4K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews

I know some of us are just getting comfortable with the HD. Some might probably just be getting familiar with the details of the HD quality. If you are the kind who is still in the process of getting the detail, then let me apologize in advance for there is a new girl in the neighborhood. If you have not interacted with 4K, then you don’t know what you are missing. Some people call it the Ultra HD probably confusing some, but that is because it has adequate pixels to fill four full HD 1080p screens.

4 K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews

This resolution is four times the number of pixels that it is capable of displaying and also four times the level of details. It is most helpful if you are using a TV set of not less than 50 inches. I believe that now you can tell the difference between the traditional HD and the 4K. The differences I have mentioned are not the only ones. While the conventional HD is 1920 vertical columns of pixels and 1080 horizontal rows of the pixel, the 4K quality is much smaller than the 40,096 by 2160 which we usually see on the cinema screens.

Most improvements in technology come accompanied by high prices but not in the case of 4K. They always give you a reason to spend your hard-earned cash, but when it comes to 4K, the story is different. As time goes, we will know, but as of now, it is a downsize. It has always been the norm that one has to give away thousands to have a 4K set in your name. Thanks to the technological advancement, the cost of getting a 4K set has tremendously gone down to ease pressure on your budget. The next TV purchase you make might not have the raw 4K, but you can be sure of the inclusion of beautiful technologies like OLED panels, Quantum Dot and High-Dynamic Range.

What is 4K?

If you are still wondering what the so-called 4K is all about, then allow me to break it down for you. It is as simple as a clearer picture. It comes with more pixels that would enable you to get even the tiny details in an image. 4K has 8,294,400 pixels. If you know what that number means for picture quality, then you can now imagine what is in store for you. Will all these pixels on your screen, the images are way crisper and detailed than the standard HD.

What is the resolution of 4K?

4 K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews


The resolution of 4K is not different from what most TVs define it. That is to say that it is 3840 by 2160p. When we put this into perspective, a full HD 1080p image is only 1920 by 1080 resolution. The new 4K screens come with eight million pixels. That is approximately four times more than the current 1080p set displays. If you think of your TV like a grid that has rows and columns, taking into considerations that a full HD 1080p has 1080 rows and 1920 columns.

You realize that 4K is double the numbers and that is not only in one direction but both directions. The final yield is around four times as many pixels in total. This statement may sound like a brag, but it is a fact. You can fit every pixel from the 1080p set onto just one-quarter of the 4K screen.

Why is it called 4K?

There is always more behind the names of products and services. Anybody who asks about the reason behind the 4K name is right. I have earlier stated that the image is around 4000 pixels and that is where the 4K originates. The industry name is 1080 resolution which describes the image height. However, the 4K has no interest in the climax but in width. You might as well refer to it as 2160, but this will only bring more confusion. I would prefer if we stick to the 4K. It’s not just classy but also unique.

Do all those extra pixels matter?

They say that too much of something is poisonous but not in this case. If anything, it is not yet toxic and therefore it is not however too much. The numbers of pixels define what is in offer here. The higher the amount of the pixels, the better the image, the brighter the image, the more information you get and the more information you get, the more engaging the pictures. I don’t think there is a better way of having fun than this and if there is then, I must be impossibly behind technological mutation.

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So I’ll see a huge difference?

Anybody who witnessed the jump from SD- 480 lines high to the HD- 1080 lines top may have lots of expectations. The difference was noticeable even to those who had never developed an interest in the video technology. I do not mean that there is no difference between the 4K and the HD. There is indeed a huge difference. The screens are way sharper than the 1080p displays. If you are in the category of those who witnessed the shift from SD to HD, you might not feel the same excitement. This feeling is because of a few reasons.

The jump from CRT to flat screen was thrilling, and many people went to 1080p from 480. The chances are that many also changed their TV sizes. However, the wow factor is still in the details. I don’t think if any resolution jump would ever be as powerful as this resolution jump regarding both screen resolution and screen size. It is important to note that the screen sizes remain almost the same. However, I look forward to future adjustments, with most sets ranging between 40 inches and 70 inches. The most important thing that comes with 4K is the difference in resolution.

Should I sit close?

4 K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews


I remember when Apple hit the headlines about the ‘RETINA’ display. That was a few iPhones back. If you missed the fuss about retina, I don’t mind briefing you. The retina is the term used to refer to the screens that come with adequate such that, at a reasonable viewing distance, your eye is not able to make out individual pixels. You have to get far enough for you to enjoy viewing a 1080p set. That was the retina display. Furthermore, at that distance, your eyeballs are not able to squeeze further details out of the 4K. If by any chance you consider upgrading to 4K from your 1080p. You can keep your retina distance. You don’t have to move the coach as there is not much difference. The only difference that you should expect is a better experience in your viewing.

