Top 10 Best Female Basketball Players in 2020

Basketball with no doubt is one of the best sports that people enjoy today. The sport enjoys massive support from people in all the continents of the world. It would not surprise one to find people playing the game on the streets in some of the nations of the world. The top ten lists of the best sports include this competition among the best sports that are played in the world today. However, it is not enough just to appreciate the game. We have to go a notch higher and recognize the people who make the play one of the most admired in the world today. This article focuses on the female basketball players. The following is the list of the top ten best female basketball players this year.

10. Lindsay Whalen

Best Female Basketball Players


This lady is not just a basketball player. She is a member of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She is also a member of AGU Sport of the Eurobasket. This American athlete was born in the year 1982. When she started her career, she did not know that she would be one of the best female athletes in the whole world. I can only imagine that how far the journey looked but with persistence and the hard work, she has made it to the top of the list. Very many athletes today look forward to her for inspiration. The athlete was chosen for the first time in the year two thousand and four in the first round of WNBA Draft.

Additionally, she managed to hold the position until two thousand and five when her partner Janel McCarville was chosen in the first place. It is no doubt that the player was the most notes worthy ever drafted WNBA player that ever come from Big Ten Conference. Her skills are admired by many female basketball players from all over the world. A friend of mine once said that if the sports lady were to start a religion today, she would lead one of the largest religions in the world. I would advise any lady who wants to succeed in the game of basketball to take not just one tip from her but as much as they can.

9. Lisa Leslie

Best Female Basketball Players


Winning an award is one thing but winning an award after another is another thing altogether. If you have been following Olympic Games over the years, then you must have hared of this lady. She managed to carry home the four Olympic gold awards and to look at all the awards that she has won; I would say that winning an Olympic gold medal should not be an issue. It should be expected of her to win the Olympic Games.

Moreover, her prowess in carrying titles home has further boosted when she managed to win WNBA titles in three consecutive years. In the year two thousand and one, 2004 and 2006 she was declared the MVP. She also has a lot of young female athletes who look up to her. It is the dream of many to be like her. Other than that, she enjoys excellent support from all parts of the world, and I don’t find that strange. I mean who would not like to be associated with the best female basketball player of all time.

8. Elena Delle Donne

Best Female Basketball Players


Elena is a perfect embodiment of a lady who knows what she wants and keeps her eyes on the price. Those who knew her when she was still not a celebrity can testify that she designed her path to the top. This included consistency and commitment to the highest level. The most exciting part is that her story is not only used to encourage sports ladies and sportsmen but also use in other fields to promote people always to remain focused on their targets. She started by playing for Blue Hens, and at that time she was still residing in her home state of Delaware and went to the University of Delaware.

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Despite her reputation, she remains very social and even offers commendation for mentors and groups. This is not limited to when she is perceived as the best player around. I can only say that she has characteristics that are very rare to find in most players and if there is any young girl out there who would like to succeed in the sport of basketball, then this is one person she must follow.

7. Lauren Jackson

Best Female Basketball Players


Laurene Jackson is one player that cannot miss on this list. If she is not on this list, then it would be easy to conclude that this list is incomplete. The superstar has managed to win not only two WNBA titles but also three WNBA MVP honors. Many sports writer have referred to her as the most balanced post player of our time. The fact that she has a broad fan base does not bother her even a little bit, in fact, you would be tempted to think that she is not aware of the fans, but trust me when I say that she is well aware of the many people who adore her.

For the young ladies out there who would like to make it in this sport, you may have just got yourself a mentor. This fact holds given that Lauren already has great envy among upcoming basketball players. Moreover, apart from the best perfomance in the pitch, she has also garnered some worthy prizes in the same line.

6. Candace Parker

Best Female Basketball Players


This list is no doubt made of female stars in the sport of basketball. Therefore, it should not astonish anybody that the superstar, Candace Parker is in see this list. I can see her star because that is what she is if you are thinking otherwise, you can check out the current team of Los Angles Sparks. She is one of the players who has managed to stay active even during the off seasons. During the off-season, she finds time to play for UMMC Ekaterinburg, a Russian club that plays in the Euro league.

