intended Use

Headphones for sports and fitness

If you intend to use your headphones will conducting sporting activities, you need a lightweight on-ear or in-ear designs with perfect ear clips. Having a perfect clip and back neck band ensures that you stay put when you are active. Therefore, for sports and fitness, you need a combination of comfort and fit as the main preferences.

Best Wireless HeadphonesSimilarly, there exist sports headphones that are water-resistant. These are the best models for outdoor sporting activities especially those that leads to sweating. Some are also fitted with in-line microphones that enable one to answer a call too. Furthermore, most sophisticated models have the biometric capability. This means that they are able to monitor one’s heartbeat rate while doing exercise.

Headphones for home entertainment

For a seriously great music listening, you have no reason to look further than over-ear headphones. This is the perfect for a combination of high frequency and robust bass that offers the best-unparalleled sound quality. Besides, there exist other models that incorporate the surround-sound system to offer the best quality sound.

With the perfectly designed earcups, such headphones would physically remove you from the outside surrounding and give you a fascinating entertainment environment.

However, in case you need the best home entertainment experience and yet perceive the over-ear models to be bulky, there is still a remedy. There are some high-end on-ear models that match the over-ear models. Such high-end on-ear models would similarly give you the best entertainment experience.

Headphones For work

Best Wireless HeadphonesNothing beats the over-ear in the best quality headphones for work. This model distances the user from the boring clamor of the workplace. Furthermore, getting the ones with the noise cancellation features is even better. All the same, in case you cannot afford to buy or get access to the over-ear, you can equally go for the high-end in-ear for a perfect match up. What more? You need the back neck banded headphones to protect your hairstyle.

Headphones for travel

Best Wireless HeadphonesWhen traveling, you need nothing less than a lightweight headphone that adds no weight to you. With traveling, the lighter, the better. Furthermore, the foldable and portable designs are exceptionally the perfect choice. It is also perfect to opt for the wireless models for your safety while traveling. To add to that, you should look for a noise-cancelling make in case you intend to travel by bus or on a plane just to avoid external distractions.

Headphone for DJs/live sound

Best Wireless HeadphonesThe DJ or Live Sound Headphones must be the heavy-duty types. They are mostly over-ear cans with padded and thick ear cushions. Similarly, they are designed to accurately reproduce sound amidst the high volume of the surrounding live sound. Again, they basically emphasize mostly on the bass compared to any other model. Also, given the nature of the surrounding noise, this model has the perfect design that fits the ear alongside microphone for live broadcast. They are also rotatable, a design that permits single-ear listening as loved by many DJs.

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Headphones for gaming

Best Wireless HeadphonesThe best gaming experience calls for an immersive sound quality with deep bass. In regards to this, the over-ear headphones are the perfect choice for serious gamers. Surround sound capability is another feature to look for when installing a headphone for gaming.

The Best of Headphones in 2020

5. Beats X

The Beats X is a super model by a great manufacturer who understands the need for the people. This model beats out the bass-heavy workout earbuds that are ever becoming wildly expensive. It is a perfect choice given that it only charges for five minutes to deliver the best service. Even though it has poor noise isolation, it is a no-fuss model that can scale up your listening experience.

Best Wireless Headphones


  • Charges quickly
  • Has balanced sound signature


  • Relatively expensive

4. Jaybird X2

  • Call it the sporty wireless headphone for the casual listener

Jaybird X2 might not display all the best features of wireless headphones, but still is a product worth recognizing. With its fantastic sound performance or trifecta alongside the powerful battery life, this model is a talk in town for real. It is one of the best designs for sporting activities especially the gym owing to its extra features and ease of use.

Best Wireless Headphones


  • Amazing value
  • Good¬† battery life


  • Slightly costly

3. Master & Dynamic MW50

  • The proven luxurious and sounding headphones for the discerning listeners.

What makes Master & Dynamic MW50 great headphones for any serious listener is far past the physical look. Yes, this model looks good, but more than that, it also has a great sound. It has a rather warm but well-balanced sound quality that implies the value for your money. Besides, listening to music using this model is a smooth experiencing since it has just a slight mid-bass hump that makes it possible to subject the vocals forward. This is the refined bass subtle that you need for the full experience.

It also offers portability and comfort from the ear cups fold flats. These features together with the portability makes this headphone the perfect wireless headphone for office, travel, or home.

Best Wireless Headphones


  • Built with quality and materials
  • Great Sounds with all music
  • Very comfortable


  • Average battery life
  • Poor Noise isolation

2. Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless

The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless headphones are among the best known wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. It is the best choice especially for those who love a the bass-heavy music genre. It plays such music like hip hop and EDM perfectly with its surround robust sound.

Apart from its perfect sound, this model also has a superb physical build up that gives it an excellent construction. It has a very pleasing appearance especially the fact that the magnetic earcups hide the cable port. We cannot fail to mention the comfort associated with its use even though they are bulky. Therefore, with this model, you are assured of the best concerning performance and build up design even though it has minimal noise-cancellation.

Best Wireless Headphones


  • Great build quality
  • Great chunky sound
  • Good battery life


  • Lack of mid presence

The Best

1. Bose QuietComfort 35

  • The best leading noise-cancellation premium headphone in the industry.

Bose QC35 is the leader in the current wireless headphones market and comes at position one. Among its best features that have made it appear in the first position is its super noise-cancelling technology. Besides, it has a perfect, great sound not to mention the extra superb battery life.

Do you always go on long flights and you want to enjoy your music all the journey long? If yes, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 is your perfect dream headphone. You can never get anything better than this with such a firm premium end of the spectrum.

Best Wireless Headphones


  • Broad and clear soundstage
  • Perfect noise cancellation

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