Top 10 Best Super Cars 2020 Reviews

Over the year, the view that people give super cars has gone through a transformation. Even though the metal content of the cars in now less sensational, we have to admit that the technology world has gifted us with more powerful and more advanced engines.  For one to appreciate the transformation, you should go back two decades and make your own comparison. Allow me to bring you the world’s top ten best super cars this year. These are classes of machines that indeed deserve being celebrated. I just don’t mean the high end vehicles but you have to remember that nothing good comes easy. It is about customer satisfaction. The manufactures of the fast cars have come up with new designs and engines that can not only stand the intense heat of the competition but also meet the dynamic market wants.

10. Vencer Sarthe

Best Super Cars 2020

The Vencer Sarthe is one make of a car that requires more investigations. It is one of the latest products of the cottage industry supercars. Besides, it also makes use of the Chevrolet’s V8 engine to supply the power. It turns out that there is plenty of power for the supercar putting it is a class of its own. The American specialist Hennessey has done some work in tuning the performance of the car to come up with what we have now. The Sarthe has a 6.3 litter super changeable pump that produces an approximate of 622hp. With this kind of capacity it is not doubtable that the car’s performance is at par with the current leading trends.

When it comes to drivability of the car, you find the steering wheel unexpectedly sophisticated. The traction is very strong but the body control might be too soft to match the standard manageable handling limit. Form the look of things; the car gives you most of the qualities that you can ever want to see in a supercar. However, I have to insist that the car is still open for further investigations. You might just discover something that we did not see. Until then, we have to applaud Holland’s newest and least known supercar maker for this marvelous job.

9. Spyker C8 Aileron

Best Super Cars 2020

Status quo is only enjoyed by a few. For the majority, there is always need to change the status quo. I have a strong feeling that the manufactures of the Spyker C8 Aileron are a group of people who would not waste the slightest chance to change the quo. It is not the initial time that the group is making headlines. In the last decade, they dabbled on Formula One grid. That is not the only thing they did, and they also possess Swedish car –maker Saab. From the look of things, it was impossible to do news on cars without mentioning this group. They made more news headlines when they become bankrupt. Even though, their invention the Spyker has remained relevant in the league of supercars.

It is just impossible to mention high performance cars without mentioning the Spyker. With a reasonably sounding 395bhp, I would say that the vehicle is not desperately fast. However, we cannot ignore the charm and feel on the steers and handles. That is not all. What else would you expect from a v8 engine? I will leave that for your imagination. The selling point is not even in the engine, the exotic look that the cabin finishing gives it puts the cat in an entirely new level.  I think the car was made for those of us who would like to be different. It is a unique selection among the million pound supercars and is confident that you will love it.

8. Tushek Renovatio T500

Best Super Cars 2020

Most people do not know about the existence of the Tushek, but that does not mean that it does not exist. It exists in a big way. One may not buy the car as a symbol of wealth and status, but when it comes to performance, the Tushek remains among the best.  If you want to a have an unforgettable experience on the truck then this is the car that you need. The fact that the vehicle does not work as a symbol of wealth does not bother the owner. Aljosa Tusek would instead satisfy the regular performance driver than pleasing the high and mighty.

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This magnificent car weighs less than 110 kg and has a space-frame that is carbon-ceramic breaks. If you long for a carbon-fiber bodied vehicle, then you should take a look at Tushek. Categorizing Tushek under cars that have more power than they will be unfair to the supercar. With a power supply from 444bhp Audi 42 v8, the car manages to maneuver with adequate control. Some say that the Tushek has some similar characteristics with Lotus, but I think they are not just taking a closer look.

7. Gumpert Apollo

Best Super Cars 2020

The name of the manufacturer may sound like some supplier of wellington boots or even construction materials. However, at the first site, such kind of expectations are automatically swept away. The Gumpert Apollo first hit the market in the year 2005. Anybody who has had a chance to be on the steering wheel testifies that the grip and the space of the car are just fantastic. The vehicle arrived into the market in two versions, a racing vision and a luxury version. To me, this was a smart idea. I mean that was a marvelous way of satisfying all your customers.

At the time of the driving test, the gearbox was positioned at its weak point, making operation tricky and even more challenging. However, we noted that the accelerating speed was magnificent and unquestionable. It was hard to believe that 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds was even possible. That is not all; the maximum rate was at 224mph. I have to agree that it is unbelievable. When the Gumpert is on track, very few supercars feel comfortable.

6. Noble M600

Best Super Cars 2020

Noble M600 is a product from the same man who brought to us M12 sports car in the late 1990s. Some may argue that the manufacturer is Midlands’ based firm that has no connections with an M12 sports car. However, the facts behind the hand-built supercar are clear of any contradictions. The supercar is manufactured to suit specialized exams that Lee Noble might agree. The simplicity that comes with the lightness of the car is just one of the few properties that the supercar that would really excite the man.

