Top 10 Best USB Microscopes in 2020

USB microscopes are useful for home use or for commercial purposes to enable a person to examine a specimen through a monitor. The microscopes have made research easier and faster. Through USB microscopes, specimen images can be saved in the form of pictures or even printed for later use. There are various USB microscopes. However, the best USB Microscopes in 2020 include the following:

10. AmScope 40X-2500X LED Lab Binocular Compound Microscope

It has various magnification settings from 40X up to 2500X. Its digital camera has advanced processing, editing and measuring software. The microscope’s bulb has LED illumination with a dimmer. It has 5MP USB camera useful in medical, education and laboratories for biological, bacterial and pharmaceutical researches.

Best USB Microscopes


– The magnification focuses up to 2500X

9. Celestron CB2000C Compound Binocular Microscope

It has ten prepared slides, 360o rotatable binocular head and objective lenses from 4X up to100X. It comes with three color filters, immersion oil and transparent and black and white stage plates. Its iris diaphragm and abbe condenser enable one to concentrate light on the specimen during tests.

Celestron CB2000C Compound Binocular Microscope


– The magnification focuses up to 2000X

8. Firefly DE300 Polarizing Handheld USB Digital Microscope

Its sensor resolution is 2.0MP while the magnification ranges from 15X up to 50X. Its software is scalable, can rotate, freeze and flip. It can polarize 12 settings in 30-degree increments. It has eight ultra LED lighting with adjustable brightness and a 2.0 USB interface.

Best USB Microscopes in 2016


– It has 8 LED lights that can be adjusted

7. Nikon 7314 20X Field Microscope Mini

The microscope has water resistant protectors that guard it when it is damp and rainy environments. It has 20X magnification combined with a protective lens cover. The eyepieces are comfortable for a longer eye viewing while a convertible plate cover is used for various subjects’ observations. They can rotate up to 180o and has a suitable tripod socket. It has wider interpupillary distance range of 51-72mm. it is inclusive of a neck strap and a case.

Nikon 7314 20X Field Microscope Mini


– The head of the microscope can revolve 180o and has a convertible plate for observing specimen.

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6. OMAX 40X-2000X Built-In 3.0 MP Digital Camera LED Binocular Microscope

Its magnification power starts from 40X up to 2000X, and the head can rotate 360o. The microscope has a frame rate of 4 frames within a second and ten frames per second depending on the resolution margins. The software can be used in Mac OS and all windows versions. The focus has a fine knob on two sides can be locked for transportation and observation. The stage used for the microscope tests is stain resistant and there is a condenser and diaphragm. It contains a built in camera that has 3.0 MP.

OMAX 40X-2000X Built-In 3.0 MP Digital Camera LED Binocular Microscope


– The microscope offers a high magnification of 2000X.

– It can be used in all operating systems

5. BigC Dino-Lite AM413ZT Portable Digital Microscope

The magnification of the microscope is 10X to 230X. It has 1.3MP and uses a resolution of 1280×1024. It is built in a polarizing kit and can be switched on/off. It is a light microscope of 5.6 ounces.

BigC Dino-Lite AM413ZT Portable Digital Microscope


– The camera of the microscope is only 1.3 MP

4. OMAX 40X-2500X Full Size Lab Digital Trinocular Compound

The microscope has 40X up to 2500X, and its eyepieces have a widefield of WF25X and WF10X and the objectives are DIN 4X, 10X up to 100X. Its diopter and can be adapted on the eyepiece tubes. Focus is both fine and coarse, and the focusing knob can be placed for transportation and observation. Its software can be used in Mac OS, Linux, and all windows operating systems. The microscope works on 100V-240V as the power supply range and it has a 0.5X lens that enlarges the area of view. The photo tube can be adjusted on 15mm range. It has the ability to capture specimen pictures, measure their length and record live video.

OMAX 40X-2500X Full Size Lab Digital Trinocular Compound


– The magnification reaches 2500X

– It has a replaceable LED light

3. 3.5X-225X Simul-Focal 144-LED Articulating Zoom Stereo Microscope

It is flexible in the articulation of pillar arm. The digital camera has 5MP and advanced measuring and editing software that is compatible with Windows XP/ 7/8/10 and Vista. The LED ring light in the microscope is powerful and has a built-in dimmer. 3.5X-225X that magnifies specimen and produces crisp stereo pictures. It also has a simul-focal optical system that is easily viewed on a video screen and they are well-focused using the eyepieces.

3.5X-225X Simul-Focal 144-LED Articulating Zoom Stereo Microscope


– The camera is only 5MP

–  Its zooming ability is only up to 225X and cannot be used for extensive research

2. Dino-Lite USB Hanheld Digital Microscope

The microscope offers snapshot ability without any disturbance of the image. It has caps that can be swapped for different applications and a polarizer which minimizes shining on surfaces that reflect. It is active in Windows XP, 7,8,10, vista, mac operating systems and others. It has a frame rate of 30 FPS, and its lighting is while LED. It also has a magnification of 10X up to 220X and the resolution is 1.3MP. The software used in the microscope functionality has stitching, annotating, saving, analysis and comparison of the images captured during specimen testing. It is packed with a Dino Capture software CD, USB Digital Microscope, a set of alternate front caps and calibration target for measuring calibrations.

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Dino-Lite USB Hanheld Digital Microscope


-Functional on all operating systems


– Lighting cannot be adjusted

1.Supereyes B008 500X USB Digital 5.0 MP Portable Pen Mini HD Manual Focus Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera Loupe Otoscope

The microscope is 40X up to 500X. It is operated using AA battery and has a 6 hole disk diaphragm. It also has glass optics and a 50 piece accessory kit. Moreover, this usb microscope is powered by 2.0 USB with Real 5.0M pixel CMOS sensor that is adjustable LED light.

Supereyes B008 500X USB Digital 5.0 MP Portable Pen Mini HD


– It is battery-enabled

The USB microscopes have evolved over time and due to technological advances, more inventions are coming up. The best USB microscopes in 2020 are reviewed above indicating the advances and differences of various microscopes in the market. The latest USB microscopes have very high magnification power and can be integrated with computers with various operating systems. Researchers, medical practitioners, and laboratory assistants need to find the best USB microscopes that serve their functions.

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