Top 10 Animal Intelligence Operatives 2020 Reviews

In the ancient time, battling nations competed for information especially pertaining to the operations of the enemy. Various methods of information collection were employed just to get ahead of the enemy. As time goes, human intelligence was obvious and new tactics had to come in place to ensure that information about the enemy is always available to advise the next step of action. This is where that animal Intelligence operatives come in; I mean who would imagine that the birds that fly above your compound could be spying on you?  even in this era, recruitment of animals to the intelligence teams still takes place. Here are the top ten animal intelligence operatives in existence today.

10. The Atomic Lizard

Animal Intelligence Operatives

In the second month of the year 2020, a leading military advisor of Iran gave out some of the most unexpected comments to the Western members of the fourth estate. This took place during an interview about the arrest of some environmentalists who were traveling across Iran. The military advisor denied such allegations but pointed out that Western visitors have in the past been used as spies with hidden agenda. In the recent past, the Uranian Government becomes curious about the activities of a group of individuals who claimed to be collecting funds to aid Palestine. When the group was confronted by the Uranian authorities over their suspicious activities, it was found that they had with them live reptiles. Not just one or two but a number of them comprising of desert chameleons and lizards.

One would wonder; how on earth were the reptiles relevant to fund collection to aid Palestine? It was later found that the reptiles were modified to attract atomic waves. From the look of things, the lizards were the campus that was to lead the spies to the secret uranium mines. The military advisor told the media that the reptiles were proof of the Western meddling in the Uranian nuclear program. As mind-blowing as it may sound, chameleons could tell the location of uranium mines and am still wondering what else could the reptiles do!

9. The Dolphin Who Knew Too Much

Animal Intelligence Operatives

For many years now, the USA Navy have perfected in the art of training dolphins to detect explosive mines planted under the sea. It is said that the dolphins are so good at their job that no technology can ever replace them.  This kind of creatures has brought confusion in the past. In was not clear whether Haman had captured an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine or an actual dolphin. It did astonish so many people when it was made clear that it was an actual dolphin that was captured.

However, it was not just a dolphin but one that was well equipped with information gathering devises that included cameras. Even though the Israelis have come across lots of challenges when it comes to International Cooperation, they are definitely ahead when it comes to intelligence gathering goals.

8. Central Intelligence Ravens

Animal Intelligence Operatives

The trainer of the Navy dolphins also made a name with the Ravens. He managed to train ravens to become professionals when it comes to dropping listening devices. The Ravens were trained to drop audio transmitters on the windowsills and deliver excellent results. The bird would flutter down to the window, deposit the listening device and disappear within a blink of an eye without any possibility of a trace. The CIA did not just do this alone but got aid from the IQZoo to make these troublemakers secrete agents.

The IQZoo had already become popular before working together with the CIA when they delivered bicycling birds. The unlikely partnership of the Zoo with the USA most secretive government organization took the animals to the next level. Now we can confidently say that even animal can confidently take part in nation building and protection.

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7. Mossad’s Shark Division

Animal Intelligence Operatives


When we think of sharks, we think of bloodthirsty sea mammals that one should never have any interactions with. Many people do not stop to imagine the results if those fearless sea mammals were under direct control of brilliant intelligent minds of human.  It might have surprised many when one of the Egyptian officials mentioned that the shack attack that took place along the Egyptian coast was not an accident but a well planned and executed event by the Mossad.  The even had a motive which was to put the damper on Egypt’s bustling summer tourist season.

Despite the bad image of the sea mammals painted in the Hollywood movies, it is extremely rare for the sharks to seek human pray and therefore it can only be concluded that the mammals were under human control. It is believed that the sharks use their brain to make decisions and it would not be logical for the deep sea mammals to come to the surface for unusual pray.  It is not in doubt that shark attack crime scene investigations are the least thing that Anti Defamation League could even attempt to label as Anti Semantic.

6. Squirrel Spies

Animal Intelligence Operatives

In the year 2007 summer season, not even a single tree in Iran was considered safe as the police made a crackdown on an elite group of Squirrel Spies. The operation was amazingly successful as the team managed to arrest not less than 14 members of the squirrel spy team. To the best of my knowledge, squirrels are some of the best sources of tasty meat but as it appears, they might be good at spying too. As a matter of fact, they were communicating state secrets. It remains unclear whether the security agents had some tiny handcuffs for the secret agents or not.

However, the story got confirmation when Iran’s chief law enforcement officials talked about it. he was happy that the secret agents were stopped before they could do any damage to the security of the nation. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if the squirrels completed their mission! The fate of the squirrels is uncertain to date and it is surprising that Iran has not demanded a ransom to release the prisoners.