In addition to the weight and simplicity, the car is also manually controlled from the rare wheels without any existence of the anti-lock brakes.  For those of us who love their performance cars raw, electronic drive aids are the last things that you should ever think about.  It the world of this class of supercars, such aids does not even exist. Get involved and enjoy the excitement that come with the direct and big on space car. The supercar has come a long way. Initially, 650bhp Yamaha turbo v8 had the capacity to place the car well off clear of the regular mid-engine exotic on power.

Currently, the car has remained consistent in producing massive swell in terms of acceleration for M600. You might have to feel for you to believe. This is a rare kind of supercar. Very few cars of its kind can match it on the truck. Like I mentioned before, some of the features of the car are only believable after you have a taste of the real machine. The ergonomic cabin finishing is the least of the super properties. However, it is the cabin that everybody first notices. It may be the point from which most people start to check a car. I may be right or not.

5. Lamborghini Aventador

Best Super Cars 2020

Finally, at position five is the famous Lamborghini Aventador. If you have never heard of this supercar, then I have all the reason to doubt if you have been in this planet. The car model enjoys worldwide popularity. A five minutes drive in the twelve cylinders, the mid-engine series supercar is not something that you can forget even after a century. Unless you have memory loss problems, forgetting the experience is the last thing we expect.

The Lamborghini has a staring look that even the competition admires. It is a perfect embodiment of revolution as it holds its own aggression even in comparison with its own ancestors. The 700 atmospheric horsepower accompanied with Machiavellian four wheels four-wheel drives surprised most people when it first made an entry into the market five years back. The update to S specifications in the year 2017 saw the car include four-wheel steering and even more boldness.  Magnificent is the word that can properly describe the engine. It feels huge on the road and is a sledgehammer on the truck.

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4. Lamborghini Huracán

Best Super Cars 2020

When the name Lamborghini is mentioned, even the most confident makers of the fastest and most efficient cars tremble. Very few makers of the most expensive hand built cars can really put up competition for Lamborghini. I am tempted to say that the car was meant to meet someone’s imagination. Some of the features are unbelievable even after you have the fast hand experience. Super speed accompanied with combustive drama and traffic-stopping looks.

Furthermore, the style and the sensation that it gives you while on the wheels is something that you can never experience with any other car. The engines will even excite you more. I assure you that you will be speechless the first time you get out of the Lamborghini.

3. Ford GT

Best Super Cars 2020

We hear a lot of stories about Ford GT. It is even not easy to know which of the stories myths are and which ones are facts. For those who seek for points and not just mare stories, you understand the reasons as to why the supercar has stayed longer in this class. When the vehicle back to life in the year 2005, the Ford legend cleverly brought us a road-going version of Blue Oval’s FIA WEC endurance race. If you are used to the right hand driven vehicle, allow me to welcome you into the world of the left-handed.

The Ford GT is only left-handed and meets the unique qualifications that should pose to qualify as a supercar. The body is steady, and the ride is unbelievably smooth. As much as it has no similarity with Italian V12 in hurling, the 647bhp V6 still hurls on the road with undisputed motorsport venom. Believe it or not, these are the kind of cars that you don’t come across more often.

2. Ferrari 488 GTB

Best Super Cars 2020

While some of the supercars in mentioned in our collection may not suit the standards of wealth and power, the Ferrari is the exact opposite. For those of us who know the some history about the Ferrari 488 GTB, you know that it took a completely different dimension of purposefulness and pace to outcast the previous perch in this class.  When it made an entrance into the market in the year 2015 everybody know that a giant had arrived.

The first thing that it did was to explore the class norms of performance. Despite all that, it still seemed not to make a lot of sacrifice on sonny V8 charisma or even handling delicacy. The road tests saw quick suspensions. On the circuit you can expect nothing less than sensational experience.

1. McLaren 720S

Best Super Cars 2020I know that this may not be what some of you expected at the top position but if you go into details, you will definitely agree with the panel that voted McLaren 720s the best.  The car has two predecessors, both of which fell short of the supercar class cart. The effective ways of demonstrating a car’s performance are through faster acceleration, quick lapping and hard stopping.

These are the factors that are mostly considered when looking into the efficiency of a car. In most cases, road testers become of great importance in helping with benchmarking. Those are qualities that are all well packaged in our number one supercar. Most of our test drivers long to have just a five minutes drive in the supercar. The experience is way beyond anyone’s imagination.


All the car models that I have mentioned above have some excellent characteristics that put them on a different level. It is a not just about the speed but also the efficiency and effectiveness. Each of the mentioned cars is a champion on the road, and some of them are not easy to come across. I look forward to the development of more supercars. I can’t wait to see what the manufacturers are going to come up with next. Let me leave that to the imagination world. However, I won’t get surprised if one of the manufactures makes my imaginations turn into reality.

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