Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

For the longest time, being bald has not been the thing. Essentially, many women would say it was an instant turn-off for them. Today, the story goes differently. Bald has become the” in thing”. Women are increasingly approving of bald men. Interestingly, most women today will tell you that a man’s baldness is an instant turn-on to them. In an even more interesting twist, there has been a paradigm shift in what used to be a stereotype against bald men. Today, it really works for and not against men. I don’t purport to speak on behalf of all women, but I dare say that today you are more likely to get hooked to a beautiful lady if you are a bald man. If you are a man who is not bald, maybe you do not like the sound of that but; sadly, it’s the state of affairs. A bald has a way of adding to a man’s power, intelligence and assertiveness so say the women. Of course, whether this is true or not could be debated both ways but as you ponder that, here are the world’s top ten most famous bald men. Maybe this is where women get it right.

10. Bruce Willis

The 62-year-old German-born American actor who has appeared in more than sixty films has had a long tenuous career at it. Since he broke into the limelight after starring in the movie “Die hard”, in 1988, the action hero moved on to cut a niche for himself in the movie world. This has seen him receive several accolades over the years and earning millions upon millions around the globe. It is estimated that films that featured the Hollywood legend grossed somewhere between 2.64 and 3.05 billion dollars. This positioned him at an enviable eighth-highest grossing actor in a lead role and twelfth highest including supporting roles in 2010. To top it all up he is bald and proud. Talk of rocking and rolling even in the sixties!

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

9. Patrick Stewart

Born in 1940, the English actor has had a career spanning slightly less than six decades with roles on stage, television and film. Kicking off his career in the mid-late 70’s with the Royal Shakespeare Company, he made a debut in BBC broadcast films such as “Hedda” and went on to be crowned best dramatic television actor of the 80’s in 1993. Famous for his unique, strong and authoritative voice, Stewart has lent his voice to numerous projects such as Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf which won a Grammy. According to the New York Times 27 January 2008 he is one of the few who has trampled over the widely acknowledged technique-destroying indignity of becoming a major American television star. Aging gracefully with a beautiful bald, isn’t he? Fans just love him.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

8. Samuel L Jackson

To say that the 67-year old African American actor and film producer is a legend would be a serious understatement but it sort of begins to describe him. He rose to stardom in the early 90’s starring in movies such as Jungle Fever and Patriot Games that saw him achieve prominence and critical acclaim. The film and television star knows nothing about taking time off. He has been in the game since 90’s and is still going after it with the expected live action film adaptation of Samurai coming up. Known for an incredible work ethic Jackson has featured in over 68 movies that have netted some 4.6 billion dollars worldwide making him the second-highest grossing actor of all time. With an estimated net worth of 170 billion dollars, the Hollywood icon is arguably not just one of the best in the game but one of the richest as well. He is black, bald and bold. Isn’t he?

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Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

7. Vin Diesel

The director actor-producer and screenwriter whose real name is Mark Sinclair is best known for his portrayal of Dominic Toretto in the series Fast and Furious and the Chronicles of Riddick. Starting off with a brief not so acclaimed appearance in The Awakening in 1990, the fifty-year-old action hero employed his smooth intelligence and incredible ability to rise to stardom – achieving much acclaim in the street racing film, Fast and Furious. With a recognizable deep voice, the celebrated actor is popular among women. He boasts of a multicultural heritage but loves to keep a low profile in matters personal life. Women agree he is sexy as hell and just can’t have enough of him.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

6. Michael Chicklis

Born into a Greek-American family in 1963, Michael hails from Lowell, Massachusetts. The 54-year old had such an early love for acting that he obtained his Actors Equity Card at only age 13. The University of Boston graduate’s first successful role was in the Commish-a police comedy/drama but is perhaps best known for his role as LAPD detective Vic Mackey in the Shield which earned him the envied Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series. If his recently released rock album Influence is anything to go by, Chiklis is a great influence in the entertainment industry. To crown it all, he has the bald many are dying for.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

5. Michael Jordan

If there is basketball in it you definitely know Michael Jordan is in it. Aged 54, the retired professional basketball player is still a phenomenal influence in the basketball business. With individual accolades ranging from five Most Valuable Player awards to several scoring titles and NBA Player of the Year Award in 98, Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time according to the NBA website. As one of the world’s most effectively marketed player of his generation Jordan was at the forefront of spreading the NBA influence around the globe. His style has had tremendous influence world over whether on court or off the court. Jordan is credited for popularizing the nineties “comb over” which saw most black American youths copy him and being the formidable force that black culture is, young people, world over soon felt comfortable sporting the look. Standing at 6’6”, the celebrated basketball star is an envy of most men as women literally fall over for his height.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

4. Jason Statham

The fifty-year-old former model could be sporting a quickly receding hairline but ids doing better than ever. Starring in the last entry of the Fast and The Furious, the English actor imprinted a lasting mark in the film industry. What is lost to many is the fact that Jason is also a competitive athlete- a member of Britain’s National Diving Squad for 12 years. No wonder he looks as fit as ever.
He has also made a few appearances in music videos. If you needed proof that one can be bald and still look good in the fifties, there you have it.

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Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

3. Ben Kingsley

Watching Ben Kingsley makes you agree age is just but a number. At 73, the English-born actor has had a career spanning more than forty years and is still going at it. He is best remembered for his role as Mohandas Gadhi in the film Gadhi that handed him an Academy award for the best actor in 1982. Sir Ben has never looked back since then moving on to prove he can play just about any role from the Nazi war criminals to quiet British bookshop owners. His contribution to the industry of film entertainment was recognized in 2013 when he received BAFTA award.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

2. John Travolta

The action icon is a combination of stylish, suave and sexy. With an enviable bald to add to it, he is among the most famous bald men in the game. Making his entrance into the scene in the 70’s after appearing on the television series Welcome back, the 63 year old has made a name for himself in the industry. The multi-talented American born actor is also a producer, singer and dancer. With this mix of abilities and strengths, John Joseph deserves to be in this spot by any means.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

1. Chris Daughtry

The mention of Christopher Adam daughtry evokes the wildest emotions among haters and fans alike. The musical star is not a match among his peers. By all means he is a musical god. He catapulted himself into the limelight by achieving the coveted fourth place contestant on the fifth season of the American Idol; the 38 year old has risen to become a force to reckon with in this business. The American singer, songwriter, musician and actor is widely celebrated as rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist for the rock band Daugthry which he formed after leaving the American Idol. Where Daughtry is involved it’s no mean feat. His debut album sold more than 1 million copies in just over five weeks.

Top Ten Bald Celebrities 2020 List

For the longest time men have been afraid to go bald. They almost feared to be known to be bald. In the wake of the current trend it’s about time men rose up and embraced that high hair line. Away with the old days when baldness was dreaded and in with new. Are you among those men who have desired to just go wild and do something different? Try going bald. It might as well just be the look you have always wanted. In any case you do not fall in love with it where is the harm? In a month or less you will have your hair back. I mean you need not spend hard earned money trying every hair transplant technology can buy in this day and age. Just go bald.

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