5. Eagle Espionage

Animal Intelligence Operatives

The Eagle is known for clear vision and I can’t just imagine how far a man can go to make use of the strong wings of the eagle and the sharp vision. The contrast is that as I imagine what man can do, somebody already did it in Israel.  A trained Eagle flying low could have brought Lebanese national security to a standstill if it were not for a patriotic hunter that shot the bird on suspicion of being an Israeli spy. The bird was discovered while circulating suspiciously over the town of Ashqout.

When the bird was down, a tag reading Israeli University and a transmitting device was found attached to the bird. The hunter quickly handed over to the proper authorities for thorough investigations. As much as I admire the prowess that was employed on areal counterintelligence by the Mossad agents, I feel sorry for the bird that had to be sent to this ill-fated mission.

4. The Acoustic Kitty

Animal Intelligence Operatives

This was the worst form of animal cruelty that the world has ever witnessed. The idea of cutting a cat open to install listening devices in the cat was just mind-blowing.  It is no secreted that this practice was ill-advised and nobody should try it unless you happen to be part of CIA where projects like Acoustic kitty are just another working day. In the 1960s the CIA tried a project that entailed training a cat to do everything that you could want the cat to do for you. However, training a cat to do whatever it did not want to do prove to be a tall order.  The acoustic kitty was different from other cats indifferent in many ways.

Other than having consumed a lot of taxpayers’ money, the cat had an antenna running through the tail, battery packs under its fur and a microphone in its ear canal. The cat was worth 20 million dollars but unfortunately did not do much before it was hit by a taxi while it was scrounging for food on its first trip outside the lab. That was then, today it would extremely easy to bug a cat. You don’t have to cut it open. The next time you meet a strange cat, do not rush to conclusions as it might be a spy on a mission and may be acting on orders from the master.

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3. Scavenging For Intelligence

Animal Intelligence Operatives


The life of a vulture is one of the hardest in the animal kingdom. The birds are always hungry and forbidden. They fly over garbage and Waite for leftovers just to remain existing when the sun goes down and the moon goes up. I did not imagine that the vultures could also scavenge for Intel. One vulture proved that it can scavenge for Intel too in the Middle East. The bird was brought to Israel for little sharpening and orientation but then a mistake was made.

The bird veered into the enemy territory after release from Tel  Aviv University to enjoy the sky as a free bird. The spying transmitter was on the vulture’s tail and the Lebanese locals did not take long to down the obvious Israeli secret agent. When the Vulture refused to release intel to the Lebanese  Officials, it was released but you can be sure that the bird will not go back to Lebanon anytime soon.

2. Pigeon Photographers

Animal Intelligence Operatives

Photography is a noble profession and is admired by many. However, have you ever stopped to imagine that some of the photographs you come across might have been taken by pigeons? Other than just carrying messages, the pigeons have also been used to take pictures. As early as 20th century, the birds already performed a wide range of tasks and photography was not an exemption. The first person to try the camera trick was one amateur pigeon fanatic who made up his mind to strap his camera on his pigeon in order to learn its usual route. When the German military got hold of this potential, they decided to equip pigeons with cameras as part of the World War 1 espionage program.

Just like many other German ideas, the CIA could not resist the temptation of adopting this idea. As a matter of fact, the CIA included in the list of accepted practices after World War 2 and hundreds of thousands of classified pictures were taken on the flap of the wings.  I strongly advise that you don’t attempt this at home unless you are ready to lose your camera and even the flock.

1. A Dead Rat Tells No Tales

Animal Intelligence Operatives

Rats naturally have a negative image as they are mostly associated with diseases. However, the CIA made them trusted friends when it comes to communication of state secrets. The rats would not resist being painted with tobacco that aided in repelling predators. The CIA would then fill the rats with secretive information for their agents to find. It is not easy to detect that a rodent would be the CIA’s way of avoiding detection. To many of us, rats are useless destructive creatures that nobody should associate with them.

However, the rodents become trusted courier service provides for the CIA without any possibility of detection. The next time you come across a dead rat on your way, don’t even be tempted to pick it as it might be bearing information that is not meant for public consumption.


Intelligence collection is key to national security and it should not surprise anyone the extent that security agencies can go in order to ensure that there is total security. I may have exaggerated a little when I said that you should not be surprised, actually, you should be surprised. You never know, maybe your cat may be a secret agent somewhere transmitting intel. If birds, cats, reptiles and I don’t know what else could be used to get intel. Just remember, the next time you come across a dead rat, don’t just pick it for it might be holding information on national security.


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