However, most sports writers never seem to fully understand this player and they find difficult to separate her recreational drinking and the sports. I mean the lady has never shown up in the court with signs that she has just taken some ‘drink.’ Her prowess on the court is admirable, and I would recommend her for any young girl who wishes to be like her in the future.

5. Cynthia Cooper

Best Female Basketball Players


This list is a collection of winners so if this athlete is on this list; you can be sure that she has won some titles. The athlete has made winning a habit, and her record is straight. She did not only manage to win two NCAA titles In Southern California but also got the first four WNBA titles of the Houston Comets. After her success with the Houston Comets, she decided to give back by monitoring young basketball players. She is a lady of rare qualities as far as basketball is concerned. It is not easy to hold on a title for four consecutive years, but in her case, it did not seem that difficult.

It is said that she was thirty-four years old in the year 1997 when WNBA appeared and she managed to lead the comets for four good consecutive years. During this time, she made sure that she remained at the top of group titles and also made it to MVP of each of the four finals. Her story is fascinating and one that any basketball enthusiast should follow.

4. Maya Moore

Best Female Basketball Players


This American Athlete joins the list of the top female basketball player, and that is because she is one of the best. It should not surprise you that most of the best female basketball players come from America and Australian regions. We must acknowledge that the mentioned regions are considered to be the home of the game. It is not strange to meet people playing basketball in the streets. That can tell you how much people adore the sport. In some parts of the regions, basketball is not just a sport but also a lifestyle. Maya is one of the ladies who has taken the game from just a hobby to an income generating activity.

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To her, basketball is a career that she has worked so hard to maintain and to climb up the ladder. She is mostly associated with Women’s National Basketball. As I said before, anybody who appears on this list must have won some titles, and in her case, she was the champion of the two thousand and six and two thousand and seven Naismith Prep Players of the years respectively. Some writers have referred to has as the athlete of the next generation. I can only attribute that to her persistence in keeping fit.

She has even opened an academy for lifetime fitness. Being a champion is one thing but giving back to the society depends on one’s personality. This winner is a good example to many people in the world today. Her story is a perfect example of giving back to the society.

3. Tamika Catchings

Best Female Basketball Players


At position three we have a name that some sportswriters prefer to refer to as sensitive. However, that is just but their opinion. She is a familiar name in the list of the top ten best female basketball players. If you want to get more knowledge about the athlete, then all you need to do is to dig into the history of the WNBA when it comes to rankings. She has never been left out of the top ten lists. At some point, she was ranked eighth, the fourth before making it to the first position. She later found herself at post eleven, but that just tells you how high the level of competition the game comes with.

A winner is always not guaranteed to remain a winner because there are still others straggling to replace the person at the top. However, she is always the primary 10 of each, of the five classes and she is always at the top of each type. The lady has got very many followers across the world as a result of the reputation that she has built in the WNBA. Very many ladies would like to be, like her one day and I can assure you that she has got a lot to share with the upcoming players. I can guarantee any young lady out there that would like to join the sport that Tamika is one of the best mentors that one can ever have.

2. Diana Taurasi

Best Female Basketball Players


Diana is another American female basketball player that cannot be left out of this list; I can confidently say that she is one other female star that would make this list incomplete if their name is not mentioned. The lady has managed to maintain her name in the list of the top fifteen best. And now she is second in this list. She has won many titles before the t start of each division. However, it must be noted that she has issues with sitting as she is extremely pumped. Many writers have focused more on her inability to relax instead of her ability to play hence giving a very wrong perception of this great player.

1. Carol Blazejowski

Best Female Basketball Players


At the peak of the top ten best female basketball players is a name that needs no introduction. She is one of the most talked topics today, and that did not come overnight. The athlete has come a long way to gain the prominence that she has today. She was the one, who set the Madison Square Garden Record when scored fifty-four focuses on 6th March 1978.


Basketball is among the most followed sports in the world today. I has witnessed over time a higher rate at which the fan base is increasing, I can only expect that it will be the most followed sport in the next ten years. Just like any other sport, there are those names that are associated with basketball. We, therefore, have to appreciate those who do the game what it is and the ladies must not be left behind.

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