So I should sit closer?

Yes, the strength if the 4K is in the ability to allow you to sit closer to the TV set without the images breaking down. Some may say that it is the intoxicating feature of the 4K. When you sit close enough, the device allows the same size screen to fill your visual field to give you great immersion. The 4K computer monitors are among the most popular products on the market today. They are also among the highest selling computer monitors. This fact has made the 4K computers part of the technology’s fastest growing sectors. The technology boasts of the ability to retain a high-quality image even at a very close distance from the screen. Feel free to use your monitors and displays just two feet or even one foot away to enjoy super images.

Step BY Step Guide to Watching in 4K

4 K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews


I know that you are excited to start your journey in 2160p. If you are not sure about how to go about it, don’t worry, I am here to take you through the journey step by step. Lets us start with how to get yourself a 4K UHD setup in your living room.

To most people, the setup stage is always the most difficult. I mean you have trusted your TV for years, but now you have to part ways. That sounds difficult to even myself. However, it is to create a way for better things. Just kidding, you don’t have to through away your TV set to create space for the 4K. I will only advice you to let it go if you had made it look wired. You may have accidentally rubbed it with a magnet in one of your experiment sessions to see the reaction, and now a rainbow is on your screen. In that case, please through it away. On second thought, don’t just through it, make sure you properly discard it. If everything is ok, you have nothing to worry you as the 4K TVs can play 1080 content too.

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The second step involves picking out a 4K TV. After you have created space for something new in your living room, it is only logical that you replace it with an upgrade. Something flashy, brand new and with a 4K resolution will do you some good. I have a good number of buying guides that will help you make very crucial decisions but regardless of the choice you make, it has to include 4K resolution. Some of the cheapest 4K screens are from TLC and Vizio, so if you want to stay under budget, these could do you right. If you don’t mind your budget, then Sony, LG, and Samsung have got your covered.

We are done with the second stage of your journey and now to the third step. With a 4K screen in your living room, the next thing is how to get something to watch. Most of the Smart TV sets that we buy today have access to Netflix. You probably have heard about it.  It is a movie, and TV shows subscription-based service that allows you to enjoy your series and TV shows by streaming them. With a monthly subscription, you choose what to watch. That includes some of the shows that you missed a while ago and you hear people talking about them. I dare say that Netflix is the in thing. Make sure that when you make your subscriptions, you select Four Screens + UHD package. If not, then you will only stream videos in 1080p.

Streaming Videos

Now you can stream videos on your TV. It comes a time when you are bored with what you have, and you want to upgrade. I know that Netflix has more than you can ever consume. However, I am sure that physical media diehards will need to upgrade to 4K UHD. If you fall under this category, then the first thing that you need to do is to get yourself a new 4K Ultra HD Blue-ray player. There are some decks for you’re on the market coming in different brands. Panasonic, Samsung, and even OPPO have got great deals just for you. If you do your shopping correctly, nothing can ever go wrong.

At this stage, anybody who is only interested in movies and videos is very comfortable. However, there is a lot that is in love with gaming. The next stage takes care of the interest of all the gamers. As a gamer, one would also like the resolution as evident than ever before. For the players, you will have to make an extra effort to get some of the gaming boxes on the market. You might wonder if the boxes that you know are compatible with our 4K. I strongly recommend Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and PS4 Pro. The difference between the consoles is tiny, and if you are not keen, you might not even realize it. The Xbox One S upscales content to 4K resolution. The same applies to PS4 Pro. On the other side, the Xbox One X plays the game in the native 4K resolution. Those who are not keen enough might not notice this difference.

The final step is to sit back and enjoy. You now have your 4K TV connected to Amazon or Netflix, and you can also game anytime you wish. Sit back and enjoy the crystal clear resolution.

So should I buy a 4K set now or should I wait?

4 K vs UHD Resolutions Reviews

If you want to buy a new TV set, then I won’t pretend to advise you otherwise. You should think of investing in 4K. It is the new standard on the market. If you have a budget to get 55 inches and above, then you will have let yourself down if you return home with anything that is not 4K. The question may only get complicated if we are talking about a TV size less than 55 inches. With the smaller sizes, you still get the qualities that come with 4K.

However, the set might not pose all the conditions that will enable you to enjoy your viewing as you would have a more significant game. The features might not come out as beautiful as they should come out. Do not wait for a second longer, grab the earliest opportunity and get a 4K resolution in your living room.


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